From handing out tickets on the street to collecting three Stanley Cups, the core Blackhawks – four Jonathan Tewes, Patrick Cain, Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook – have done and seen a lot. But they have one more thing to survive: perestroika.

Experience has a value of

As the youngest team to participate in last season’s post-season tournament, the Blackhawks have finally given in to the fan base and, frankly, to themselves that the team is in perestroika. But not all reconstructions are built in the same way. Blackhawks does not send experienced players to the national team as often as most of the restored teams would, but there is certainly a transition. The only thing the Black Hawks have that most other teams don’t have in this situation is experience.

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The top four players, Toews, Kane, Keith and Seabrook, played a total of 4,168 regular season games and 531 play-off games. This is a unique situation for any professional sports team with four players with such a long life expectancy. These four people saw the United Center go from an empty arena to a game of mass sale, both internally and externally. They played in overtime, in the seventh game, in the final of the Stanley Cup and for the Olympic medals, but nothing prepared them for what would happen next. Your next challenge will be to lead a team of young, inexperienced players in a league that gets more competitive every year.

Ability of Mentorship

Everyone in the hockey world knows about Brent Seabrook’s contract. He is without doubt the top of all the worst contracts in the hockey rankings. But to understand the true value of Sibrook, you need to look beyond his game on the ice.

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Seabrook is the embodiment of the dressing room. He has done and seen everything in the world of hockey, and he quickly shares this knowledge with his teammates. Although his presence does not allow him to obtain passports or score goals in the past, his stamp on the Blackhawks is unmistakable.

Together with Seabrook, Duncan Keith has taken on the role of mentor for the young defense team of the Blackhawks. Keith has been living with Blackhawk’s most important couple for ten years. When the team has a young defender, Keith’s job is to hold the pair of heads to hide the young player. And he does it by playing 25 minutes a game. Adam Bockwist will continue to rely on Keith as his mentor, while newcomer Ian Mitchell will undoubtedly spend time with Keith in the coming season.

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Two of the top 100 players in the history of the NHL have a lead over the Blackhawks. Fans saw Jonathan Tewes evolve from a temperamental leader who was ready to click at any moment to a balanced captain who seemed almost casual. When the Blackhawks bring Kirby Duch to third place in the standings in 2019, he will undoubtedly learn from one of the best players who have ever played in the centre. Dacha’s rapid ascent as a reliable central ice man is largely due to the fact that a team member showed him the ropes.

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After all, Patrick Kane is probably one of the best players who ever wore an NHL shirt. With players like Alex DeBrinkat and Dominik Kubalik striving to earn elite points in the best league in the world, there is no better player than Patrick Kane to watch and learn every day.

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Permanent heritage

The banners of the Stanley Cup will remain on the rafters of the Joint Centre forever. The faces of the top four Black Hawks will finally be anchored in the Hockey Hall of Fame. But there’s one more thing this group needs to do: bring the youngest team with the youngest coach in the NHL back to the playoffs (no overtime) and to another competitive window for many years. There’s no better group in the league that can do that than the Black Hawks.

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