Next Sunday, the Chicago Bears will take on one spot against the Houstonians from Texas. Both teams engage in this battle with the hope that they can qualify for the qualifiers. But the bears are still squeaking outside.

Bears and Texas don’t have such a long history. The Texans participated in the 2002 season and both teams have only been eliminated four times in the past 18 years. This Sunday is the fifth game between the two teams and, surprisingly, Houston leads 4-0. Chicago seems to be counted for the first time in the victory column.

This time the battle between the bears and Texas has added some drama. Bear fans are tired of hearing what the story will focus on during the show itself. For the first time Deshawn Watson takes on the Bears and Mitchell Trubiska, Watson’s peers in the 2017 concept class. The man who missed Ryan Pace in the 2017 NFL draft will be against the player who was eventually selected by the Bears to play quarterback in Chicago at the end of this season.

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A lot has changed since the last time Chicago and Houston met.

Previous meeting

first half

The 11th. In September 2016, the bears travelled to Houston to start the 2016 season. That day there was a fight with Jay Cutler and Brock Osweiler. Both lists are surprisingly different from the current ones. The game itself was a promising start for Chicago, which stopped the Houston opener after Tracy Porter intercepted the Auschweiler Pass deep in Bear area. In the Bears’ subsequent touchdown, the attack went 75 yards in eight positions and ended with a one-metre touchdown from Jeremy Langford.

After a series of Texas players and a swing of the bears in the crates, Auschweiler led his team to 54 yards, leading to Houston goals. The Texans caused quite a stir shortly after the Pantha Bears when DeAndre Hopkins intercepted a 23-yard TD pass from Osweiler. Houston Drive was 10 shots and 61 meters.

The two teams exchanged shots before the Bears found the end zone in the second half of the first half. A huge 54-yard pass from Cutler to Alshon Jeffrey (note: it’s not Jeffries) made it possible for Eddie Royal to get a 19-yard TD.

The bears led 14 to 10 times during the break.

Second half

At the beginning of the second half, the bears led the attack on the field. Two games on the disc, Cutler threw an expensive take for Kevin White. Shortly after, the Texans admitted the field goal and reduced the Bears’ lead to 14:13. Two teams exchanged five shots in a row before Houston regained its first lead when Will Fuller got the ball at the 18-yard TD. Texas Drive ran 64 yards in nine games.

Typically pessimistic, they could not react and were forced to make bets. Shortly after, the Texas player added the final score to Nick Novak’s 38-yard goal.

The attack of the Chicago Bears failed twice again, with the forest and the bend at the waterfalls, and that’s all she wrote. The Bears started with a score of 14 to 10 for Houston only to knock them out and score 13 points without an answer in the second half.

Texas, the loser, started Bears’ season with a 23-14 victory and a 0-1 result. He turned the wheels for the beginning of Jay Cutler’s term as Bear Design Bureau. The 2016 season finally brought bears into the Mitchell Trubsky era.

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