Updates on how the White Sox is going to fill the executives have slowly declined and given the recent discovery of misconduct by the management team, this was a bit of a next step in the discussion.

Now that we have a clear picture of the composition of the workforce, we can analyse what each employee says about the direction the organisation wants to take, the influence expected from each employer and ultimately the dynamics of power at the top of the organisation.

Ethane Cat

It was the first rental we had heard of and it was certainly the most exciting. For White Sox fans, Katz is best known as the coach of Lucas Jolito High School at Harvard Westlake High School, where he also coached the current top aces Max Freed and Jack Flaherty. Katz is also Diolito’s coach for rethinking his career in the 2018-19 post-season.

But if you look at Katz through this prism, you can only ignore the already impressive performance and the fast climb he enjoyed at the highest level. He went from high school to professional baseball in 2013 when he got a job in Angela’s organization. In 2016, Katz then joined the Seattle Mariners organization in a similar role, receiving the Junior League Coach of the Year award.

In 2019, Katz was promoted to assistant pitching coach in the San Francisco Giants Junior League, and in 2020, Gabe Kapler hired him full-time as assistant pitching coach in the Major League.

Picture : Randy Vasquez/Bay News Group by region

Katz is known for his integrated analysis in his philosophy and is an excellent communicator. The pitchers he has worked with appreciate his knowledge and ability to adapt to each player by giving each pitcher different exercises to maximize their individual abilities.

Kevin Hausman can certainly confirm Katz’s coaching skills. Gaussmann is the talented former quartermaster of the Orioles, who ended his career in Baltimore before making short stops in Atlanta and Cincinnati. His association with Katz and the Giants in 2020 turned his career around and brought 3.62 ERA’s and stimulated peripheral statistics.

This led the giants to offer Gaussmann $18.9 million, which Gaussmann accepted while negotiations for a longer-term agreement were still ongoing. The result was truly unthinkable when the Giants bought Gaussman in one season for only $9 million the previous season.

Gaussman has regularly praised his work with Katz. So it’s fair to think of the impact Katz can have on young White Sox fugitives such as Dylan Chase, Michael Kopech and perhaps even Reynaldo Lopez, among the many other talented hands the White Sox have shown throughout the organization. If he succeeds in making one of these names as rich as Gausmann, this recruitment will be a great success.

Perhaps the best part of this rent is that it shows that Rick Khan still has a say in the direction of the ship. Katsu is only 37 years old, he is literally half the age of Tony La Russa and has no public relations with the director. After admitting that the manager’s recruitment process did not go according to his plan, this step fits much more clearly into Rick Khan’s plans for the team. This should be a big relief for the White Sox fans.

Miguel Cairo

The differences between the club and La Russa are clear and well documented. A significant part of the White Sox management team will be someone who can act as a bridge to fill these gaps. It may be about helping players to understand why La Russa wants to do something in a certain way, or it may be about helping La Russa to understand how players think. Miguel Cairo is that bridge.

Image : Jamie Ramsey/Better away from red – MLB Blogs

Cairo spent 17 years in the big leagues with nine different teams, including two separate teams with the Cubs and the Cardinals under La Russa. After his retirement, Cairo spent five seasons as a special assistant to General Manager Walt Giogetti in Cincinnati (Giogetti was also General Manager of La Russa in St. Louis). Cairo joined the Yankees organization the past three seasons as coordinator of player development and minor league field reduction.

Although it seems that Cairo is relatively new in the field of training, Giogetti explains that Cairo, in its unique position there, has regularly collaborated with the Red Big League team and played an important role in the training of its field players. In an interview with James Fegan of The Athletic, Giogetti also said that he always believed that Cairo had a future as a coach because of the high level of preparation for each of the six positions that day.

Giogetti also notes that the degree of interrogation and understanding has always been clear in Cairo. In addition, his energy level and his ability to communicate with younger players, especially Latino players, is extremely important for the White Sox list, which is filled with players of this profile.

If Ethan Katz is considered an employee of Rick Khan, it is difficult to determine exactly to whom Miguel Cairo’s employee belonged, and that is a good thing. Cairo certainly fits the description one would expect from Rick Khan; outside the organization that comes from a successful, young, and able to communicate with the players.

But it’s also what Tony La Russa most often looks for in a bank coach. Cairo understands the functioning of La Russa in the field of training and reflection. La Russa has also publicly expressed her admiration for Cairo as a player throughout her career. That’s why the fact that Cairo seems to be the most important separation point in the White Sox circle of power is a positive step forward.

Considering its past, Cairo can also be regarded as a manager on hold. And for a talented team with a 76-year-old manager, that’s very important.

Other items

It has been reported that Frank Menecino, Daryl Boston and Kurt Hasler are coming back as kick coaches, first base coaches and bull coaching/pitching assistants. These decisions are not surprising.

Photo : Winnie-Duber/Tweet

Menecino’s choice is the most important, and he seemed more than a challenge in the top league in his first season as a batting instructor last season. Many players are enthusiastic about his instructions, and we regularly see Tim Anderson pointing at the Menechino after he hits the base, after which the camera points at the tip of the Menechino’s hat on the bench.

Maintaining a certain continuity in the team is also important for the club, which has clearly developed a culture of success and participated in qualifying last season. Boston also played with the White Sox for La Russa, so although he’s not exactly a gossip like Cairo, he can serve as an extra link between the manager and the players.

The third position of the base coach is the last big question mark for the coaching staff since the dismissal of Nick Capra.

As far as the beginning is concerned, White Sox fans can find comfort in the fact that Rick Hahn always seems to be the main driving force behind these movements. None of these mercenaries can be considered something that only La Russa wanted and had to put down. So while Hahn’s leadership has been undermined, Jerry Rainsdorf is letting Rick Hahn do his job here, and that’s a good thing. Let’s hope it stays that way.

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