Welcome to Bulls’ joke project for the NBA Tap 2020! When we meet on the 18th. As we approach the November Real Deal, we will predict who we think each team will be on the respective picket lines. This is the last part of the Bulls On Tap Spray-Jet 2020 as our previous releases covered 16 to 30 laps of the first and only the second round.

This article covers the beginning of the first round – choice 1 to 15. Let’s move on.

1. MIN: Anthony Edwards, SG, Georgia

Photo : Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Are we surprised? Despite the fact that there is no clear number one in this project, the choice of Anthony Edwards is too obvious. Assuming that Timberwolves keeps this pickup, Edwards is the best overall perspective and most suitable for Minnesota. D’Angelo Russell is a quiet playmaker who will flourish as a Timberwolves playmaker. Edwards is a great striker, but he can improve his catch-and-go game. If he succeeds, Russell Edwards and the young superstar Carl Anthony Towns will pass the ball to him.

2. GSW: James Weisman, C, Memphis

Photo : AP

The Golden State needs a big man and a rim guard. Since the Warriors lost to Kevin Durant a year ago, they have more or less the same core as their first championship team in this competition window. The great men Andrew Bogut and David Lee tore Cleveland to pieces, and the wise man could easily surpass both in the same role.

However, he takes a small risk by only playing three games at the university. The wise man must also guard the perimeter. Its medium-term potential should compensate for this when it reaches the experts responsible for the project ceiling. Its reliable arrow/risk is perfect for warriors to roll. He can be one of the best in the center, who can choose all the time or the average at the level of DeAndre Jordan. Yet the warriors will benefit greatly from the presence of a Weizman in their ranks.

3. AMP: LaMelo Ball, PG, Australia

Photo : Anthony Au-Young/Getty Pictures

Charlotte needs to find her best player. La Melo could be the best coordinator of the project, and his brother Lonzo could count on him if he needs help. At his current age, most Scouts consider LaMelo to be the most talented of the Ball brothers. Contrary to the assumption that Lavar Ball’s statements could not influence Michael Jordan, the owner of the Hornets, he could see himself in LaMelo as if he were still very young when he was put in the spotlight and used as a marketing tool. An experienced market player like LaMelo could help with the development of the Charlotte Hornes brand.

4. CHI: Denis Awege, NF, Israel

Photo : Magriso Sefie/ Euroleague Basketball via Getty Images

What Chicago needs most is an intermediary. The best coordinator after La Melo’s ball is Denis Avdiya. It certainly fits in the corner. Avdiya is only 19 years old, but she has many years of international experience in Tel Aviv, and last year she won the MVP of the Israeli BSL. Considering his age, he may not be immediately impressive, but most experts believe that his shooting style will easily earn him a 4th place. Expect the bulls to participate in various trade negotiations with their new management team, Arturas Kornissovas and Mark Eversley. The possibility for foreign players to move to the NBA is still stigmatized, but the international origin of Kārnissovas could lead him to approach the international player in this project.

5. CLE: Oniek Okongwoo, PF, OSK

Photo : USC Athletics

Cleveland already has Colin Sexton and Darius Garland in their backyard, they’ll take the best of the big ones. This is Onega Okongwu. The USC product is in the eyes of some even better than James Weisman. Okongwu is a defender, while maintaining the effectiveness of the attack. The quality that makes him potentially better than the wise man is his ability to secure the perimeter. In the NBA, the larger models are more versatile and can switch to the guards without causing so much inconsistency.

6. ATL: Devin Vassell, SG, Florida

Photo : Jason Getz/U.S.A. Sports today.

If Trey Young leads the attack in Atlanta, the Hawks will have to attract the player to complete it and participate in the attacking charge. Devin Vassell from Florida wears this uniform perfectly. It is large and sporty, with a wingspan of about 2 meters. Vassell plays contact without fear. He improved his performance significantly from year one to year two, so the scouts believe this trend would continue with the NBA jump.

7. DET: Killian Hayes, PG, Germany

Photo : Harry Langer/DeFody: photos on Getty Images

Hayes has been identified as one of the key potential thieves in the NBA 2020 project. He’s an incredible playmaker and he has a good shot, after shooting 39% through the bow last season. His IQ and his vision on basketball are exceptional. The only problem that puts Hayes in tenth place is that he is clearly strong with his left hand and weak with his right. The defense will try to move him to the right until he can do it with both hands equally well.

8. NEW YORK: Tyrese Halyburton, PG, Iowa

Photo : Charlie Nybergall/AP

Halliburton plays the indispensable role of facilitator for this project. Thanks to his exceptional legal vision, he will become one of the biggest offensive threats in the classroom by 2020. He still has to improve his shooting form, although he never shoots less than 50 percent of the field and 40 percent of the three shots. Halyburton still needs mass to be a reliable protector. He has played different roles in the environment, which makes him very versatile in his tasks. Because the Knicks need more time to build up a very competitive list, Big Apple seems to be a good landing spot for Haliburton so they can reserve a year of development time before ending up in high and medium level situations.

9. WAT: Obi Toppin, PF, Dayton

Photo : Joe Robbins/Getty Pictures

Given Washington’s current list, they need a certain size. Obi Toppin of Dayton would have done it. Toppin blossomed late in college. With a 2.5-metre chassis, he was able to dominate the colour while revealing the sound form of the midrange speakers on the floor. Toppin also moves away from the ball, but the general lack of speed seems to worry the scouts. In fact, it wasn’t until last season that Toppin really started spinning his head in the NBA design landscape. Given that he is 22 years old, Toppin’s ability to make progress in the NBA is another matter of doubt.

10. PHX: Isaac Okoro, F, brown

Photo : Todd Van Emst/AV Athletics

Isaac Okoro’s flagship product is one of the strongest players in the NBA Draft 2020. With a 1.80 m chassis and a weight of 220 lbs it fits in a small forward position. Okoro is gifted for the offensive and it is he who finally gets the authority. His sweater needs work, but he’s a protector. Most experts predict that he will join the First All Defense team several times in the course of his career. Some scouts consider his already good sound insulation and the potential for improving the attack to be comparable to that of Jimmy Butler. In the comparison section you can go very far, but if you achieve 70% of what Jimmy Butler has in mind, Okoro becomes a certain exceptional player on all the lists.

11. SAS: Saddik Bay, F, Villanova

Photo : Justin Casterlin/Getty Pictures

Saddik Bay is a physical background player. Each year it has improved in the attack and will strive to continue to do so in the NBA. The landing in San Antonio is ideal for both parties. Bey will be trained and maximized as a player, and San Antonio will need more and more bodies in flank positions. The kicker can become a very good player, but he will have to develop his defense even further.

12. SAC: Your Honor Achiva, F, Memphis

Photography : Joe Rondone/Commercial call

Precious Achieva is a man who can become an elite defender and a solid offensive player. If Sacramento loses Bogdan Bogdanovich in a free desk, Precious could be the perfect safety blanket to fill in the hole. If Achiuwa succeeds, he will be a great three-dimensional weapon for kings.

13. NOP: Aaron Nesmit, SF, Vanderbilt

Photo : Frederick Bridon/Getty Images

Aaron Nesmit is one of the best players in the 2020 NBA design. As a sharpshooter he has experienced significant growth, improving his performance from 37% of the three-point clip in the first year to 52% in the second year. Today Pelicans has a strong group of players who will help it to expand its franchise, but it needs more weapons capable of long range firing. Nesmit meets the requirements.

14. BOS: Prisoner Smith, F, Maryland

Photo : John Mincillo/Presse Associée

Jailen Smith is a sports fanatic who grew up from an insider bomber to make gunfire promises in the area. He was one of the best rebounds in the country last year and can use his length to block shots. Smith can still extend his range, but it will come in time. It fits Boston perfectly because they need a bigger, stronger man.

15. ENT: Tyrese Maxi, G, Kentucky

Photo : Wesley Hitt/Getty Pictures

Tyrese Maxi is a bomber, who can jump from the bench that spark to start his career. He is also a competent defender, but he is able to improve and do more tricks. In Orlando last year Marcel Fultz was able to make a few promises, but not to the point that he missed another draw just before the lottery this year. Fullz is the best game maker, but Maxi is still so young and can develop this aspect of his game more in a supporting role for Orlando.

We finally came to the conclusion that a series of NBA Bulls tests on the Tup-2020. Don’t forget to follow the accuracy with which we predicted the design and share your thoughts with the Bulls On Tap on Twitter.

For more information on the NBA project from a Chicago perspective, see the Bulls On Tap podcast.

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