As the 2020-21 NBA season approaches, optimism wanes and patience runs out as the Bulls approach their first NBA game in March, more than nine months ago. The Chicago Bulls are an exciting young team that finally has competent leadership in coaching and front office. The success of the team will depend on the growth of the main players of the Bulls, as some of them have talent and athletics that are expected to be successful in 2020-21. Speaking of which, here are three somewhat bold bull forecasts for the coming season.

Zack’s Avalanche will average more than 30 points per game

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The double champion of Danc Test comes out with 25.5 points per race, which was good for an 11th place in the championship last season. But the next step for LaVine is to become an elite attacker, not just a very good attacker. The prestigious 30-point club was limited to three players last season: James Harden, Bradley Beale and Jiannis Antetokunpo. Although LaVine is the youngest on this list, she certainly does not have the firepower to achieve this goal.

As far as the average number of LaVine’s over 30 years old is concerned, it starts with more trips on the line. LaVine made an average of only 5.6 attempts in one game last season. By getting closer and making more contacts, LaVine can control that number to make a big leap forward. In addition to LaVine collecting more free-throw attempts, the new coach Billy Donovan must look for a chance to throw Zack to the ground in different positions to maximize his offensive firepower. LaVine is a proven dynamite shooter (44% of last season’s corner shooter), so if the bulls can use him more often in off-ball rolls, he can easily score points.

The increase of 4.5 points doesn’t seem too impossible for LaVine, and if he manages to reach that point, he will be the first bull since Michael Jordan to exceed the average of 30 points per race in a season.

Patrick Williams will guard five different positions

Photo : Matt Stamie/AP

With the arrival of Garrett Temple, the retirement of Denzel Valentine and the supposedly healthy Otto Porter and Chandler Hutchison, bulls have become much more versatile in this low season. Players who can play in multiple positions make basketball without a position so big that most wings can slide on 2, 3 or 4, while large wings can go from 4 to 5. Among them is Patrick Williams, this year’s fourth choice in Florida’s design, perhaps the most versatile player.

Athletics, multi-functionality, multiple positions – that’s how Arturas Kornissovas Williams, who worked as a high school point guard, described it before he went to the front line during his lonely season in the state of Florida. The speed, strength and athletics God gave Williams allows him to take almost any position, probably giving him the role of a defensive stopper – the role Chris Dunn played last season. That means we’ll probably see Williams the best player of his opponent every day.

As for his defense of all positions, it is unlikely that Williams will be put on a delicate point guard like Stephen Curry or Chris Paul. But Williams approaches a player who, like Ben Simmons, likes to go to the basket, or someone who uses his powers to his advantage to go down, like Luca Doncic, perhaps what we see. Williams can keep his position comfortable for the two forward and most of the five players in the league. With growing experience in the NBA, Billy Donovan is likely to test Williams’ limits in defense.

Wendell Carter, Jr. Jumping like Bam Adebayo.

Photo : Rocky Widner/NBAE about Getty Images

Wendell Carter Jr. is entering his third year and still has a lot to prove. However, it has established itself as an anchor in the defense. It’s the one you can count on to protect the edge, keep the pick and roll at elite level and ensure solid measurements. What Carter lacks is a consistent offensive game that tends to go hand in hand with a consistent offensive role – something he didn’t have access to under former coach Jim Boylan.

Carter Jr. has been designated as the person with the authority to make decisions about an offensive. Coach Billy Donovan wants Carter Jr. to be a playmaker of both the block and the outside line, as well as a catch-and-jump person.

When Carter Jr. was asked about his role as perpetrator, he answered: The negotiations we have had to conduct this year to exceed my expectations have only enabled me to make decisions, to be a decision-maker in the field of the penalty line and in other areas of the judicial process. He trusts me in the offensive.

Billy Donovan also praised Carter Jr. I think for Wendell – just to look at him, to be with him and even to communicate with him – there are a lot of different things he can do, Donovan said.

I think he could be a go-between for us. I think he’s got good eyesight. He’s a good passer-by for a tall man. I also think that it will be in situations where it can increase its range a little and maybe do a little more around the perimeter, I think that will be a big part of his growth and development as a player.

Strengthening Carter’s offensive role will not only help him build confidence, but also improve his game. If he proves his offensive skills, he can easily be deployed in the attacker’s preferred position. But the most important thing is to see him escape and make a potential jump like Bam Adebayo, provided he gets those punches and can make more aggressive decisions.

Kobe White even said that Wendell was very good at filming three people at boot camp. He added that Carter could use it more this year, reading and shooting.

It will be much more versatile… Everyone will see a different Wendell, and it will be better for us, White NBC Sports Chicago reporter Rob Schaefer told us about his latest media availability.

Carter’s value as a modern grandmother makes him a player of paramount importance for the recovery of the Bulls. With an increasing role in offenses and a more favorable cover for the fall in defense – meaning he doesn’t have to buy as much insurance against the opponent as he did last season – we’ll see that Carter has had the biggest season so far.

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