This Sunday the Chicago Bears will head south to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Bears go in this game with 7-7 and hope for a lively play-off. The Jaguars, for their part, took first place in the standings with a record 1-13.

Bears and jaguars don’t have a long history. The Jacksonville football franchise began in 1993. However, their first season took place in 1995 and the two teams have only met seven times since then. The Bears have a 4-3-0 lead over the Jaguars.

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Previous seat

The day was Sunday the 16th. October 2016 – Week 6 of the NFL season. The Bears, led by John Fox, break a record 1-4. Meanwhile, Jacksonville scored 1-3 in the game. The quarterbacks of the day were Blake Bortles (JAX) and Brian Hoyer (CHI). Hoyer started instead of Jay Cutler, who had to rest because of a thumb injury. The game also saw a familiar face on the other side. Allen Robinson, the sleek future of the Chicago Bears, fits Jaguars perfectly.

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first half

Because it was Bears versus Jaguars, the game only started for two mediocre teams. Chicago started with the ball and saw their attack weaken. The Bears scored points and the Jacksonville attack, led by the Bortles, ran 84 yards in 12 games and then intercepted players in the end zone. The pass was for Allen Robinson, who made two catches for 34 yards on the first pitch.

Chicago responded with a 58-yard shot in 11 games that ended with a goal from Connor Barth. After a point in Jacksonville the bears went for a walk. A long and methodical 16-game, 86-yard drive forced the Bears to score seven points as Jordan Howard finalizes the game by finding the end zone.

The two teams exchanged shots before Bortles collapsed at half time, giving the Bears a 10-0 lead.

Second half

Then, in the second half, it was pretty boring. The Bears and the Jaguars made five straight shots together, with a very small offense. The first of these five offensive possessions was only one – the Bears. But Chicago’s attack finally started with a flying start, with a 74-yard shot and a goal in 11 games. With a 13-0 lead, the Jaguars responded with a fast 75-yard run for a touchdown that lasted just five laps.

After the Bears’ kick, the defense reached Blake Bortles and registered a bag of tapes. The attack took over with an excellent field position, but only 14 yards in six games before he settled on another lousy goal.

Shortly after that it went downhill for Chicago. Jacksonville responded with its own field goal, 16-10. The Bears then made three outs and sent the ball back to the Jaguars. Like the Bears, the Jaguars got their first score on a 51-yard pass to Bortles. The Jacksonville drive had four games and scored 78 yards.

In the end, the Bears got one last chance to win the game. As fate would have it, Chicago’s offense stopped outside Bart’s field. Due to declining staff turnover, Jaguar was able to get the ball rolling and close the deal.

The bears were defeated by Blake Bortles and the Jaguars, 17-16. The most painful moment was when they led 13-0 at halftime.

This time the result should be very different. The eighth meeting between the Chicago Bears and the Jacksonville Jaguars takes place on Sunday the 27th. December 2020 at 12:00 central time. The game will be broadcast on CBS. For an overview of the games and other bear analysis and commentary, watch the latest episode of the Bears podcast.

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