The Minnesota Vikings are trying to shake off their mediocre status in the NFC. To do that, they need to keep improving their ball defense, because their offense works very well. With the back half of their defense solid, they need to focus on the defensive line first. They could definitely use more talent on the EDGE and inside. So why not draft a player who put up some of the best numbers in 2019 before giving up on the 2020 season? Vikings, you are officially on time!

With the 14th. I predict Miami EDGE Gregory Russo will go to the Vikings. Here’s why.


Russo was really made to be around football all the time. He is a tall player who likes to run and can slow the game down with great range. Russo is exceptionally good at arm tackling, having played wide receiver at a young age. He never stops grinding when the ball is still near the backfield, which is an example of the high motor mentality he plays with.

Although Russo slows down early, he has the athletic ability to make the necessary adjustments and execute the play. His work within the defensive line is commendable for his small stature, but he is not limited to the interior. Russo has momentum to back up his closing speed in pursuit of a sack. All these elements help him to free himself from blockages and even to get back into position if necessary.


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*Certainly valid for players 21 years of age and older in Illinois and Iowa.


The experience is troubling for Russo, given his small track record, including just one full season and a little bit of action in another season in Miami. Add to that comparison his numbers from that day and he was behind on draft boards. Russo’s stats and film come mostly from the defensive line. This could become a problem in the NFL, as his weight of only 266 pounds is a bit small when it comes to working inside the line.

Gregory Russo.

Vertical: 30 inches (cheeks)
Jump: 9’7 (Cheeks)
40: 4.71 (Cheeks)

*He should fire his agent* Professional days are optional, tell them you have sore hamstrings. He’s probably out of the first round today. I hate to see that. I also signed up 2020, what have you been doing all year?

– Isaiah Mason (@isaiahmason_30) 29. March 2021

His speed might keep teams from playing him regularly at the EDGE position, but he does enough to play that position after some additional adjustments. Overall, the move to the pros will allow Russo to get out of the game and he should be able to find the right form for the style of play the Vikings are looking for.

Final thoughts

15.5 sacks in a season is no joke, even if it was his only major college season. The team that selects him will have to help him find the right position on the field and get him in shape for the NFL. All these concerns aside, Russo manages to get into the backfield and is unstoppable. This year’s EDGE forward class may be weaker than in other seasons, but there is still plenty of talent at the position. What sets Russo apart from the rest of the pack is his incredibly impressive statistical output, well, his sample size.

frequently asked questions

How many picks will the Vikings have in 2021?

Minnesota Vikings 2021 NFL Draft Picks: The Vikings have 11 stones.

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The order of the 32 first-round picks in the 2021 NFL Draft has been determined: The Jacksonville Jaguars pick #1 and the New York Jets pick #2.

Who did the Minnesota Vikings select with their first pick in the 2020 NFL Draft?

News Vikings Draft Pi…

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