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After hitting .245/.294/.391 in his rookie season, many writers and fans bashed the Chicago Cubs’ Kris Bryant. Bryant always had a good eye, but the power was said to be lacking. However, as we all know, he ended up hitting 43 home runs, slugging .539, and finishing third in NL MVP voting. 1.  The best memes are those that make sense on their own without you having to read the entire blog post.  For example, if you were to read the entire blog post, you would realize that the title, “A Lot of People Owe Kris Bryant an Apology” is a reference to the fact that many people were bashing Bryant for not hitting well enough and

We know we’ve been guilty of this. We’ve been guilty of this a lot. So, let’s just clear the air right now. We’re sorry, Kris Bryant. We’re really sorry.

The Cubs were uninteresting to watch in May.

Fans who survived the Cubs’ 11-15 start saw the team with the lowest batting average (.213) and highest earned run average (4.75) in the National League. One thing fans can be proud of is Kris Bryant.

If you follow the Cubs On Tap team, you know that we keep reminding those celebrating Bryant’s hot start that many have given up on him over the past few seasons.

It was great to see Bryant return to the level of play that Cubs fans are used to. His start this season is the best of his career. Yes, even better than in 2016 when he ended up winning the NL MVP.

In April 2016, Bryant finished the month with a .289/.372/.506 slash line, .878 OPS and a weighted run rate (wRC+) generated of 136, 36% above league average.

Last April, he was one of the best players in baseball, leading the NL in extra-honors. He is one of the best players in baseball in terms of WAR (1.6), has a wRC+ of 188, and set career highs in slugging (.667), batting average (.322), on-base percentage (.422) and OPS (1.078).

If you’re not familiar with statistics, the short answer is that few players are currently playing above Chris Bryant’s level.

Kris Bryant with his 7th. Home run in April. One of the 5 NL players with an OPS above 1000. The big comeback of the season continues after a series of injuries that have hampered him in recent years.

– Jesse Rogers (@JesseRogersESPN) April 30, 2021

Position player ahead of Chris Bryant at fWAR:

Byron Buxton
Mike Trout
Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
Ronald Acuña Jr.

– Matt Clapp (@TheBlogfines) May 1, 2021

Kris Bryant now has the 5th biggest slam in #Cubs history. He has six.

He’s ahead of Ernie Banks, Sammy Sosa, Billy Williams and Bill Nicholson.

– Taylor McGregor (@Taylor_McGregor) April 27, 2021


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*Certainly valid for players 21 years of age and older in Illinois and Iowa.

For several consecutive seasons, fans, the media and everyone outside the Bryant train have begged the Cubs to trade him.

In some circumstances, there are reasons for that, but it’s mostly because many people think he doesn’t like Chicago or doesn’t play for the Cubs, thanks to an interview he gave last season. People also think he’s not coming back because his agent is Scott Boras.

Many fans think Bryant peaked too early and is also injury prone.

Kris Bryant peaked in his second season in the MLB. That’s it.

– Nick Sanders (@nick_uh_liss) April 4, 2019

There’s something I want to discuss on tomorrow’s show …..
Can you think of a Chicago athlete who has made the same jump/fall as Chris Bryant without being seriously injured? Droz is hurt.
Pryor and Wood, too.
I’m still waiting for it to turn red.
And wait. #Maces

– Silvy (@WaddleandSilvy) September 17, 2020.

Kris Bryant is a goddamn greaseball, he misses with his bare hands and then misses a pitchers hit, stop comparing him to Arenado or Chapman—he’s not even in the same league.

– Ryan Kingsley (@ryank1388) April 7, 2019

And Chris Bryant sucks. He’s an asshole! I should have traded it in 2 years ago! !! The Cubs need to trade him fast!

– Srdjan Kuljanin (@KuljaninSrdjan) July 28, 2020

Many Cubs fans thought David Bote was better than Bryant. Sure, Bryant had some struggles between 2018 and 2020, but overall throughout his career, Bryant has been one of the most productive Cubs players in franchise history.

Bote is a better 3B than Bryant, and it’s not even close.

– WhenClarkMetAddison (@ClarkMetAddison) September 25, 2018.

Bote is a better player than Bryant right now…. Sad but true.

– Harold Adams (@CURealEstateLaw) September 22, 2020

Everyone says Kris Bryant is the Cubs’ best player, but Kris Bryant isn’t even better than Bote. Bryant looks like last year, which was not productive. There’s no jury.

– Larry Jones (@JOCK231) April 4, 2019

During Bryant’s tenure with the team, the biggest criticism from fans was his inability to always stay healthy. After playing 150 or more games in his first three seasons, he didn’t reach that mark in 2018 and 2019.

A shoulder injury in 2018 forced him to completely change his swing to get back on track, and unfortunately his 2019 season has been riddled with numerous nagging injuries.

Let’s not forget that Bryant struggled in 2020. It was his worst season as a member of the Cubs. However, we must not forget that they have only played 60 games. Again, injuries played a role: He only played in 34 of those 60 games due to injury.

Kris Bryant looks pretty damn sad on the bench. We have A-Rod and Matt Vee laughing at him during the broadcast with that sad look on his face. I’m sad. I really have no idea what this year has been like. I have no reason and no idea. It costs millions right now.

– Cody (@CodyOnTap) September 21, 2020

But if fans or internet analysts are going to judge a player based on such a small sample size, the Cubs should have sold Bryant two weeks into his debut season because he hasn’t hit a home run yet.

Ultimately, I’m convinced the Cubs need to find a way to extend this guy’s contract.

This is a topic that has been around for a long time, we have discussed it at length here on . In retrospect, the Cubs would regret not doing so.

One day Kris Bryant won’t play for the Cubs anymore and I’ll be sad. He will be a great player wherever he goes and I will be happy for him because I have memories. And if he plays well, all those who vilified him as Cub will have to put on the clown mask forever.

– Cody (@CodyOnTap) 21. January 2021

If I follow Bryant, he should remind people this season that he was the second overall pick in the MLB draft, the college player of the year, the NL rookie of the year in 2015, and the NL MVP in 2016.

Sure, it’s only April, but you can’t expect a better month for one of the faces of the Cubs. Enjoy it while you can, otherwise you’ll regret it later if you keep complaining.

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