The Chicago Bears’ loss continued until six games after losing 34-30 to the Detroit Lions on Sunday afternoon. This game was every man for himself. The bears soiled themselves against the lower Lions in their own building. Detroit started the game 4-7 after a disastrous Thanksgiving show against the Texas Houstonians. This loss forced them to dismiss the general manager and the head coach.

Yet the bears did not conquer the world by themselves. After the beginning of the 2020 season, Chicago found itself without a victory with a 5-1 scoreline. As a result, not only was Matt Nagy dismissed, but also Ryan Pace and the president and CEO of the team, Ted Phillips.

The battle of the bears has finally reached its boiling point, because the 2020 season did not go as planned. But unlike the organization to fire someone in the middle of the season. If bear fans really want a regime change, then maybe it won’t be for long.

#DaBears fans of the big date:

4. January 2021.

The day after the end of the regular season. It’s Black Monday for #NFL.

Shoot HC, GM, executives… everything you’ve got.

– 3. Aalap Desai (@ADesai410) December 2020.

Let’s go back to basics: This game. Where does it start? This sudden loss is for the bear season of 2020. Everything we saw that day condensed in three long hours. So here are, as usual, the main conclusions of the disgusting loss of the 13th week of bears.


Matt Gnaghi’s on two. There’s nothing left in his tank. In the third year, the head coach tried everything you can imagine and nothing worked. This team doesn’t train well, and you see them – as evidence – in the pudding. Namely the lack of attention to details, whether it is a penalty kick or the planning of the game. The team makes too many mistakes. That happened at the end of the game, when Allen Robinson set a trap on the sideline and, instead of putting it on the field, because he only had free space, decided to go a meter off the field without reaching the mark for the first trap. The lack of situational awareness is indeed staggering.

This team needs better or more training. Maybe Gnaghi is too stubborn, or maybe he’s just not the man everyone expected him to be. His regime and schedule are not adapted to the staff at his disposal. There are a handful of players who have made it elsewhere since they left Chicago.

The more you look at it, the harder it is not to worry about Nagy and the company that trains Mitch Trubesky’s legs.

– Arkush (@Hub_Arkush) 6. December 2020.

Make no mistake. It’s not just on the shoulders of the naga. Almost all management staff feels sorry for the Naga there. Bill Lazor and Chuck Pagano are clearly on top of their heads. However, it would be slanderous to include Chris Tabor in this group because he was clearly the best coordinator or coach of the team. Apart from Ted Guinn Jr.’s experience with the reverse punta, hardly any special teams have been a problem.

It is impossible to explain how you can get a ten-point lead on another mediocre team in your own building. Especially given that the Lions fired their head coach only a week ago and did not have the best players on both sides of the field.


It was the story of two halves of the bear attack on the lions. In the first 30 minutes they looked like a decent and capable offensive team. They scored 23 points for a field goal and three touchdowns. Chicago got up early again.

The bears were fully dedicated to the racing game from the beginning and it was very effective.

  Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up Shipyards AVG TD
David Montgomery 11 64 5.8 2
Cordarella Patterson 7 41 5.9 1
I see. 18 105 5.8 3

Bears with three emergency landings today.

That’s more than during the whole year they came today (2).

– Matt Erich (@MattEurich) 6. December 2020.

In the last race of David Montgomery, the Bears covered more than 100 meters and entered the game. Currently at 102. Season 149 opened its first week in Detroit.

– Brad Biggs (@BradBiggs) 6. December 2020

Unfortunately, the Bears scored 268 yards in 35 games in the first half, not bad for 7.7 yards per game.

He gets up at 11:13 at rest. Those 23 points went down from fourth place in the season.

– Jason Lieser (@JasonLieser) 6. December 2020.

I’m going to benefit from that experience in 23 points in half the time.

It’s been a long time. # Bear

– Duke Coughlin (@ThatPodGuyDuke) 6. December 2020.

But the second half is still ahead of them, and the battle for the third quarter makes them regain their heads. This means that the beginning of the wheels fell off completely in the second half.

The third quarter of this season was marked by a decrease in points:
7 (Return home)

– 5. Kevin Fishbain (@kfishishbain) 6. Kevin Fishbain (@kfishbain) December 2020.

In the second half, the bears played 32 games over 103 yards, an average of 3.2 yards per game. Since the first half, it’s 180. By comparison: That’s how the game went in the second half.

  Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up Shipyards AVG TD
David Montgomery 6 8 1.3 0
Cordarella Patterson 3 18 6.0 0
I see. 9 26 2.9 0

The second half of the game was in play. The bears could only count points. Yet the bears still had a chance to win the game in the finals. The result of the three previous training sessions, which each played only three times, was 6, -2 and -4 yards. The results of these discs? Panther, panther, panther.

In the end, Mitchell Trubsky’s backpack ball became the dagger of the game because it allowed the Lions to score a touchdown. In short, the Béarnais attack showed skill in the first two quarters, but returned to normal in the second half.


This side of the ball was usually a hard rock and the backbone of the team. For most of the season it was difficult to blame them for spraying on the attack. However, this free rate ends there. The protection of the bears was not necessarily terrible, but today they are bad. They’ve allowed two touchdowns for Adrian Peterson, who cuts them off every time he plays against the Bears, regardless of his age.

In total, the bears missed 460 metres, 402 of which were from Matthew Stafford. Stafford had to throw most of the day in this game because the bears could hardly get a pass. As a result, Marvin Jones, T.J. Hawkson and Lions passport holders set fire to Chicago High School.


Given that Kenny Galladay and D’Andre Swift were not active in this game, the defense was surprised. The defense bends, but she hasn’t broken in the last two weeks.

Bilale Nichols

Nichols intercepted a smart one at the end of the game.

Lately, however, it has increased in size – a pleasant sight.

Khalil Mac/Robert Quinn

Those two are overpaid for practically disappearing. Yes, they came close or had a lot of delays, but more was expected from salesmen of their calibre.

Met Cole

Have a nice day, Cole. Some rookie at the end of his rope appreciated the breakthrough… something like that. Kmet recorded five 37-yard traps and a touchdown.

Nuggets/poster responses

~ The Bears haven’t lost six times in a row since 2002 ~
They haven’t even played Chicago this season!

– Sylvie (@WaddleandSilvy) 6 December 2020

It’s gotten so bad, you’ve been missing the Trustman for years.

– Jason Lieser (@JasonLieser) 6. December 2020.

If McCaskey likes Ted for bringing them money, that’s fine.

Stay on the purely financial level, but the team urgently needs a leader who understands football.

– Matt Erich (@MattEurich) 6. December 2020.

Chicago bears are tied to the worst NFC record in the north.

– Daniel Greenberg (@ChiSportUpdates) 6 December 2020

It’s bad, isn’t it?


Bears lose again and again, and that probably doesn’t go with possession. As we approach the end of the season, it is clear that changes are both necessary and likely. This team isn’t very good. Looking back, the 12-4 season two years ago looks like an accident. Bear fans were put in the tanning booth, but now they may not have a choice. You will sunbathe naturally, all thanks to responsible people. Ted Phillips, Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy below are responsible for the current location of the bears.

They’re on the edge of soccer hell, where they were under Mark Trestman. If they want to take it easy, the homeowner now has to pull the plug and clean the house. Bearings without flywheel and no sense of direction. There is no consistent identification in the attack, and they continue to use the defense as a crutch.

Different weeks, years, decades… the same problems, the same complaints. It would be good to see a competent and functional franchise for once. The bears of 1985 are 35 years old. It’s time to let go and move on.

What now?

Bears from Chicago will bring Houston Texas to the Soldiers’ Field on Sunday the 13th. December at noon for a CT. The game will be broadcast on CBS. The Bears will see the end of their losing streak in six games. Meanwhile, the Texan will try to recover from his devastating loss to the Colts in week 13. This will be the first game between Mitchell Trubisky and Deshawn Watson, both quarterbacks are selected for the 2017 NFL draft. Centuries of history! The Bears are struggling to achieve their first victory against the Texans.

Don’t forget to activate the Bears On Tap podcast for feedback, updates and analysis after the game during the week, and for discussions on various other Bears On Tap related topics.

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