Chicago bears have finally reached the middle of the 2020 season. In eight games, they have a record of 5-3 and half of the game is behind the Green Bay Packers in the northern NFC.

Green Bay Packer 5 2 0 .714
Chicago Bears 5 3 0 .625 0.5
The Detroit Lions 3 4 0 .429 2
Vikings from Minnesota 2 5 0 .286 3

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As for the Bears’ position in the NFC playoffs, it’s not very successful at the moment. The loss of the last two games against the conference opponents is detrimental to their position.


How did they get here?

So far, all games have been ugly for the bears, some more than others. However, none of the bears’ five victories was easy.

In three of the five victories, the bears had to unite at the end of the game. They also lost a few points in three of those victories. Each victory point was seven points lower, and overall they beat their opponent by exactly +20.

Although there are still two games for 500 in the Bears, that does not relieve the team of any criticism, especially given the way they have played so far in 2020. Taking all circumstances into account, it is time to spread the results of the mid-season to all team members.


So far, crime has been a mess. Whether it’s the game, the circuit, the challenge or the execution, they are not up to the task. I can’t overestimate Matt Gnaghi’s guilt. His challenge in the game was a shot or a miss, but he fell on the miss more often. Nadie took care of the quarterback situation, but eventually she withdrew. The Bears eliminated Mitchell Trubsky and his team in the third quarter of the third game – 2-0.

Photo : Name of E. Hoo-Pool/Getty Images.

Outside the Sokolas game, Trubsky showed a TD/INT ratio of 5:2 and a quarterback score of 92.7. Since Nick Falls took over the role of QB start, the Bears have passed the 2-3 mark and Falls runs in a TD/INT ratio of 5:6, in addition to a reliable QB score of 78.3.

Offensive category Indicate Evaluation
Just meters. 2485.0 23-й
Court / Game 310.6 29-е
Lessons for passers-by 1,800 17-я
Passing Yds/game 225.0 22-я
Fast construction sites 685.0 29-е
Quick ideas / game 85.6 31.
Scores 161 26-я
Points / Game 20.1 28-я
General Gifts 10 T-8.
Intercept. 10 T-10
Error 0 1.


In terms of offensive efficiency, is ranked 27th overall – 25th for passing and 30th for running.

Cool: D


How can the defense be blamed for Bear’s problems when there is so much fighting against an attack? Although the defense does not match the indicators for 2018, it is difficult to repeat such a match. The absence of Eddie Goldman and the slow start of Danny Trevathan have undoubtedly harmed the defense. Chuck Pagano is also co-responsible. He didn’t catch the lightning as many expected when he was on the set. Worse, Pagano tends to play a soft defense at unusual moments.

Talent was no problem to protect the bears. This side of the ball is set up by qualified players. ranks sixth in the general NFL defense – fifth in the passing defense and eleventh in the running defense.

Category of defence Indicate Evaluation
All construction sites are authorized. 2,788 20.
Yds/game allowed 348.5 12.
Crossings are permitted 1,828 21.
Allowed to pass Yds/ game 228.5 13-й
Fast construction sites are allowed 960 20.
Permission for fast yds/game release 120 16.
Permitted points 166 8-я
Permitted points / game 20.8 8-я
Total turnover 9 T-6.
Intercept. 5 T-7
Error 4 T-5


Cool: B-

Special groups

The excitement of leaving the training camp surrounded his leg play and the health of Eddie Paineiro. Cairo Santos put an end to those fears. Santos – 14 out of 16 (87.5%) for field goals and 15/15 for extra points.

It was also perfect at less than 40 meters (9/9). Santos is located between 40 and 49 meters at 3/4. Since the age of 50 it has risen to 2/3.

Photo : Jonathan Daniel/Getty Pictures

In the player’s position, Pat O’Donnell was good. He wasn’t brilliant, but there was nothing to worry about. The less you hear about his panther, the better.

Cordarrell Patterson brings something back in time. Whether he’s on the goal line or at a depth of nine meters, he’s not afraid to pull it out. Sometimes the fans scratch their heads, but he really has this great ability to play. Patterson scored 641 yards on 25 rebounds. That’s an average of 25.6 per return, which is good for the sixth best in the NFL.

However, Panta’s return match was fought against the defeat of Tariq Cohen. Ted Ginn Jr.’s experiment failed and he was removed from the team this morning. It will be interesting to see what newcomer Duane Harris will present in the second half of the season, as his first naval game with the orange was only half as good.

Cool: B+


This analysis may seem harsh, but the coaches have let the team down. The attack is far from the Jaggernaut Matt Nagy who was brought to the execution. Under Pagano’s supervision, the defense has slipped a little.

In the team show the bears took 18th place in general. It all starts with the trainers. Despite the change of coach, which will bring Nadia new eyes and ears, the attack is still frightening. They changed the Buy More 2.5 weeks before the start of the season, and it’s still as bad as it was at the beginning of the year. Nadia’s challenge has been terrible in most cases, and he doesn’t make the necessary adjustments in the game to compensate for that.

Figure : Jonathan Daniel/Getty Pictures

Nick Falls and Matt Nagy trade places in the fifth round. …of the Tampa Bay league on the sidelines. Then Brian Grizzes published what Foles told him about breaking up with the head coach during the race. This team is in pretty bad shape right now.

The biggest problem is that Nadia is lacking in personnel management. Riley Ridley remains inactive. Cole Kmet gets his legal playtime and goals as if he’s getting his teeth pulled. In addition, Cordarrelle Patterson sees repeated clicks in the reverse position.

If it’s not so bad, the team is undisciplined and there is an extreme lack of attention to detail. Currently, the Bears are the largest team in the NFL with 58 flags at 536 meters. The icing on the cake was an incident with Javon Wim. It was totally inappropriate and unacceptable. I hope Weems remains inactive after his suspension.

Cool: D-

Front office / RYAN rhythm

picture: Getty Pictures

Ryan Pace deserves support. The additions he has made in this low season are noisy. He added Cairo Santos, who secured the shooting. Jimmy Graham is a red zone threat with four touchdowns. Tashaun Gipson has two interceptions and complements Eddie Jackson very well in the background.

Pace’s drawings also contribute significantly to their respective positions. Darnell Mooney was a stallion and easily took second place in the WR rankings behind Allen Robinson. Cole Kmet, if he sees the ball, he can play. And don’t forget Jalon Johnson. Utah’s product probably survived the moments of the newcomer, but otherwise he plays for Kyle Fuller.

Germaine Yifedi was a good addition to the right guard, carefully studied in low season. Barkevious Mingo and Mario Edwards Jr. were also pleasant surprises.

But all this is not good for the general director of the Bears. The addition of Robert Quinn has not yet been successful, as a very touching pass was a big goal or a setback for eight games. Maybe some of the difficulties are due to the fact that Quinn dealt with the trauma early on. The former cowboy showed his destructive ability to throw passes in the blink of an eye, but not in the long run.

The bears now face another dilemma: the line of attack. Pace did almost nothing in this area and didn’t approach him in time. Quinton Spain went on the open market, and Pace didn’t bring him to Chicago. Now, James Daniels is gone for a year, Bobby Massey is suspended for a while, Cody Whitehorse is beaten, and Rashad Coward is… Woof.

Worse, KOVID-19 finally hit the bears, and the positive test was of course made on the attack line. The fuse shown here, Jason Springs, was removed and put on the COVID 19 list, and Germain Ifedi was also put on the list because of his proximity and the search for his contacts. In this position, the bears will hardly shave in the coming weeks.

Cool: B


The Bears are, according to their record, 5-3 with a lot of problems on the attack side. The defense will keep them in the game and hope that the attack can do exactly what it needs. It’s been like this for eight weeks. That’s for the next eight weeks. She’ll be ugly, disgusting and disappointing to the end. Fasten your seatbelts, bear fans, because we’re sure we’ll love the wild ride in the home part of the season.

Cool: C

Just one more thing: Bears better not take this testimony to Mama Bear, Virginia McCaskey. She won’t be happy.

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