As the Chicago Cubs take their time, Kyle Schwarber, it’s time to see how the current state of the Chicago Cubs makes us feel as fans.

It’s 2020, you can talk about your feelings.

The Chicago ads caused a lot of disappointment.

As fans, we understand that KOVID-19 has put an absolute number on the accounts of every MLB team. We know Tom Ricketts lost a lot of money in everything that was done with the global pandemic. We know Theo Epstein wanted to move on after next season. We assume that the members of this core group will one day wear a different uniform than the MLB. We know good things don’t last forever.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t be disappointed.

Photo : Scott Olson/Getty Pictures

The Chicago Cubs 2016 team has never felt as far away as it does today. It seems that this era of baseball clubs came and went like a ship that passed in the night. Make no mistake, this ship was an absolute fuse. 2016 is a year in which every hardened fan will have to live. It was the perfect season.

Since that season, everything’s been compromised. In 2017 there was still hope; the fans were still climbing high before reaching the top of the mountain a year earlier. This season ended disappointingly because the Cubs failed to make it to the World Cup. There is no need to explain how every season has ended so devastatingly since then. I don’t want to send you all into a black hole of depression.

The frustration is that there is no hope. It’s hard to hope for the future when the Chicago Cubs leave the biggest era in baseball behind them. It’s frustrating to see the Wrigley area as owners go through real plastic surgery, only to be followed by owners who don’t open their wallets year after year. The disappointment is to see a player who has been overtaken before and disappeared for nothing. Disappointment is a potential dynasty that collapses before our eyes. The disappointment is the hope that you hoped this core would be followed by the reality of what it has become.

Jed Heuer can save the chaos he left behind. We know that a lot of money will be forgotten after the 2021 season and that the Cubs will be able to participate very soon. Hopefully there won’t be a full recovery.

It is normal to conclude that this has been the best time in Cuban history, but it has not really reached its potential. It goes without saying to believe in Jed Heuer and at the same time to be disappointed that the Ricketts family is not the property you expected.

It’s low season, remember the good times. Go into the rabbit hole on YouTube. Look at game seven. Watch Kyle Schwarber throw the ball with the video camera. Watch this interview with John Lester, drunk after winning the Cubs World Series. Follow Theo Epstein’s press conference on the way out, where he explains how things are really different in Chicago.

Being a Cubs fan is again a disappointing lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean you don’t remember the glory days.

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