Welcome to Bulls’ joke project for the NBA Tap 2020! When we meet on the 18th. As we approach the November Real Deal, we will predict who we think each team will be on the respective picket lines. Here you can see who we think would go to the different teams in the second round:

Today’s number relates to the last round of the first round – 16-30. Our final phase of item design will end with a selection of the top 15 items. Let’s go inside.

16. POR: Patrick Williams, PF,Florida Street.

Photo : Mark Walheiser/Presse Associée

Recently Patrick Williams left with the staging committees of many experts. Many predict it will be in the top 10, but we think it could just fall under that prediction. If this scenario turns out to be true, it fits in Portland. The Blazers are talented but weak in the 3/4 position Williams can take. Moreover, Portland was poorly defended last season, with 120 points for 100 properties. Williams’ length (7 feet wingspan) and athletics make him a defender, both in terms of range and paint. However, it needs to improve its shooting and decision making (0.58 aid/revolution ratio).

17. MIN: Tyler Bay, SF, Colorado

Figure : Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Finally, if the T-Wolves, as we have planned, choose a defender with their first choice, they may consider adding a player who can shoot and defend, and 2/3 of the positions of the defender. Knocking is good for both needs. He is a very effective attacker with a real success rate of 61.1%. He also drew 42% of the three-point line. Bay proved to be a defender of choice, as evidenced by his defensive record of 111 victories. It also has a length of 6 feet 7 feet – and a wingspan of 7 feet 1 to help protect Minnesota’s porous perimeter. Bey would make an excellent assistant to the wolves.

18. DAL: Alexei Pokusevsky, PF, Olympiakos B

photo : Panagiotis Moschandreou/ Euroleague Basketball via Getty Images

Alexey Pokusevsky can be a promising project thanks to the combination of the highest ceiling and the lowest floor. He is two meters long, can dribble and shoot like a guard and can also do tricks and show movement. However, it only weighs 200 pounds and does not have the speed and strength to protect fast guards and tall people underneath. He’ll also be 19 years old when the NBA season starts. His talent is there, but it’s raw. In general, Pokusevsky is a European unknown who played Dallas in the past.

19. BKN: Kira Lewis Jr, PG, Alabama

Photo : Mark Humphrey/Presse Associée

The comparison with John Wall and De’Aaron Fox of course has to do with Lewis Jr’s rhythm. He’s one of the fastest, if not the fastest, keepers to come out of this design. Although there is still room for improvement Lewis Jr. shot 46% out of the field and 36.6% behind the corner. He really needs to grow up a little, which will help him achieve his goal. Lewis Jr. can help Brooklyn by relaunching the offensive, relieving Kiri Irving and introducing much-needed protection on the outskirts of town, especially if they eventually lose Spencer Dinwiddi.

20. MIA: R.J. Hamptons, P.G., New Zealand Icebreaker

picture : Justin Ford/USA Sport today

Heath reached the NBA finals last year, but there is still a long way to go. Miami, in particular, could use another ball processor. Jimmy Butler is the number one offensive player, but he’s not a real leader of men. That’s where Heat might need an extra body, especially if Goran Draghik goes. The Hamptons would adapt well to the heat, especially given his work experience. The culture of warmth has high expectations of its players, and Hampton can easily achieve those high goals.

21. IHP: Terry Tire, PG, Stanford

Photo : Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Terry is an excellent pointer, placing almost 41% of the clip because of the bow. This makes it possible to divide the offensive among 76 fighters who don’t have many shooters in the whole troop. Terry has a raw athletics that defensively hides his lack of strength. If you get into the gym and learn from the Philadelphia team that plays first division defense, these problems should get better.

22. DEN: Reggie Perry, SF, str. Mississippi,.

Photo : Jim Lytle/Presse Associée

Perry offers trial court depth to the franchise company that it is likely to need, as Denver has four free agents, all of whom are from the trial court. Nuggets will probably have to recruit a player who is able to play an effective defense around the edge and clean the glass effectively – that’s what Perry does in rush hour. It’s also a decent pass with an average of 2.7 passes per match.

23. AWU: Cole Anthony, PG, North Carolina

: Jerry Broom/Presse Associée

Anthony was in the top 10 until his first season in North Carolina, but bad team Tar Heel and injuries left him in the top 23 in Utah. Jazz needs a player who will continue to play in the future. Anthony will be entrusted to Mike Conley, because Jazz wants to make him his own egg producer for the next decade.

24. MIL: Jahmi’us Ramsey, SG, Texas Tech

of Jahmi : John E. Moore III/Getty Pictures

Last season Bax had his fourth three-point shot in the league, but only finished 17th in the NBA’s three-point team. They need a guard who’s an effective shooter, so the ground clearance is for Jiannis. Ramsey shot more than 42% within a three-point range. It seems to go well with Milwaukee.

25. OKC: Theo Maledon, PG, ASWEL (France)

Photo : Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images

Given that Chris is likely to leave Paul Oklahoma and Thunder seems to be undergoing some sort of restructuring, this makes perfect sense at Maledon. First of all, Maledon is going to spend another season in Europe, and Thunder is definitely not in winning mode. Then Thunder will throw objects into the wall to see which bats hit the head ball handler. Maledon, at 25, would be a good option if he fell that low.

26. BOS: Desmond Bain, SG, TCU

Photo : Ethan Miller/Getty Images

When the Celts are able to hit a big man in the first round, they harden their ground, score and protect. Boston’s center of gravity must then be shifted to give more depth to the backyard. Desmond Bain meets the requirements. She will be a great support to Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown and will probably be the best chance in the end. Last season Bane shot over 44% over the bow.

27. NEW YORK: Isaiah Stewart, PF, Washington

Photo : Ethan Miller/Getty Images

We’re assuming the Knicks pick a leader with an eighth. With this in mind they will want to expand their atrium later in the first round. Stuart will probably be the best attack force currently available for the design. The Washington Big Man is an efficient runner edge that provides a protective layer of paint while effectively working on the glass and up to three meters from the edge. It will have to improve the decision-making process, as the ratio between aid and sales is a terrible 0,38.

28. LAL: Tre Jones, PG, Duke

picture : Lance King/Getty Images

Last season, the Lakers were actively looking for a playmaker who could take over some of the balcony tasks that Lebron eventually took on. They stayed in the Rondo district, which was a great addition to the playoffs, but is 34 years old. The Lakers are looking for a future playmaker to help create floor space, provide good protection and take over part of the LeBron ball treatment. Tre Jones meets the requirements.

29. BY: Josh Greene, SG, Arizona

picture : ESPN.com

The kidnappers will need full protection in the near future. You could lose Fred Van Vliet at a free agency, and franchisee Kyle Lowry is now 34 years old. The green one, who comes from Australia, is still very young, but he has an untapped talent. If he needs to improve his shooting to become an NBA starter, his basketball IQ is high. He has a good assist ratio, he knows how to handle the ball and he plays well in the outdoor defense that the Raptors count on for the qualifications.

30. BOS: Vernon Carey Jr, C, Duke

Photography : Streeter Lecca/Getty pictures

Cary Jr. has the talent to be the best big man on this project when the time comes. He achieved an average of 25.7 points and 12.7 rebounds per match in his first year with Duke. In violation, he’s ready for the NBA. The other end of the floor is a place where fear comes into play. It is not mobile enough to hold a field for 3 or 4 people and it is slightly smaller to hold a traditional centre. To become an elite player, he must improve his handling and rim protection.

Here’s where we finish the second one. Part of the Bulls on Tap, which will take place in the NBA in 2020 as part of the noodle design. Come back in the next few days for 1 to 15 bricks.

To see the NBA project from Chicago’s perspective, follow Bulls On Tap on Twitter and activate the podcast.

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