There are a lot of rumors about the Chicago Cubs in this off-season. Between the premature departure of Theo Epstein, commercial rumors about Wilson Contreras and Kris Bryant and the unpublished Kyle Schwarber, many fans expect a difficult rebuilding this winter. Another group of Cubs fans insists that a reconstruction will not take place. Instead, they point to a redesign. I’m leaning towards the latter because I think Jed Hoyer would be a fool to bring down a core group of Cubs players who have made the post-season in five of the last six seasons, and I’ll explain why here.

Jed Hoyer should start at the height.

So, if the Cubs want to create a competitive team that aspires to the league championship, what improvements are needed? Well, there are a few areas. First of all, they have to sign at least two starting places. The starting rotation of 2021 has only four titles left: Yu Darvish, Kyle Hendricks, Alec Mills and Adbert Alzolei. I’ve already written why Jed Hoyer should bring back Tyler Chatwood, but that wouldn’t be enough.

Expects the Cubs to acquire another pitcher whose 2020 season was below the career average due to injury or performance. Cheap quality weapons are exactly what I expect the Chicago Cubs to launch on the free market. Cheap purchases reduce costs and allow Jed Hoyer to invest more freely elsewhere. As the initial staff turnover is planned for 2021, there is no need to spend significant resources in this area, as the organisation is trying to reduce salaries again. You’re in too much trouble.

The strike is only part of the problem.

The attacking problems that have plagued the Cubs over the past two seasons are much more difficult than too many attacks. The press of the Cubs distances themselves from this story to estimate the difficulties of the training, but it is a very lazy way of saying it. There are better reasons, and I’ll discuss them below.

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Bears’ Approach to the Imperfect Plate

First, there is a fundamental flaw in the Cubs’ record’s approach over the past two seasons, and FanGraphs’ record discipline measures emphasize this flaw. The Chicago Cubs had the fewest MLB eliminations in 2019 and 2020 because they were last in the Zone%. It wouldn’t be a problem if the Cubs don’t swing on these spaces outside the end zone. But it’s not. During this two-year period, the Cubs were ranked 12th in the O – metric system, which measures the team’s swing rate on fields outside the strike zone, and 22nd in the Z – metric system, which measures the team’s swing rate on fields inside the strike zone.

To put this sabermetry into perspective, the Cubs outside the area fired a disproportionate number of shots compared to the shots fired inside the area. Have you ever felt you lacked patience in recent years? Well, that’s it, then. The Cubs don’t wave for a few shots. They are then forced to push the cast out of the area once they are at a disadvantage. The point of patience by the stove is to wait until you can drive. The Cubs did exactly the opposite, and that led to the disappearance of the once deadly team. Jed Hoyer has to tackle this problem this winter if the Cubs are to be successful in 2021 and beyond.

The Chicago Cubs not only have weaknesses in the discipline of the record, but they also have a problem with the starting field. In the past two seasons, the Cubs have had the fourth best ground ball game in MLB, the third lowest in-line drive game and the fifth lowest volley game. This is a fact that escapes the Cubs’ media, since the swing for the barriers is considered the team’s kryptonite, while in reality it is the inability to constantly hit the ball in the air that is the problem.

Even worse: The Cubs have the second highest contact rate and the sixth highest HardHit% in the last two seasons. So not only do the Cubs find it difficult to make contact with the ball, but they also find it difficult to move it around. And if they hit the ball hard according to MLB standards, they hit the ball on the ground and not in the air. That’s a disaster.

Launch angle’s not a fad. He’s not going anywhere. It is not for nothing that all MLB ball clubs have priorities: because it is undoubtedly more efficient. Theo Epstein even said it himself. The Cubs have deviated from that mentality over the past two seasons for unknown reasons. They have to hang up the ball again in a consistent way. It’s the best road to offensive success.

Diversification of membership should be a priority Cuba.

With all these offensive concerns, Jed Hoyer’s first priority this winter should be to find free agents who not only show the best habits of plate discipline, but also constantly put the ball in play and let it fly. The contact at high speed, which causes the ball to constantly fall to the ground, will not change the attacking problems of this team. That would only piss them off.

Michael Brantley and Eddie Rosario are two corner players who fit well into the profile of the vanguard. They’re far from big batters, but they do what the Chicago Cubs haven’t been able to do for a long time. The introduction of a team with different skills will also have a positive effect on the pure nudes the Cubs already possess. This would force the opponent to adapt his game plan to the batter, resulting in mistakes being made.

The lack of diversification of the team made the Cubs too easily an opponent. That’s why the Cubs have been sidelined for the last three seasons. You can’t have a full range with the same strengths and weaknesses. Jed Hoyer has to fix this out of season.

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