From top to bottom: AEW Full Gear has a chance to be the best show it’s ever done. The big question is what surprises we are going to experience, because the preview of the show teases the shocking debut. Shall we see someone make a statement at the show? Get ready for Saturday night to find out. In the meantime, let’s make some predictions.

Game buy-backs (NWA women’s championships): Ellisin Kay versus Serena Dib(C)

Photo: Elite Wrestling

This competition was only announced on Wednesday afternoon. It’s a little surprising because Ellisin recently became a free agent. It’s gonna be a great women’s game to open the show. What makes this game so interesting is that Serena recently drew what you are AEW, but then won the NWA Ladies’ Championship. As far as Ellisin is concerned, his contract with the NUA has recently expired. I expect that this game will be a very good backbone, but the champion will win.

The winner: Serena Deeb

Orange Cassidy vs. John Silver

It was originally a buy-in game. It will be an entertaining duel involving two of the most polarising people in today’s society. But there’s only one superstar who can win this game, and that’s Orange Cassidy. After a recent fight, he’s here in line to win.

The winner: Orange Cassidy

Chris Jericho vs MJF

Photo : Elite Wrestling

In this game there is another condition: If MJF wins, he can join the Inner Circle. This could be the most interesting coincidence of the whole night. I can imagine that MJF will return to the winning ways, but he won’t join the Inner Circle. When this feud began, the SDM said he might join or form his own group, so be careful.

The winner: SDM

AEW World Women’s Championship: Neela Rose (m/Vickie Guerrero) v Hikaru Shida (C)

This is a game where the master is at a disadvantage. Many fans think that we will see a new champion in Nyla Rose, but the company will continue to build Shida. The champion can hardly get away with a victory.

The winner: Hikaru Shida

Championship pavement traction: Darby Allin v. Cody Rhodes (C)

Photo : Elite Wrestling

Personally, I’m looking forward to this game. These two have a rich history dating back to Dynamite’s very first show. Cody doesn’t think Darby can beat him at all. He beat Darby twice, and in that very first show they started painting. Both also scored twice, winning one game and losing the other. They know each other well, and Cody Rhodes thinks this will be an easy victory for him. Darby’s always about to win the jackpot, but he doesn’t have time. I don’t think it will happen this time – at the end of the game we’ll have a new TNT champion.

The winner: Darby Allin

Game of the moving elite: Matt Hardy versus Sammy Guevara

Since it’s a movie game, it’s not a game where someone actually wins or loses. It’s more a matter of how they do it after this game. Looks like after this game, Sammy’s face is gonna spin. It must be a very funny and exciting game and I am very curious what happens.

The winner: Matt Hardy

AEW World Team Marking Championship: Youth dollars versus RDF (C).

Photo: Elite Wrestling

We’re finally going to see the dream team game everyone’s been waiting for. What makes it so difficult to decide who is going to win is the fact that the Young Bucks have added a condition to the game. It’s the same condition that Cody set for Full Gear last year: If the Young Bucks lose, they won’t be able to challenge the titles on the tags. It makes me think they’re gonna win.

Winner: Young Assen

Gallows Adam Page versus Kenny Omega

This is the last part of the AEW world championship play-off tournament, and it should be the pinnacle of showmanship. This story has been built up over the months and they finally get the chance to challenge the AEW world championship. Over the past few weeks, Kenny Omega has taken over something of his old identity, the Cleaner. He also has a lot of confidence in winning this tournament, and nobody stands in his way. Nevertheless, the gallows will offer him stiff competition.

The winner: Adam Page

AEW I Quit Match World Championship: Eddie Kingston versus John Moxley

Photo: Elite Wrestling

This fight has become very personal in recent weeks. Those two are at war on Saturday night. The downside for Eddie Kingston is that John Moxley has been on a different level since he left the land of artists. Moxley’s gonna humiliate Kingston again.

The winner: John Moxley

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