This Sunday, the Chicago Bears welcome the New Orleans Saints. The Battle of 8 weeks will be his 32nd of all time. At the moment the saints have a 16- 15-0 advantage over the bears.

Bear fans don’t have to walk too far in memory to remember the last time the two teams met.

The 20th. In October 2019 the saints visited the battlefield. The bears were filming the farewell week and were taking a big break at that moment.

New Orleans was destroyed when it came into play. A handful of their main offensive players ruled out a touchdown. Look at the saints’ trauma report:

Position Name Trauma Wednesday Thursday Friday Status of the game
QB Drew Bree right thumb Not rehearsed. Not rehearsed. Not rehearsed. Published by .
WR Trequan Smith Only Not rehearsed. Not rehearsed. Not rehearsed. Published by .
RB Alvin Kamara Knee / Ankle Not rehearsed. Not rehearsed. Not rehearsed. Published by .
TE Jared Cook Only Not rehearsed. Not rehearsed. Not rehearsed. Published by .
FR Trey Hendrickson Hals Limited practice Limited practice Limited practice Published by .


Can the bears take advantage of the team of saints who have come limping into this game? The answer was no. Teddy Bridgewater had a defensive number and the attack seemed to cause anemia.

The game started in the dark when Pat O’Donnell’s Ante was blocked and repaired by the Bears in the end zone for safety reasons.

The two sides exchanged shots before Anthony Miller lost the ball, giving the Saints a short field. Bridgewater gave in and found the Josh Hill TE for the first touchdown race.

However, at the next launch Cordarrell brought Patterson Patterson within 102 meters of the house.

Later, the Bears took their first and only advantage on Eddy Pineiro’s 46-yard field. That advantage didn’t last long when Saints striker Wil Lutz reacted with his own goal on the pitch the next time he had possession.

At the end of the first half Bears (3) and Saints (1) played four shots and Lutz missed the FG. New Orleans finished in 12th to 10th place at rest. And at the end of the day, he was closest to Chicago.

When the Saints came out of the break, they hit the Bears directly in the mouth with a six-pointed, 75 meter long bat that was closed by the TD.

David Montgomery found the ball in the next match and immediately returned it to the Saints. The bears took a break when Lutz missed his second FG of the day.

Bears of the next three properties that attacked gave absolutely nothing and caused two blows and a turn in the waterfalls. However, this turned out to be costly, because the saints made money with each additional possession: TD, FG, TD (each).

Photo : Charles Rex Arbogast/AP photography

The bears staged a fake rally in the garbage. They ran 75 yards in 10 games, with Mitch Trubisky finding Allen Robinson for a seven yard TD and a successful two-point conversion.

Chicago recovered from the side impact and ran a 55 meter run, which resulted in another TD. The trumpets found Javon Weems this time at a distance of 20 feet.

On the last attempt in the ditch, the second shot from the inside failed and the Bears lost the game on the final score of 36:25.

Chicago dropped to 3-3, while New Orleans improved to 6-1. This game turned out to be one of the ugliest losses of the year for the bears. It was a game they had to play, but in the end they missed a golden opportunity.

On Sunday these two teams come together for the 32. Paint on top of each other. The Bears and Saints are currently fighting for their division and for a place in the playoffs. To prepare for this week’s FOX competition, watch the Bears On Tap team preview wherever you listen to their podcasts.

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