The Big Ten seems to be the strongest university basketball conference this season. If we know that seven of the fourteen teams that participated in the conference were in the top 25 of the AP survey before the start of the season, how can this not be the case? Even with an extra hurdle KOVID-19 preventing the ranking for next season, the Big Ten might send two representatives to the fourth final.

As the season is not far away, we want to take a look at the different teams and see how they will perform this season.

1. Iowa

BasketballPhoto : IowaHoops/Tweet

Luca Garza returns to his last season due to the unpredictability of the pandemic after the NBA design. Jordan Bohannon returns in full health with an already heavy attack. C.J. Frederick’s a three-point shooter, and Joe Whiskamp’s coming back, too. Over the period 2019-20 both players scored an average of more than ten points per game. It’s a crime, as far as you can get it. They are not without depth, which will be a late seasonal stability factor. Keep an eye on the Hawks.

2. Illinois

Photo : IlliniMBB/twitter

Illini is in the top 10 for the first time since 2012. Four-star rookies Adam Miller and Andre Courbello have been added to the already strong team. With the return of the two best players (Ayo Dosunmu and Kofi Cockburn) eligible for the drawing board, Illini is a castle for a strong season. Trent Fraser carries the charge like a sniper, so if he can continue the upward trend behind the bow, keep your eyes open. They have some preliminary tests against Baylor’s number two and Duke’s number nine in backgammon. Brad Underwood’s team has a great opportunity to prove themselves in these two games. If they don’t win this race, they’ll be at the top of the national rankings.

3. Wisconsin

Photo : MBB/twitter Shaving brush

The whole team comes back mainly for the badgers, except Brevin Pritzl (prom) and Kobe King (who moved last February). This team from Wisconsin spreads the chances of scoring better than anyone else in the Big Ten. Nate Reverse, Micah Potter, Brad Davison, D’Mitrick Tris and Alem Ford – last season’s average was at least 8.0 PPG. With the addition of four-star striker Ben Carlson, this team is strong enough to weather any storm this season.

4. Michigan

picture: LSU_Basketball/Tweetball

MSU is an old believer in post-season hope in the Big Ten. Aaron Henry, Rocket Watts, Marcus Bingham Jr. and Gabe Brown lead the attack for the Spartans. According to 247 Sports, the Moscow State University has only the eighth recruitment class for the coming season, but two of its recruits are four-star players in Madie Sissoko and A.J. Hoggard. Joey Howser made his debut with Team Spartan after spending a year in jail for leaving the market. It will be a welcome addition to a strong team. Tom Izzo always knows how to do something, even though he doesn’t have many guns. Let’s hope he recovers soon from KOVID-19, so the Spartans can start the season with the right leg.

5. Rutgers

Photo : RutgersMB / Twitter

The Scarlet Knights return most of their core. Ron Harper Jr. and Geo Baker will probably be the team’s big shooters, but that’s not all. They really lose Akwashi Yeboa, but that shouldn’t stand in the way of reaching the solid NCAA base. According to, Rutgers 2019-20 ranks 12th in terms of defense effectiveness. Make sure they remain a boring Big Ten team and take some of the hassle off the teams they normally don’t win.

6. Michigan

Photo: umicbol/tweetball

Gluttons can sleep in the Big Ten. They lost key players John Teske and Zavier Simpson, who was their offensive coordinator, but top scorer Isaiah Livers returned. Head coach Juan Howard added Wake Forest Chandry Brown, who averaged 12.1 PPGs and 6.5 RPGs last season. The Wolverines also brought three four-star rookies from Zebra Jackson, Terrence Williams and Hunter Dickinson. Their biggest missing piece will be Simpson, as his replacement, David DeJulius, has been transferred to Cincinnati. If they manage to overcome this obstacle, they will have to be wary of Michigan.

7. State of Ohio

Photo : OhioStateOps Twitter

Ohio could become the eighth best team in the Big Ten, stay in the standings and make a breakthrough in the NCAA tournament. That’s how deep the Big Ten conference is this season. Bucky even reached 23rd place in the pre-season AP poll. This is not so much a blow to them, but rather proof of the power of the Great Ten, again.

Ohio State loses to Luther Mohammed, DJ. Carton and Alonzo Gaffney have been translated, but Harvard’s Seth Towns, Bucknall’s Jimmy Sotos and Cal’s Justis Suing have been added. The rotation of registers is significant but should not affect the success of the universal service obligation. They miss Kyle Young, who leads the six-foot race, but C.J. Walker, E.J., joins him. Liddell and Dwayne Washington, Jr. The composition of this team is very different, but Chris Holtmann will find his way to the tournament.

8. Indiana

Photo : IndianaMB / Twitter

Hoosiers 2019-20 top scorer and future NBA player Tracy Jackson-Davies is back in a brand new starting line-up. He will be accompanied by ordinary people like Al Durham, Joey Brunck and Rob Finici. However, the last off-season pair, head coach Archie Miller, added five stars to Christian Lander and four stars to Jordan Geronimo, making them the second best recruiting class in 2020 (behind Michigan). The Husseirs will have to compete in the NCAA tournament, but they will have to overcome the obstacles of the rapidly changing team composition.

9. Overdue

picture : BoilerBall/Tweeter

Matt Harms and Noelle Eastern have been transferred, so Matt Painter remains a challenge. Trevion Williams will be the top scorer in a team that consists of Eric Hunter Jr., Sasha Stefanovich, Aaron Wheeler and two four-star rookies, Jaden Ivy and Ethan Morton. This team has the potential for success, but as in Ohio and Michigan, fluctuating rankings remain an obstacle. Purdue should make it to the tournament, even if he could finish in the lower half of the Big Ten.

10. Minnesota

Photo : Gopher/Tweeter

Minnesota doesn’t have the strongest recruitment class, but they have added some important transfers under Utah’s both Gach. They lost to Daniel Otur in the NBA draft, but their second top scorer against Marcus Carr is back. In fact, the Big Ten have named them after the 2020-21 Big Ten pre-season national team. Carr is expected to average around 20 PPG, and Gabe Kalšer is another fool. Minnesota is a pretty tough city, but the ability to score points can lead to the birth of a tournament.

11. Maryland

Photo : Turtle domes / Twitter

Maryland loses its most talented players in 2019-20 and enters the 2020-21 season. Even Mahi Mitchell moved to Rhode Island. After all, Galin Smith left Alabama, but there are some holes in this list. According to 247 Sports, they had the lowest recruitment class in 2020, which doesn’t bode well for them to be in the top 10 next season. The holes Anthony Cowan Jr. and Jalen Smith left behind may be too big to fill. Jairus Hamilton has been a great asset to Boston College, so he can help in this position. Darryl Morsell, Eric Ayala, Donta Scott and Aaron Wiggins carry the burden of the season on their shoulders. It might be difficult to get into the upper half of the Big Ten, but they could get a bid on the Bubble Tournament.

12. Paint.

Photo : PennStateMBB/Twitter

Head coach Pat Chambers left a position that could have put the team in trouble. Jim Ferrie takes over as coach, so he is replaced by Lamar Stevens and Mike Watkins. Myron Jones returns after averaging 13.4 PPGs, while Miles Dred, Jamari Wheeler and Seth Lundy will carry the weight of the action for the Nittani Lions. The recruitment class is not very strong either, so it will be a very good recovery season for Penn State that will find support during the period of the temporary coach.

13. Nebraska

Photo : HuskerHoops/Twitter

This is where the Big Ten really fall off the cliff. Cam Mack makes the transfer with Kevin Cross. Pitt’s transfer of Tray McGowens from Pitt helped put his five-star Bryce on the team for 2021, but he will be suspended for a year. Torir Turbjarnarson will be the top scorer in the 2020-21 season, but coach Fred Hoyberg has not yet put his team on the bench. They’re probably reluctant to be competitive for a year, but Teddy Allen and Kobe Webster’s translation should help McGowens and Torbjarnarson make Lincoln more fun.

14. Northwest

Photo : NUMensBall/Jumper

Northwest is the weakest team in the Big Ten. Boo-booey and Miller Copp become head coaches of Chris Collins’ bombers, but the Wildcats are very young and some three-star recruits come to Evanston. It’s a new school year. Yes, they are young, so there are some variations, but the Big Ten is too strong for a team with so many strangers playing on a tournament field.

How do you think the 2020-21 season will go? Will the Big First be the first country to bear the NCAA title since 2000? We’ll find out in the next few months. The regular season starts on the 25th. November, and it should be a crazy race full of competitive basketball from start to finish.

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