The Chicago Bears are back in the playoffs. Once upon a time there was a 5-1 team that lost six in a row and fell to 5-7. However, they have now won three times in a row.

The #DaBears are out of the running with this playoff schedule.

They’re currently in seventh place.

– Aalap Desai (@ADesai410) 27. December 2020

After a 41-17 tie with the Jacksonville Jaguars in week 16, the Bears are currently seventh in the NFC playoffs.

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If this victory makes the Bears fans optimistic, there is still a lot of work to be done. Right now everyone can enjoy the moment and every minute of this recent rejuvenation.

What about bears?!

In a tradition like any other, these are the main lessons that we have learned from the victory of the Bears over the Jaguars.

Matthew Nagy/Bill Lazor

Once again, the offensive game plan was brilliant. It didn’t start as well as they had hoped, but they made some effective adjustments after the break. The attack of the Bears totalled 391 meters, 263 in the air and 128 on the ground. In fact, the offence doubled the number of first conversions for Jaguars (from 28 to 14).

Chicago gave up a running game in the first half, but did so in the second half. The Bears were a two-part story, but in a good way. In the first and second quarter finals they scored only 13 points, but in the last two quarters they scored a lot and found the end zone four times after halftime. The bears find their rhythm, and that can be seen in the game. There is a sense of rhythm and flow and a clear identification of the attack.

I’ve been very hard on Nagy for @ChicagoBears the past two seasons. I’m giving him credit for the way he changed for Trubisky last month – he looks like a completely different QB.
There is always a fast RPO game that splits the field in half for playback.

– Dan Orlovsky (@danorlovsky7) 27 December 2020

Mitchell tubes

If the different opinions about Mitchell Trubisky polarise Bears fans, one thing is certain: Trubisky has played exceptionally well since he took over his starting role. Again, he did a hell of a job setting up plays. Trubisky also had a few setbacks in the rather lacklustre 41-17 victory. He intercepted several trips before the break, won time with his feet and struggled to find a hole that didn’t exist. In the end, he forced a duck into the traffic end zone.

Trubisky even missed a shot at a wide open Cole Kmet, who led a wheelie run in the second half. But in general Trubisky was pretty good against the Jaguars. The last ranking is: 24/35, 265 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT, 97.9 QB rating.

In his last 4 games Trubisky scored 108,3, 126,7, 97,7, 97,9 with an average of 107,7.

– Mitchell Galloway (@GallowayMitch) 27 December 2020

Oh yeah, he also added a rushed touchdown.

David Montgomery: Today

It’s not enough to say how important David Montgomery’s success is to the overall success of the offense. The more they feed Montgomery, the worse it seems. The attack is now being carried out by a Iowa state grad. Montgomery also turned out to be a threat in the passing game. As a result, 111 all-purpose yards were registered for the second consecutive game. He walked 95 yards on 23 carries and caught two passes on 26 yards and also added a touchdown.

The attack of the Bears seemed slow in the first half, and that was due to the effort, or lack thereof, of Montgomery, who only saw the ball eight times before the break. That score doubled in the second half and led to an explosion of points.

No more David Montgomery in part two? It has to be, doesn’t it?
Only 8 carries and 36 yards in the first half. *Bear

– Caitlin Sharkey (@KRoseSharkey) 27. December 2020

David Montgomery: 2020

Given that the attack was painful and that Nagy refused to show David Montgomery earlier, it is impressive what the running back has been able to achieve. Since the Bears have been sneaking around in the last four or five weeks, Montgomery has amassed enough meters to eclipse the milestone. It’s the first time in his career and the first time he’s been on the team since Jordan Howard scored a goal.

At 95 yards today, David Montgomery is the Bears’ first 1,000 yards back since Jordan Howard in 2017.

– J.J. Stankevich (@JJJStankevitz) 27 December 2020

Montgomery’s last race was over 1,000 on the season. For the first time since 2014, Chicago produced a runner and a 1000 yard receiver (Alshon Jeffery, 1133 and Matt Forte, 1038) in the same season.

– Chicago Bears (@BearsPR) 27 December 2020

Jimmy Graham

The highly critical off-season deployment has paid off. In fact, Jimmy Graham’s signature was worth every penny.

I never want to hear again that the #DaBears paid too much for Jimmy Graham.

He was worth every penny.

– Aalap Desai (@ADesai410) 27. December 2020

Graham was a crucial addition to the attack because he helped massively in the red zone. The 34-year-old has already scored eight touchdowns this season after scoring two tonight. In total, Graham recorded four receptions for 69 yards (nice) and two scores.

Touchdown #1 :

Touchdown #2:

This season, Jimmy Graham has 48 receptions, 451 yards and eight touchdowns on 74 targets.

Allen Robinson

Talk about revenge games for Allen Robinson. The last time these teams met four years ago, Robinson was on the other side. It was his first time on his old team, and he went. Robinson’s been tearing up Jacksonville all day.

Darnell Mooney

No matter how Ryan Pace remembers his work with the bears, we can say he struck gold with Darnell Mooney. While Mooney only did four runs for 39 meters today, each run seemed to come out of a critical third tryout situation. Mooney appeared in second position on the depth chart. He was certainly better than Anthony Miller and made him look caring.

Roseanne Smith

Again, it’s worth noting how good Roquan Smith is. He is the heart and soul of the bear’s defense. Smith played like a madman today: He recorded eight tackles (all solo), added two interceptions and got a glitch. Clearly, he was a great pro at the trophy.

In fact, Smith did something today that he hasn’t done in many moons.

Artavis Pier

The rookie had a good day, with two 26-yard runs and a touchdown.

Cairo Santos

This guy was money all year round. Santos has sunk his two attempts and the extra five points. In 2020, the Brazilian striker scored 27/29 (93.1%) goals on the field and 35/36 (97.2%) extra points. Moreover, today he set Robbie Gould’s previous record.

Santos of Cairo has just matched Robbie Gould’s franchise record with 24 goals in a row. *Bear

– 26. Bears on the button (@BearsOnTap) December 2020

24 in a row for Cairo Santos, going back to the third week, setting the #Bears franchise record for consecutive successes in one season (Gould, 2006).

– Chicago Bears (@BearsPR) 27 December 2020


Despite the presence of a statue of the quarterback in front of Mike Glennon, the Bears’ defense only managed to get one bag in the afternoon. This isolated incident took place during a lightning bolt. The lack of haste in passing is a problem, especially when the Bears face the best quarterbacks as they make the playoffs.

Robert Quinn and Khalil Mack didn’t exist and only appeared in flashes. Meanwhile, Chuck Pagano was struggling again as the Jaguars moved the ball with ease. Jacksonville threatened early on, but the Bears had trouble breaking through the defense to score a goal. But Glennon pushed them back twice with beautifully thrown touchdown passes. Overall, the unit was able to force two tilt and six strikes with limited damage. Even though the group was better today, the defense remains the weakest link. Nobody thought he’d say that in week 16 at the play-offs.

Third Quarterly Invoice!

Not only was the post-crisis drought in the bears over, but they were also flooded with collection points. Chicago’s offense had not one, not two, but three touchdowns in the dreaded third quarter. 21 points in the third quarter would have been unimaginable six weeks ago. Here we are.


The Chicago Bears are in operation. They are currently taking seventh and final place in the NFC qualifiers and have their own destiny in a match at the end. The attack is in motion, offensive weaknesses are fading and the coaching staff has improved significantly. That’s fine, but the defense is a little concerned because it’s not the intimidating force it used to be.

However, the Bears are back on track after six games and can secure a place in the late season. Don’t look now, but this team is a legitimate competitor if they can maintain this level of play. Skeptics will say they haven’t played a good defense yet, but don’t underestimate the importance of momentum and confidence for the playoffs.

The Bears have scored 33 PPG’s in their last 5 games.

I’ll say it again. The Bears have scored 33 PPG’s in their last 5 games.

Laser-Trubber’s only five games of the season. Yeah, a weak defense, but they didn’t score with the Nagy-Foles against a weak defense.

– Joe Ostrowski (@JoeO670) 27 December 2020

Watch the playoff buzz….

What now?

The Chicago Bears have a home game in week 17 against their archrivals, the Green Bay Packers. The race will take place on Sunday 3 January and will be broadcasted on FOX. It remains to be seen whether the NFL will move the game to a later time in the afternoon and start with the originally planned 12-hour TC.

There’s a lot at stake when these two divisions meet. The Bears will be looking for their play-off ticket with a victory (or loss to the Cardinals against the Rams). In the meantime, the Packers could win the NFC and get a bye in the first round, or they have nothing to play with and rest with. Anyway, it’s gonna be another classic in Bears Packers.

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The Bears On Tap team wishes everyone a Happy New Year! See you in 2021!

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