No one can accuse the White Sox of not being aggressive in accepting or rejecting previous wood stove chords. During the low season of baseball, when there’s almost nothing in the form of contracts and free agent signatures, Rick Khan certainly jumps out of the market to buy the players he wants.

And with a team now firmly in the showcase of the competition, each stage is associated with special attention. In this article we want to give some first thoughts on the first two phases of the White Sox during the winter meetings of the MLB in 2020. And let’s hope that Khann can wait for the next step, at least until this article is published.

Lance Lynn

picture : Raymond Carlin III/USA Today Sport

In my last article I discussed the possibility of adding Lynn as the cheapest option among the commercial candidates with the least remaining years of control. I thought a fair compensation for Lynn would put Jonathan Steerer in touch with someone in the White Sox system. So when we heard that Dane Dunning was returning to Texas, it’s no wonder he met some reluctance among White Sox fans.

There is always an element of happiness in the free agency and trading markets. And while the market for executive chip brokers is limited, transaction costs for such players are also expected to increase. White Sox fans have heard about Dane Dunning over the past four years, who assisted him during Tommy John’s operation, and in 2020 they will see him succeed in the top of the league. Apparently it’s hard to see him go.

But we also know that established first class pitching was probably the biggest demand for the White Sox in 2021. And if it’s speed, it was the right choice. And if there’s one thing the White Sox are full of, it’s talented young pitchers. The White Sox do business here from a strong position, and they have Michael Kopech, Dylan Cheese, Garrett Hook, Jared Kelly and many others. As promising as Dunning may seem, at 26 years of age he was the highest ranking statesman in this group.

Although the name Lynn may not be as exciting as other White Sox names that might have been interested, it certainly fits their needs. In the last two seasons he finished fifth and sixth in the AL Cy Young poll. At the same time, according to FanGraphs, he finished fifth in all baseball games, both in the Strikeout and in the WAR.

Most strikes since early 2019
420 Gerrit Cole
381 Shane Bieber
359 Jacob deGrom
353 Trevor Bauer
335 Max Schertzer
325 Aaron Nola

– Christopher Kamka (@ckamka) 8. December 2020

Yes, those statistics were collected for the Rangers team, which was out of competition, but Lynn played at that level or almost that level during her nine-year career. The only exception is the year 2018, when he spent time with the Gemini and the Yankees. As a newcomer in 2011, Lynn has primarily served as a backup for the winning World Series cardinal team, which for the first time in the history of… Tony La Russa. It can be assumed that La Russa, given her history with the player, had to approve the deal.

The two main characteristics of this job are Lynn’s age and her contractual status. Lynn will be 34 for most of next season, but he hasn’t seen his speed drop in the last two seasons as his four-season fastball still averages 94.0 MPh, which is actually higher than his career brand. And as we have seen again and again with the aging elite, they regularly find a way to extend their period of fulfillment, even if things start to get worse.

As the contract is only valid for one year, its status is a legitimate claim. Although $8 million a season is a bargain, some hope the White Sox will find a longer-term solution if Lynne lives up to expectations.

I have two thoughts about this. First of all, if the move is successful and the team wins many games, Lynn’s resignation shouldn’t be too difficult, especially if he has good relations with La Russa. Second: If one of the White Sox rookies moves on to the next stage this season, Lynne’s rotation won’t be as important in 2022.

If it’s signed, then yeah, maybe Dunning was rented for a year. But the team is in winning mode, which means that it will take advantage of the promised capital to attract talented players from the first division. White Sox fans will be able to sigh a sigh of relief when they leave in 2021, knowing the team doesn’t have to play at the beginning of their season.

Adam Eaton

Figure : Kim Clement/USA Today Sports

I’m less optimistic about this movement. If we had a silhouette, a left hitter on the right field with World Series winning experience and a career .360 OBP playing on a competent right field – that’s exactly what the White Sox needed. Unfortunately, Eaton has also been injured in national competitions for most of his career. He is 32 years old and left the White Sox 2016 under poor conditions.

Take a little trip through memory. During a fiasco in the locker room about Adam Laroche’s 12-year-old son, Drake, Adam Eaton went to the radio and explained to the children’s team leader. In the same season of 2016 Ethan had a physical confrontation with Todd Fraser. To be honest, it’s possible Ethan grew up and Howie Kendrick may even have told Chuck Garfin that he thinks Ethan is a great teammate at Nationals. Still, Eton has certainly left a bad taste in the mouths of White Sox fans.

We were also told about the type of particle Ethan brings into play and that this might be necessary for the composition of the young white biped. That’s one of the ideas I can’t approve of. Of course, the White Sox cast is still young, but it just seems ridiculous to think they need a kick in the ass to compete. When they also need an extra level of professionalism that comes with experience and possibly a new team of trainers, rather than an unpleasant personal teammate. Todd Frasier, for example, doesn’t seem to have been a big fan of Eton’s gravity.

And on top of that, there’s the added bonus of greater maturity: A few hours after the White Sox reunion was announced, Eaton called ESPN 1000 to talk to Carmen and Yurko. When Ethan asked a relatively friendly question about his thoughts on hiring Tony La Russa, he laughed and ended the interview somewhat unexpectedly. You can listen to yourself on Twitter below. Excellent start of his second tour on the South Side.

In the 2021 season, Adams’ shot will probably be in the right field, and Eaton could be a partner of choice for Adam Engel. We are also likely to learn that Eaton signed a low-risk agreement for just one year and $7.5 million with a club option for a second year. But it’s the same problem as moving. With the exception of a few one-off seasons, the White Sox has not found a reliable field player year after year after Germaine Day.

With a winning team, most hoped that the White Sox would not simply deny the deal, but would rather seek a legitimate solution to take the right position on the ground in the near future – or at least a short-term solution that would be a more obvious upgrade. Instead we can already plan the right platoon to become a hole in the list for the 2022 season to avoid unexpected takeovers.

What now?

According to the now famous Bob Nightingale, the White Sox is now focusing on Liam Hendricks as the next step. It is assumed that they are still interested in Jock Pederson and Michael Brantley, but these two options currently have little space on the list, unless there is another trade going on.

In my opinion, the most likely next step is another meeting with José Quintana, a former member of the 2016 club. Operating Joe Gonzalez as a tall player and pitcher would actually make a lot of sense and add quality depth to pitching.

Rick Khan has already announced that the composition of the field is not yet complete. After these two matches, the White Sox still only takes 15th place of all MLB commands on the payroll. Of course, there is still room for another expensive, sprayable purchase to really bring that pitching staff to the top, whether in the form of a sale or a free desk.

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