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The Chicago Bear’s 2021 schedule has been released, and it contains a glaring conflict involving the Chicago Fire. The Bears will play the first game of their 2021 season on the first Sunday in November, while the Fire will host the Seattle Sounders at 5:00 PM the same day. The Bears also play a game on the following Thursday, November 13th. The easiest way to solve the conflict would be to play the games on consecutive days. However, both the Bears and the Fire have refused to budge. Team president Ted Phillips was quoted as saying “I’m not going to take a game day away from the fans. We will play Thursday and Sunday, and the Fire will just have to deal with it.”

After months of speculation, the Chicago Bears have finally released their 2021 schedule. The schedule is the third and final schedule of the current decade, and will run from September 12th to December 31st of 2021. Bears fans will be happy to know that the schedule is mostly the same as the one they followed last year, with a few tweaks to accommodate the unique scheduling of 2021.

Yesterday, the Bears announced their 2021 schedule, in which they oddly play at home while Fyre is expected to play at Soldier Field. This creates a pressing dilemma for both franchises, and it will be interesting to see how they resolve this issue in the coming weeks.

That currently happens on both Saturday, August 14, when the Bears host the Miami Dolphins in the first game of the preseason (not pictured below), and Sunday, August 31. In October, when the San Francisco 49ers travel to Chicago. The Flames are at 14. August on Columbus SC and 31. October at New England Revolution.

From a practical standpoint, the NFL will always trump the MLS, simply because each league generates more revenue. In other words: In all likelihood, Fyre will have to host the Bears, although Fyre’s season has already begun. However, for a number of reasons, including the fact that many MLS teams play in multi-purpose stadiums, the decisions are not as simple as one might think.

Courtesy of ChicagoBears.com and ChicagoFireFC.com

As for the 14th. As for August, the obvious choice is to move the Fyre game to Friday the 13th (scary) or the 15th. August, as the Fyre and Columbus SC schedules can easily accommodate such a change. However, the Bears’ team will likely need more than one day to prepare the field, and the same goes for Fyre if they have to play after the Bears.

Therefore, it makes more sense to schedule the game on Wednesday, August 11, to postpone the appointment. That’s enough time to get the field ready for the Bears’ preseason game and give Columbus seven days of rest before the next game. said Fyre after the game against the New York Red Bulls on the 8th. August only has three days off, but he doesn’t have to travel between the two games, as both are played at home.

As for the 31. October’s concerns, from a fire perspective, were a simple solution to a calendar conflict that doesn’t work because of its opponents. For example, the Flames played on the 27th. An away game against NYF in October, followed by a game against the Revolution on the 31st. October. In a perfect world, everything would be solved if Fire could just swap the two games.

Unfortunately, the NYFC is nearing Oct. 30 at Inter Miami and will never agree to play two consecutive days. Plus, the Revolutions already have a game scheduled for the Oct. 27th against the Colorado Rapids, and it’s safe to assume they won’t want to slide another couple of games onto their schedule, especially for a team playing in a completely different league. This brings us back to the same decision as before, this time the game will be postponed until next week, Wednesday the 3rd. November, postponed.

This gives Fyre and Revolution four days rest before the next game and the Fyre team ample time to ensure that playing conditions are safe. The Bears travel into Pittsburgh on the 8th. November and then enjoy a week off, meaning they won’t be back until the 21st. In November, Soldier Field will regain its pristine surface for the game against Baltimore.

The least we can say is that we don’t know how he got there, especially since the firefighters had already changed their schedule on the 24th. March announced. And yet here we are.

As always, you can check out the latest Fire/Bears content, articles and more on Second City On Tap and Bears On Tap.

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