The Chicago Bears have just defeated Aaron Rogers and the Green Bay Packers again – a tradition like any other. Chicago slips into the darkness, and the gorge continues at a football game on Sunday. The former 5-1 team has now lost five times and is the ninth seeded team in the NFC with a record of 5-6.

After jumping off with 5:1, the Bears have now lost 5 games in a row.

The Bears are the second team in NFL history to lose five straight runs after winning at least five of the first six games. The 49th started in 1967 with a 5-1 scoring line and then lost the next 6 games.

H/T @EliasSports

– 29. ESPN Statistics and information (@ESPNStatsInfo) 30. ESPN is one of the main suppliers of the Commission’s services. November 2020.

At the moment the Bears are closer to the top 10 in 2021 than in the play-offs. The loss of 41 to 25 people on Sunday night was another source of national shame that brought them closer to organisational change.

Everything about that game was pathetic. It would be difficult to find many positive moments to celebrate the game in the 12th division. Cancel the tour.


Matt Nagy’s time as coach of the Bears may be coming to an end, and his performance against Virginia McCaskey against her opponents may have accelerated him. He and his companions have given up completely. They had 13 days to prepare for this match and the team came in flat and unprepared. Nadia has been coaching the team for three years, and he continues to fail when he leaves the farewell week. Now it’s 0:3 in the games after saying goodbye.

Matt Nagy, Bill Lazor, Chuck Pagano and Chris Tabor have all learned from their colleagues. They had an extra week to prepare for the Packers, and this shame was the best they could find. Unbelievable.


It’s the same old story, week after week. The attack is still out of action and will probably not save the 2020 season. The Bears went back to Mitch Trumpet after they pushed him away, which seems to be the last attempt. However, the attempt fell on his head. Of course, the statistics seem a bit decent, but most of these figures are not very accurate. The bears put a few things in their wardrobe that contributed to the statistics. Except for a running game at the end of the first half, there was nothing to be proud of.

Trubsky finished the competition 26-46 for 242 yards, 3 TD and 2 INT. The two parts were filled with deep balls in a double and a triple coating respectively. What the quarterback saw was more than anything. It’s nice to see that Trubisky makes quick and confident decisions and pushes the ball around the field, but he chose those two set pieces wrong. Not to mention Allen Robinson and Cole Cmet’s crashes in the end zone.

On the contrary, the racing game was not much better. David Montgomery broke a 57-meter-long intestine on his first carrier. It has now recorded 10 ranges over 46 meters.

Bear fans, you don’t want to expect much more from the attack. They are unable to achieve the level of play and performance required by the current NFL.


As if the year 2020 couldn’t get any worse for the Chicago Bears, their only saving grace finally broke. The guards have torn their doors. The first three Green Bay Estates were long and methodical and dismantled Chicago’s defenses.

  • First trip: 14 races, 75 meters, touchdown (7:38).
  • Second slice: 9 games, 75 yards, touchdown (5:19).
  • Third round: 13 games, 80 yards, touchdown (7:50).

The defense had no reaction to the attacks of Aaron Rogers and Packers. Green Bay often used movement and loading actions that completely fooled the defenders and helpers of the Bears.

And an ultra-soft fight with the bears. Green Bay broke a couple of grenades and got extra yardage pieces that should have been avoided.

Green Bay took a 27-10 lead at halftime. The second half would be better, but not much more. In the third quarter the Bear Defence scored two goals:

  • 4 games, 53 meters, touchdown (2:15).
  • 9 games, 66 yards, touchdown (4:57).

In the same way the bears went to the last picture with 41-10, and that’s all she wrote. It was too easy for the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night. They brought the bears to obedience.

Since 2014, the bears have won 12-1 if they don’t earn the money, with their only victory in the 2019 season finale in Minnesota against the Vikings.

– Kevin Fishbain (@kfishbain) 30. November 2020.

There was no bear shelter that night. They were humiliated by their worst performance since Mark Trestman.

Danny Trevatan/Buster screen

Bear fans have seen enough. Trevatana and Screen harassed Dawante Adams all night and chased him to the point where they were almost ashamed. I hope none of them will be on the team in 2021.

Khalil Mac

Where are you? Where are you? Mac is the highest paid player on the team, and he’s nowhere to be found.

Akim Hicks

This guy’s the main shooter. Without a doubt. The absence of Hicks has left a big hole in the defence line. They’re already without Eddie Goldman (denial) and Roy Robertson-Harris (injury reserve).

Since 2018 the bears are defending themselves much better on the field with Akiem Hicks.

With springs (253 carriers)
➤ 3.6 YPC, 19% material content

Without Hicks (245 carriers)
➤ 4.3 YPC, 13% hardware content#CHIvsGB | #DaBears

– Next Generation Statistics (@NextGenStats) November 30, 2020

Third quarter drought

We’re moving forward.

The bears scored in the third quarter of this season:

– Kevin Fishbain (@kfishbain) 30. November 2020.

Silver lining

The tank’s still running. With yesterday’s defeat, the bears have improved their position in the project.

The bears of Chicago are slowly but surely back in the garbage. The wine starts with McCasquis and Ted Phillips, followed by Ryan Pace, and continues with Matt Nagy, coaches and players. If the owners decide to make a quick change during this off-season, team fans should hope it all starts with President and CEO Ted Phillips.

Photo :

The more the bears retreat from a 5 to 1 start, the closer they get to the top ten leaders in design and regime change.


What’s there to say? Bears got their ass kicked. The attack was mediocre. The defense was a mess, and everything between them was cruel.

It is clear that it has become very painful to watch this team. It’s morally and emotionally exhausting to watch them week after week. Not so long ago it was fun to watch bears. The organization is located between the rock and the hard place. How did we get here so fast?

We have come a long way since that Sunday evening (18.9.9.) when T-Formation and Khalil Mac changed our lives. It’s a long way…

– Jason1Goff 30. November 2020.

If a bear lover has the courage to look at the highlights and experience the game, then please:

What now?

Chicago bears get their first bear food on Sunday the 6th. December, at noon, visit Detroit Lviv for a CT scan. The game will be broadcast on FOX. The Bears will see the end of their losing streak in five games. The Lions, who recently fired their head coach and general manager, will see them recover from their own bowls on Thanksgiving. It will be interesting to see if Detroit can bring back De’Andre Swift, Kenny Galladay and their other players for this match.

Don’t forget to check out the Bears On Tap podcast to discuss feedback, updates and post-match analysis, as well as various other Bears On Tap related topics throughout the week.

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