The new NFL championship year begins on March 17, which means Free Agency is just around the corner. The beginning of free agency is almost like a rebirth. It doesn’t matter which team you support. It doesn’t matter which team you supported last year. Last year doesn’t matter, and we’ve seen teams change programs in one season. That’s the beauty of free agency.

While the Bears seem to have turned back the clock in the last two years, we are about to get back on track. Over the next few weeks, the @BearsOnTap team will be putting together a wish list for Free Agency. Each item in this series will be subject to three criteria. First, how likely is a Free Agency to be extended by his current team or branded by the franchise? Second, what kind of contract will the free agent demand and how does that fit into the Bears’ salary cap? Finally, let’s look at how each player will affect the Bears.

Brandon Scherff

Photo: Scott Thatch/Getty Images

Brandon Scherff was placed under the franchise tag in 2020. This quote from last April shows how Sherff feels about the Washington game.

“It went well… I just talked to my agent – that’s why he’s here, and I want to sign a long-term deal with him, too. I love this place, and I’ve always said I want to be a redshirt for the rest of my career. So hopefully we can work towards that.

– By Kyle Stackpole, editor of the Washington, D.C. team.

As we now know, the deadline passed and an agreement was never reached between the two parties. 2020 has been a difficult year. The planned reduction in the salary cap did not allow the Footballguys and Scherff to negotiate an extension. It should not be difficult for Washington to extend Scherff’s term. Without Washington’s radio silence, I would not have considered it. Scherff reiterated that he wants to stay in Washington and that he is happy with the direction it is taking this season under Ron Rivera, but the organization hasn’t said anything yet. It doesn’t make sense. They have over $40 million to work with this season, so why didn’t the deal go through? When you look at the list of players on a football team, everything makes sense. With the plethora of holes on their list, paying an All-Pro guard might not be the direction they want to go.

The Bears have far less flexibility than Washington, but they can still do it. First, the Bears need to find a quarterback. If the Bears contract or trade a quarterback, it will be with a high hat-trick, which will limit their flexibility. Otherwise, the elimination of some quarterback candidates would allow them to make a move. Sherff’s market value is estimated at $12.7 million, and the most likely strike candidates, Buster Sreen and Bobby Massey, would give the Bears $9.5 million in cap space. If the Bears were to pull out of Brandon Scherff’s potential contract in two or three years, it would be an easy decision.

Brandon Scherff is an absolute monster. He’s been in the top five backfielders in the NFL since his second year in the league. The guy is a pancake machine, all he does is taunt people up front. The Bears need more tackles than guards, but the bid for the highest-rated left tackle is over $18 million. Although many Bears fans want to say goodbye to Charles Leno, there is still too much of a blind spot in his contract to allow him to say goodbye legitimately. Leno had only seven penalties last year and produced 4.5 sacks.

Many people suggested bringing in Trent Williams. I like Williams idea and he would be a big improvement over Leno. Williams is also 33 years old, has been penalized ten times and has given up four sacks. Leno also doesn’t stay on an island, often facing opposition from elite set-players, but after Cody Whitehair’s move to left guard, Leno’s game has improved significantly. I also think Scherff would have greatly improved the Bears’ game. In recent years, the Bears have been much worse at blocking than passing. Scherff would bring the Bears stability in a running game they haven’t seen since Jordan Howard’s 2017 season.

All Bears fans are tired of seeing the offensive line dominate the race game. They are begging for former players like Kyle Long and Olin Kreutz because they miss the power play that brought these two guys to the unit. Brandon Scherff is that “power player.” It may be hard to get him out of Washington, but it would be great if the Bears could get him out.

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