For the fifth time since 2011, the Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints will meet in the regular season. In these five games, the Bears lead 5-0. While this may be disappointing, saints are no longer seen as the threat they once were. While Chicago has had problems with the attack, it is back on the offensive side with a strong defensive unit approaching the top of the league. Can the bears change their happiness? Let’s go inside.

Offensive game

For the bears, it’s starting to look like a broken record. Two and a half seasons for Matt Nagy, crime still has no identity. If it was an attack, it would sink into the sea. Nick Falls wasn’t great, but he came out of his worst game as Chicago Bear, threw two samples and brought the attack against the Rams to just three points. The offensive line was an easy target among the fans, but as long as the system cannot consistently score, no one is safe from criticism.

It’s clear to the Saints that Drew Bree is up to date. He was able to work, but his inability to push the ball onto the pitch is amazing. Nobody has to handle it lightly, but it’s far from its peak. However, Bris still has the advantage of Sean Peyton on the phone and a dangerous setback for Alvin Camara. With star receiver Michael Thomas this Sunday, Camara will look like a master of all trades, and a Latvian replacement Murray will prove that he can spell effectively. Bear protection did its job for them.

For competition statistics (injuries) Bear Saints
Scores 19.7 (27-я) 30 (7)
Just meters. 308 (29) 384,5 (11-я)
Lessons for passers-by 223,9 (25-я) 265,7 (9-е)
Fast construction sites 84,1 (32) 118,8 (14-я)

Defensive game

For the bears, the defense remains the backbone of the team. In an ineffective attack, players like Eddie Jackson, Khalil Mack and Akim Hicks played the all-professional level to keep Chicago in every game. Chuck Pagano even beat the attack last week and scored a defensive touchdown against the Rams. You can’t exaggerate the quality of their game, and they deserve great recognition.

For the saints, the local teams were unable to achieve any significant success against them. Sheldon Rankins and Cam Jordan were key factors in this success, and DeMario Davis continues his elite play in the middle. Second place is a major setback, with Janoris Jenkins and Malcolm Jenkins both retreating from their former glory. Protection is rare when it comes to the total number of shipyards, but they do get points.

According to game statistics (defense) Bear Saints
Scores 20 (7) 29 (25)
Just meters. 342 (10) 328 (7-е)
Lessons for passers-by 222,3 (7-я) 238.7 (17-я)
Fast construction sites 119,7 (15) 89,7 (4)


As usual I present together with other Bears On Tap members Kevin Gora and Aalap Desai, the X-Factors of this week.

Duke: TE Jimmy Graham

Photo: Mike Dinovo/USA Today Sports

With Allen Robinson almost certainly missing Sunday’s game, Bear Offense needs a safety valve if everything else fails. Send Jimmy Graham in. A nightmare game where you can play a slot machine and stand in line, Graham is a perfect candidate for the bouncy ball. Against a weaker and more aggressive secondary pass, Graham could be the wheel leading this attack.

– Duke Coughlin (@ThatPodGuyDuke)

Kevin: The full line of the offence

Photo :

Simply put, this year’s offensive line has been terrible. At full capacity, the unit was below average. James Daniels and Cody Whitehorse will both miss Sunday’s game due to an injury. The starting line of this week’s offensive is likely to be one of the worst of the season. If they can pull the miracle out of their ass and become an impressive line, the bears look potentially aggressive. The overall success of the Bears in the offensive depends on the execution of the offensive line. Because Nick Falls was unable to retreat beyond the formidable offensive line, we could not see Falls’ good performance. When a foul is committed, everything around it has to fit together in order to play well. A good performance of the offensive line would also have given the rebellious David Montgomery a chance to show his talent.

– Kevin Berg (@kevingora21)

Aalap: Khalil Mac/Robert Quinn

Photo : Jeffrey Becker/United States Monday Sports

Drew Bree won’t hurt you if you don’t give him time. I have no doubt bears can’t stop the race. They haven’t done that all year. The most important thing is to limit airborne damage. Drew Bree wasn’t exactly himself in 2020. When Khalil Mack and Robert Quinn can push him and make him make strange staves, the miner gets a few light blows. The ultimate goal is to fill the statistical arc with bags.

– Aalap Desai (@ADesai410)


Duke: 17-14 Bear (5-2)

I’ll be honest with you: I don’t give Bear Assault points. But I’m sure the defense will keep the team in every game. If Racken can cause chaos for Smith and Coe against an inconsistent attack by the Saints, I expect the attack to be just enough to claim victory. Will this strategy work every week? That’s not true anymore. For example: Foals and rams. But if he can work until the crime has found his identity, I still expect the bears to play in January. Matt Negi needs to leave his ego at home and get creative. What have we got to lose now?

Kevin: 24-21 Saints (4-3)

I think the saints will have a nasty victory, but still a victory. Probably the pressure of the defensive front of the saints will keep them out of the way while their defensive back covers the field. This year the saints fought for the defense, but the bears have such a fierce attack that they can make any defense look solid. Expect the protection of the bears to put pressure on the quarterback and cover the receivers well, but they could be endangered by Alvin Kamara. Camara is a total threat as a runner and catcher. Protecting the Bear Runners has been a struggle, and if the Saints attack Chicago’s weakness, they can score points. No matter who wins this game, it’s going to be a bad victory.

Aalap: 27-16 Saints (5-2)

I like to protect bears. That’s right. They keep the team in play, but the attack continues to fail week after week. I don’t think Matt Nagy would commit a crime to keep his part of the bargain. If they keep wasting the red zone, it’s gonna be a long day on the soldier’s field. The defense will keep them in the game as long as possible until they eventually fall behind.

This completes the preview of the eighth week for the crew. Bears and Saints begins on Sunday 1. November, 3:25 p.m. The game is aired on FOX. For a more in-depth analysis and commentary on all Bears On Tap related issues, please refer to the Bears On Tap podcast.

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