When two historic franchises meet twice a year, an historic rivalry arises. In the case of the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers, the two teams have been at each other’s throats since the beginning of their existence.

The two teams will meet for the first time in 2020 under the light of Sunday football. The next confrontation will be their 201st. For once in your life.


The last 30 years have not been for bears. While they really dominated in the seventies, eighties and early nineties, the Packers have played 27 games on bears since 1992. Chicago picked it up on Green Bay on the same flight 15-42-0. However, their best moment was at the beginning of the Smith Era (2004-2008), when the Bears came out with a 7-3-0 victory. Overall, the packers take the lead in the 99-95-6 series.

However, under coach Matt Nagy, the Bears are 1-3. The last match between these two teams was more memorable than ever.

Previous meeting

The 15th. In December 2019, on a bitterly cold day at Lambo Field, 7-6 Chicago bears took part in the 10-3 Green Bay Packers race.

In this game Akim Hicks returns from a wounded reserve after a terrible elbow sprain against the Raiders. But in the course of this game he will make a lot of mistakes.

The first half was extremely boring, because the Bears were in the lead 7-3 at half time. Oh yeah, the jury faked Cordarrell Patterson’s take after he made a fuss not mentioning a take. So, you know… typical Packer game.

The other half took off rock solid. The Packers scored early and took a lead of 21:3. The bears reacted with their own strike on the field and reduced the gap to 21-6.

Despite the Packers’ insult, the defense of the bears calmed down, making it difficult for Green Bay to attack the rest of the road. They did four trios on the five stages that followed. All five of them led to the strikes.

The attack of the Bears showed some signs of life and scored a goal and a touchdown at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Chicago’s narrowed Green Bay to 21-13.

The bears needed a touchdown and a two-point conversion and were last smothered from 0:36 on the clock. Mitchell Trumpetsy led the 44-metre attack in 27 seconds with no time-outs.

Now, with only 0:09 in the game, the bears have had their last chance. Trubisky dropped a pass at Tariq Cohen which went up 13 meters and then brought it back to Trubisky. Then Tubes found it and lifted it five metres and dropped it off at Jesper Horstead, who picked it up nine metres. The horses were coughing, and the Packers were recovering on their family line. The game is over. Chaos.

Eindprestatie voor ESPN.com

But wait a minute… The bears had a chance to score. As Horsted shifts the ball sideways to Allen Robinson. Robinson was flanked on the right by Horsted, and there was nobody in front of him except Anthony Miller.

Photo : LarryBrownSports.com

It was another devastating loss for the Packers. The Bears fell to 7-7 and their playoff hopes were dashed. At the hands of the Packers, no less. Bobbin, bobbin, repeat. What’s going on?

There is no guarantee that bears will even make a two-point conversion if they score in a Wild Side game. Even if that were the case, who would say something strange wouldn’t happen during overtime?

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