When it comes to stability, nothing beats tyres in the ground. If they land deep into the ground, it’s almost impossible to destroy them.

Many households opt for portable basketball baskets that can be moved and hidden if necessary. However, the tyres on the ground have less rattling noise, a wider bonnet and accommodate larger, heavier rear shields. Moreover, they actually leave less space on the ground because no support point is needed.

If you have a passion for basketball and want to transform your garden into the perfect basketball court, a hoop in the ground is just what you need. The FT Goalie Series is currently our most popular basketball basketball basket in the world.

Unfortunately there are hundreds of basketball baskets on the market, so it’s a bit difficult to choose the right one. In addition, there is a big difference between the tires depending on the price level.

This article will hopefully remove some of the confusion. We first examine the factors that determine the price and performance of a tyre. We will then review our top five recommendations before concluding with further discussion and frequently asked questions.

What is the difference between tyres on the ground?

First, we have to hide what we’re looking for when we buy a basketball hoop. They may seem rather simple devices, but in reality they have many factors that can make them very different.

1. Artificial forceps

First you want to take a look at the pneumatic gas station. For those who don’t know: A support post is a post that penetrates the ground and supports the rear wall. A thicker and larger diameter support post usually means greater strength and less rattling when shooting.

The minimum diameter of the support frame should be about 3.5 inches. With this size, expect the large three-point back stairs to make a rather hoarse sound. Big players weighing over 250 pounds will want to choose a thicker bar when diving into a band.

On the other hand, you can’t have a column that’s too big. Some support posts can have 8 x 8 square posts and they will certainly not shake.

2. Rear panel size Earthing studs usually have a back wall in these three standard sizes.

The size of the back wall is often overlooked when choosing a tire, but it is very important if you intend never to shoot from the bench. The smaller tyres have a rear wall of about 48 inches wide, which in our opinion is not wide enough.

In case you want to buy a 54 or 60 inch wide rear panel. This is sufficient for 95% of the tape recordings. By comparison: The billboard of the NBA is 72 inches wide, but such a large billboard is not necessary in practice. Even professionals rarely use the outer edges of the shield during a competition.

3. Rear panel material The hardened (tempered) glass substrate has excellent rebound properties.

Another important factor when choosing a basketball basket is the support material. Indeed, this is perhaps the most important factor to consider.

You have three options when it comes to means of transport: Polycarbonate, tempered glass and acrylic. Acrylic is seldom found in household tires and is most often used in the most beautiful parks.

Polycarbonate ridges, which are usually found on the cheapest tires, are not very durable. They have a weak, shallow bounce, which means the ball somehow falls off the back wall.

This means that practice does not shift to tempered glass or acrylic substrates. Another problem is that after a few years in the sun they become yellow, brittle and deformed. Bleaching should not affect performance too much – it only exacerbates the appearance of the rear panel.

Official rules require tempered glass. Toughened glass rear panels have a much better performance. However, you do have some questions about the feasibility. For example, they are extremely heavy, need much larger support beams and are easily broken by vandals. Some of the most readily available options reduce weight (and cost) by using thinner tempered glass (¼) in combination with a smaller support post. Expect thin tempered glass to be brittle and fragile.

Finally, acrylic substrates lie somewhere between polycarbonate and tempered glass. They have better rattle properties than polycarbonate, but their rattle remains flatter compared to tempered glass. Because of their light weight, they are normally used in portable tires, but rarely in floor tires, which can easily carry heavy hardened glass backs.

4. Height Basketball wheel 10 feet high according to the official rules.

The height is a bit important. All tyres on the list can be adjusted from 7 to 10 feet.

The height adjustment has several advantages. For example, a young player may want to practice with a lower band because he does not have the strength to make a throw from 3 meters away. Other players may want to practice diving on an 8- or 9-foot strap.

Height-adjustable stirrups are the norm, but it’s just as good if you don’t want to lower a stirrup at a fixed height.

5. Step

Finally, the last consideration for buying a new basketball is the roof. This is an important factor that many people don’t even think about and that they don’t know about.

In principle, the overhang is the distance between the rear wall and the support post. You want to buy a tyre with as large an overhang as possible (ideally 1.5 m). The large overhang allows you to play with the lacquer and low rod without worrying about hitting the stainless steel rod. Oh.

However, when it comes to space, you need a tyre with a shorter overhang (2 feet or 24 inches). It is indeed customary for tires in the driveway to have a short overhang. It doesn’t affect the game. You only have to be careful when you go to the set and play with the color.

Feedback on the best basketball baskets in theStadium

1. Goalkeeper FT60

Excellent tyre from a company that specialises in tyres for residential areas.

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Our best choice presents the best compromise between price and ease of use, and it comes from a brand known for its quality basketball products – Goalrilla. We recommend the FT60 for players who want something close to the performance of NCAA and NBA tires, without having to pay a small fortune to adjust the tires. Here are some of the things we like about the FT60:

  • ⅜ – thick tempered glass backplate with excellent rebound properties.
  • Square grab bar 5 x 5
  • The possibility to unscrew the bolt and move the bracket, which is handy when you go home.
  • A quality tear-off edge that bends under pressure – perfect for submerging.
  • Anodised aluminium rear frame for superior durability
  • Adjustable height (7.5 – 10 feet)
  • Limited lifetime warranty on all manufacturing defects

Usually there’s something about that band you might like. The tempered glass back panel is as strong as the adjustment stand, which is ideal for training. This ⅜ is also thick. That means he won’t collapse an inch to almost a quarter.

The limited lifetime warranty means you don’t have to worry about manufacturing defects, which are not very common. What we prefer is the ability to unhook and move that tire. It is clearly not practical to move them so often. But it’s very useful if you’re thinking about selling your house one day. A basketball hoop rarely benefits your home.

Finally, this tyre is extremely stable, especially in terms of price. The 5 x 5 square beam undoubtedly contributes to this stability. Moreover, the stem is 48 centimetres deep.

Goalrilla offers the FT series in the tyre base with 54 tyres and adjustable backrests (72). We think a 60-inch model is in the best perceptual zone. It has a larger overhang (3.5 vs. 3) than the 54 model and is clearly less expensive than the 72 version.


In this case, the positive sides clearly outweigh the negative ones. We strongly recommend this basketball basket if you want to play basketball at a reasonable price. Remember, this is not the cheapest option. However, it is one of the best tyre ratings of a company that specialises exclusively in making the best tyres in the country.

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Since the tire is a solid frame in the ground, it makes sense to stretch the budget a bit and choose something that fits well with the development of the player. If Goalrilla is not in your budget, this Silverback band offers the same level of performance for a price of no more than $1,000.

  • 60 rear panel with 5/16 tempered glass for a realistic jump.
  • Square support point 4 x 4
  • Adjustable height (from 7.5 to 10 feet in 6-inch increments).
  • A flexible edge in professional design
  • Foam padding on ring of 60 (not included in version 54)

In many ways the band fits Golgrella’s proposal at a fraction of the price. If you look closer, you’ll see the difference: A slightly thinner support beam, thinner tempered rear glass and a 2.5-foot overhang are one foot less than the Goalrilla FT60.


All in all, this Silverback band works incredibly well. It’s a really serious band that won’t make you better in the years to come.

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Next on our list is the Spalding basketball hoop. It has almost the same features as the Goalrilla and Silverback, but for an even lower price.

These are some of the features we really like in this band:

  • Affordable – in fact, it’s not much more expensive than the more expensive polycarbonate hangers.
  • ¼ – thick, tempered glass with constant bounce
  • Pro-style tear-off edge
  • Square support point 4 x 4
  • Height adjustable (7.5 to 10 feet).

As you can see, this tyre has many of the same characteristics as the tyres mentioned above. It has a large rear panel made of tempered glass, a removable rim and is height adjustable. If you only want to remove a few baskets on a high quality tyre, but want to keep costs to an absolute minimum, then this tyre is probably for you.

However, there are problems that can make the experience less perfect if you are looking for a more authentic basketball experience. First, it has an overhang of 24 inches (2 feet), which is quite small. Compare this with the eaves of 3.5 gold krillos and 2.5 silver ridges.

It’s clear it’s still reproducible. But you have to be more careful with your surroundings. We recommend that you purchase the recommended Spalding foam protection for the support post in order to reduce the risk of injury on contact with the support post.

Then the girder falls only 18 inches into the ground, which is not so deep. If you live in an area with strong winds or in an area with frost (or both, like Wyoming), you could get into trouble. But that shouldn’t be a problem for most people.

Toughened glass is only a quarter of an inch thick. It’s the thinnest tempered glass in the rear section. The bounce is still very good, but the risk of glass breakage is higher and nobody likes to buy a replacement panel.


This band is cheaper than the Silverback, but it works almost as well. The only real problem we have is a relatively short support beam and a small overhang. We recommend Silverback if you can add ~300$ to your budget, but otherwise it’s a solid choice.

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You want a basketball hoop in your backyard?

Then the Spalding Arena series with a 72-inch rear wall is the right choice for you. It meets all requirements for NBA tyres. And it’s even made by the same company that supplies most of the NBA basketball equipment (including hoops and match balls).

Here are some of the features we like:

  • Complies with all NBA rules
  • Heavy 6-inch square bracket
  • Resistant cladding of supporting poles
  • 4-foot awning
  • ⅜ – thick tempered glass backplate with excellent rebound properties.
  • Height adjustable (7-10 feet)
  • One year warranty on spare parts. Lifetime warranty on the back.

It has a lot of qualities we really like. Our favourite feature is that it meets NBA standards and contains a support rod. To be honest, a foam cushion is not necessary, because it has a 4-foot overhang, although it is always nice to have extra security.

He descends about 36 centimetres into the ground, which is actually one foot less than the goalkeeper. However, the H-frame design, with the Z-frame holding the rear wall in place, forms an incredibly strong frame.

The height can also be easily adjusted using the crank handle. This procedure is much more convenient than other basketball baskets that often have to stand on the stairs and shoot flippers. With a 3/8-inch tempered glass back that weighs almost 100 pounds, you certainly don’t want to do that.


There’s nothing more to say, this band is great. If you want to save money, you can buy this band from the Spalding Arena series with a smaller 60 inch backboard. However, we recommend that the whole pig walks on a 72-inch plate.

The only thing we don’t like about this band is the price. But a basketball hoop of this quality will never be easy to carry in your pocket.

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Do you just want to take some pictures or do you want to keep the headband active? Life span 71525 must be a tyre for you.

It is very affordable and height adjustable (7.5 – 10 feet). Panel 54 is even larger than most panels of portable basketball baskets, and the fact that it is attached to the floor naturally makes it more stable.

Of course the polycarbonate back plate means a rather flat tailbone, but apart from that it’s a pretty sturdy sealant.

Main features :

  • Adjustable height (7.5 – 10 feet)
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Easy installation
  • 54 Polycarbonate back wall
  • Slam-It Pro Rim with double compression springs for immersion

This basket contains everything you need if you just want a basketball basket. This is especially beneficial for young players who are working on the basis of their own course. Or for people who just want a basketball ring for good practice.

Moreover, the installation is extremely easy. Just dig a hole in the ground, place a support post in the hole and fill it with cement. Make sure the beam is flat. Once the concrete is frozen, it cannot be modified. It is clear that this post is neither detachable nor portable. This is to be expected.

And finally: Don’t go into it when you grow up. It could pierce the background. Yes, it’s said to be impact resistant, but polycarbonate gets brittle in the sun.


It’s very accessible. But he’s making noise. She’ll turn yellow in three to five years. That’s normal for polycarbonate basketball baskets.

Despite these problems, he takes your children outside to play basketball with their friends. It also gives them a good opportunity to practice the basic skills of shooting.

Pay attention: Take a look at the Lifestyle 90020 if you want an even more affordable tyre. It’s the same design, but with a 48-inch panel.

Advantages of a basketball basket

A floor basketball ring has many advantages over a portable basketball ring. Here are some of the benefits:

Extremely stable

The biggest advantage is the extra stability. You have to dig a deep hole, fill it with cement and put a support post in it.

If you do it right, the support post will never fall. The poles are almost impossible to knock over. Now you can break the back wall or the edge if you cling to it, but you won’t see the whole bar hit if the car doesn’t go inside.

Compare that to a portable basketball hoop. People were hit hard when portable basketball baskets fell on them. The cheaper ones can even tip over in a strong gust of wind.

Less space

Basketball shouldn’t take up much space. Only about 8 inches of space is needed for the support station. Most people on the farm have so many extra rooms. There’s not much room.

The portable basketball hoop may be mobile, but it is certainly not compact. The reservoir in which the sand or water is stored is enormous.

In that sense you can’t go wrong with a basketball hoop on the floor if you want to save space.

Best track record

As mentioned earlier, the official rules of basketball require tempered glass. These backs have more bounce, are never yellow and are never bent.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of portable tyres do not have a tempered glass rear panel. Toughened glass just weighs too much. The most expensive ones usually come with an acrylic substrate, which is about 80% better than tempered glass.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about basketball baskets.

Can I dive into a basketball ring on the floor?

It depends on several factors. Your size, the type of rear panel and the quality of tyre mounting. You’ll probably enjoy diving in a tempered glass band.

However, diving on polycarbonate hangers should be avoided. Don’t hold the tape. Look cool. It’s not worth it.

What’s wrong with the rattle?

Your neighbors will hate you.

How do I install this bracket?

It depends on the tire. The general concept of installing a basketball basket is very simple.

  1. Get three or four friends together.
  2. Dig a hole for the pole.
  3. Place an anchor or mast in the mast hole with your friends.
  4. Pour 800 to 1200 pounds of cement into the well.
  5. If it is an anchor, attach the support post to the anchor.

You can also hire a specialist to mount the tyre.

How long does the basketball basket last?

The polycarbonate stand should last 3 to 5 years if installed outdoors before problems arise. It lasts longer if it’s under the roof.

The band of tempered glass (and acrylic) lasts until the glass (or acrylic) breaks. In other words, it will take a very, very long time. Don’t let Shak get involved.

Something rusty?

The support must not rust because it is covered with a protective coating. Over time, however, some other parts may rust. This is to be expected when the road is not deserted.

Do I need to buy a pillow?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Of course, that’s not necessary. However, you will be glad that you bought one at the first impact. Of course it’ll hurt a little, but it’s better than risking a nasty bruise.

Final reflection

There’s nothing more to say. Basketball is a great sport to go out and socialize. Honestly, every family in America should have a basketball ring.

The Golrilla FT series is our best common choice. This is a high quality basketball hoop with excellent rebound performance, a support post that goes very deep to ensure excellent stability and leaves much canopy for a smooth play under the paint.

If you’re looking for something cheaper, but still want something good for serious gaming, consider the Silverback 60 and the Spalding NBA Floor Basketball System with aluminum basketball panel.

If you want a regulated basketball basket comparable to the NBA, then the Spalding Arena outdoor basketball basket is your best choice. It is made of tempered glass, durable, large and comes with foam padding.

On the other hand, the Lifetime 71525 Adjustable Floor Basketball Basket is an affordable basketball basket that offers all the benefits of a floor installation. It may not be enough for those who want to be the next Michael Jordan, but it will be enough fun for everyone else.

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