The Chicago Bears are back in the playoffs! Sunday’s game will be their second post-season appearance in three years. The last game of the Bears playoffs was in the 2018 season, and it’s a game that Bears fans would like to forget. This Wild Card weekend, they visit the New Orleans Saints in the Bay Area.

The saints currently have a slight advantage over the bears in the record series, with a lead of 17 to 15. However, Chicago has a 2-0 lead over New Orleans in the playoffs.

Date Playing game Location: Result Evaluation
1/6/1991 NFC Wild Card Field of the soldiers W 16-6
1/21/2007 NFC Championship Field of the soldiers W 39-14

If the bears have to win 3-0 against the Saints and compete against the Packers at Lambeau Field, they can’t go beyond week 8 of the 2020 season. This is the last time Chicago and New Orleans will come face to face, albeit under very different circumstances.

Previous seat

The Chicago Bears are the first. November to start the season 5-2 and are at the beginning of a losing streak. Meanwhile, the saints went north with a record of 4-2. Nick Foles was the bear’s contact at the time. Yet the bears and saints put on a show and offered fans an exciting game.

first half

The saints began the celebration with a field goal. The Bears responded with a goal of their own, a shot that Mitchell Trubisky came back from alone and took off with a shoulder injury. The Saints then went off the field and Wil Lutz missed an unexpected goal. Chicago has set the most brilliant record of the time, and perhaps of the whole year. They ran 80 meters across the field in four games and scored a touchdown. Nick Foles is connected to a 50-yard pass to rookie Darnell Mooney, followed by a 24-yard touchdown pass to Allen Robinson.

Photo : John Bazemore/AP photo

With the Bears leading 10-3, the two teams exchanged three shots. This led to the bears finally taking the lead. The 7-game, 50-yard drive peaked in a 29-yard goal by Cairo Santos. With an hour and a half to go, the saints quickly retaliated with a touchdown. A 68-yard, nine-game shot by the Bears allowed Drew Brees to find Jared Cook in the end zone for a touchdown. Chuck Pagano thought it was a brilliant idea for the Bears to play a soft defense and that tackling it is optional. However, the Bears went in half with a lead of 13-10.

Second half

The Bears never really got off to a good start at the beginning of the second half. Their first attack was scored only five times in the third quarter, which meant the team had no chance. The Saints then took the ball to the pitch and leveled it with a goal from Wil Lutz. From that moment on, the game became interesting and the tide turned against the bears.

In the Bears’ first game of a regular strike, a personal offense on Javon Weems prevented a five-meter ride from Foles to Allen Robinson. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, the cornerback for the Weems and Saints, had an altercation that escalated into a fight that resulted in Weems being thrown out of the game after hitting Gardner-Johnson.

A stupid mistake sent the team back to their own 21-yard line on the second and 20 instead of the second and 5 on the 36-yard line. As a result, Nick Foles threw an interception on the next stretch, giving the Saints an excellent field position.

The defense of the bears stood firm and allowed the saints only one goal on the field. If the bears are 10 points ahead, they are 3 points behind. Shortly after the New Orleans goal, Chicago made three outs and fouled the ball. Surprisingly, the two teams have switched places. The Saints then scored on a seven-game, 64-yard drive, covered by a 20-yard pass from Brees to Taysom Hill for the touchdown. The bears raised the score when Darnell Mooney hit the end zone on a three-yard catch. This course lasted 11 pieces and covered 75 meters.

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The defense of the bears made another big stop, forcing the saints to hunt. The attack, which cost only three points with 1:51 remaining, covered 35 meters in 12 games to give Cairo Santos a goal. The Brazilian attacker fired a 51 meter long shot over the crossbar to give the bears and saints extra time.


New Orleans won the draw and chose to play the ball. The way the game went, the bears felt like it was going to end badly. That doesn’t mean the Bears had a chance thanks to an excellent defensive performance. They went into action and stopped the attack of the saints, forced another shovel and gave the attack a chance to win the match. Surprisingly (or not), the offense made six plays and won only a first down at eight yards for stopping and kicking back to the Saints. This consistency ultimately allowed the Saints to cover 52 meters in seven games and Wil Lutz to score the winning goal.

All in all, it was a tough game against a damn good team, all in all. However, there are no moral victories in the NFL. The loss reduced the bears to 5-3 and the saints to 5-2. The Bears have lost their next three games, but it doesn’t matter now because they’re in the playoffs. Conclusion: After losing the saints in week eight, the bears now have a chance to take their revenge.

The bears are keeping Mitchell Trubisky in the center this time, and they seem to have found their identity on the offense. With neither Rockan Smith nor Darnell Mooney available this time, the Bears will have to scratch and claw to defeat a strong team of Saints. I hope Javon Weems has matured and learned his lesson not to fight with Chauncey Gardner-Johnson….. he’s ready for that.

The wild-card contest between the bears and the saints will begin at 3:40 pm. The game is broadcasted on CBS and Nickelodeon. To have an aperitif of all the intrigues preceding the game, choose the Bears On Tap podcast.

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