Well, that’s it, then. The Chicago Bears 2020 campaign is finally over. After a very disappointing season, the Bears are back in the play-offs with a weak NFC and an extended play-off format. The Bears are 5-1 and have seen their season drop to a six-game loss. By the time the team hit bottom, they managed to save the season by winning three straight games before losing the regular season finale to Green Bay. Thanks to luck and with the help of the Los Angeles Rams, the Bears earned a place in the playoffs.

All these events led to what happened on Sunday. A 21-9 loss to the New Orleans Saints on Wild Card’s turn sent the Bears on the right track.

It’s a moment of reflection. This is going to take a long time. The organization will have to look back on a disappointing season and the fact that it has lost all hope in 2018. They will certainly consider making at least important changes.

As far as the fans are concerned, in the period from now until next August, they will revive themselves to what happened in 2020. A bitter taste in the mouth is not very pleasant. The team did not live up to expectations for the coming season, but that’s a story for another day. Now all we can think about is the last example.

So here, without a doubt, for the last time in the 2020 season, are the main conclusions of the humiliating defeat of the Bears in the final against the Saints.


As tradition dictates, the bear attack no longer occurred… again. This is the biggest game they have played against the Eagles since the wild card round of 2018. The attack was only successful for 239 yards, most of which were airborne, with the passing attack totalling 191 yards. Meanwhile, the remaining 49 meters of the racing game.

The Bears struggled all day to find an attacking current, which eventually piled up to 99 meters, as they rushed to the final pitch of the game. The Saints held Chicago by just three points until the end of the game when Trubisky helped Jimmy Graham for the Bears’ only touchdown when time ran out. Given the circumstances, it is safe to say that it was the most pathetic achievement of the year.

Mitchell tubes

In his last game as quarterback for the Chicago Bears, Trubisky put in a less than perfect performance. He finished the match on 19/29 with 199 yards, one touchdown, zero interceptions and a score of 96.8 QB. But until the final failure of the match his performance was largely mediocre.

Usually it was garbage time. For the last race it was Trubisky:

10/19 = 52.6%
109 yards/5.7 yds/att
0 TDs
0 INTs
1 bag, 8 yards
5.05 ANY/A

– Butkus Statistics & Analytics (@ButkusStats) 11 January 2021

In addition to the above mentioned statistics, Trubisky has added ten yards on three carries in the current game.

Javon Weems

Georgia’s recipient finally had a chance to prove himself in the absence of Darnell Mooney. Although he made a fantastic catch in the second set of the game, in the end it was his only game-changing catch.

In the next piece the Bears tried to make a short touchdown that worked perfectly, until Weems made a safe touchdown in his hands.

Of course, Weems ended the game after that series with a single catch for 28 yards.

Third down

The battle has paralysed the bear offensive for the third time. Trubisky and Co. converted only 10% of their third attempt (1/10). The Bears scored 0/6 of those attempts in the first half.

The #Bears have 4 first runs, 0-6 on the third runs and have an average of 4.1 yards per game in the first half.

– Zack Pearson (@Zack_Pearson) 10. January 2021

The most frustrating part of all this is that they only ended up in a third trial situation at the end of the game.

The first conversion in the lower third of the bears took place with 1:53 left.

– Dan Wiederer (@danwiederer) 11 January 2021

Meanwhile, the saints have finished the match with 11/17 converted to third place (64.7%).

Chauncey Gardner-Johnson strikes again

Just like the first face-off, the Saints’ Corner was under the skin and in the minds of several Bearcats receivers. Gardner-Johnson provoked Anthony Miller with a personal offense, which eventually led to Miller’s disqualification. It was the third straight game of the Bears against the Saints, in which CJGJ was without a loan to the leadership of Miller and/or Weems.

From the beginning of the game, CJJ confiscated the bears.

CJGJ is still talking to the Chicago sideline 25 seconds into the game.

– Nick Underhill (@nick_underhill) 10. January 2021

He finally managed to reach Anthony Miller with the first offensive possession of the Bears in the second half.

The agitator C.J. Gardner-Johnson is on the brink of a new crisis. After the play he yelled at Anthony Miller, who turned around and pushed Gardner-Johnson. Miller left the game just like Javon Weems in the game of week 8 against the Saints when he hit Gardner-Johnson twice.

– Larry Meyer (@LarryMayer) 10. January 2021

As a result, Anthony Miller’s ejection turned out to be expensive for the bears.

Oh, my God. Gardner-Johnson launches another WR for the Bearcats. This time, Anthony Miller is fired for unsportsmanlike behavior. It’s a bad order for the Bears; one bag takes the team out of reach of the FG and a loss of calm costs the #2 WR. This can’t be happening.

– David Howe (@DavidHaugh) 10. January 2021

#Saints CB CJ Gardner-Johnson will also be punished for unsportsmanlike behavior, but will not be expelled. Without Darnell Mooney, the #Bears couldn’t afford to lose a receiver, even a rarely productive one like Miller.

– Brad Biggs (@BradBiggs) 10. January 2021

Besides, the receptors have been telling them to ignore Gardner-Johnson all week.

The coaches warned all wide receivers before Javon Weems hit Gardner-Johnson in week 8. He did it anyway.

They’ve been telling their players all week that they’re not going to answer him this time. Anthony Miller did it anyway.

This is simply unacceptable.

– Adam Hoge (@AdamHoge) 10. January 2021

Gardner-Johnson is known by ace players, even his teammates, with games like this, and the recipients of the bears are known to take the bait.

In my opinion, C.J. Gardner-Johnson Javon Weems, Anthony Miller and teammate Michael Thomas have already headed this season.
This man is Jim Brown of the Holes.

– Patrick Finley (@patrickfinley) 10. January 2021

Interesting from @ESPNStatsInfo : In the past three seasons there have been eight disqualifications for wide receivers. Of these 8, 4 were members of the #Bears, including 2 against the #Saints (Anthony Miller x2, Javon Weems, Josh Bellamy).

– Ed Werder (@WerderEdESPN) 11 January 2021

Referee: Too many zebras in the field (for saints)

If civil servants weren’t the only reason for the Bears’ struggle, they certainly didn’t help.

As close to #CHIvsNO as possible. In the replay different angles are available. You can clearly see at a glance that the top of the ball touches the ground with the defender’s hands, not below it This is a loss of control and was correctly reported as incomplete pic.twitter.com/5uABfOOZK7.

– Gene Steratore (@GeneSteratore) 10 January 2021

The inconsistency of these rehearsals is furious. What’s the difference with Sims landing yesterday? This one was a DT.

– Adam Hoge (@AdamHoge) 10. January 2021

The #Bears are getting a huge bag of Khalil Mack. Deleted by a waiting call in the second half.

– Aaron Leeming (@AaronLemingNFL) 11 January 2021

The Bears weren’t going to win anyway, and they made enough terrible mistakes they didn’t deserve, but the referee in this game was surprisingly one-sided.

– Mike Greenberg (@Espngreeny) 11 January 2021


The bears were often punished throughout the game. Regardless of whether the referees were prejudiced or not, nine fines for 50 yards is unacceptable.

The bears have not been punished more than 7 times in their last 10 races this season, with an average of 4.3 flags per race.

They were reported 9 times today for 50 meters.

– Kevin Fishbain (@kfishbain) 11 January 2021

Bearcats players jumped off the field and offered the Saints’ first moves repeatedly for nothing. The Bears have been completely negligent, which is right on the shoulders of Matt Nagy and the rest of the management staff. The blatant lack of discipline was enough to set former Bears lineman Lance Briggs on fire.

The lack of discipline and focus in today’s show is alarming. Either you train him or you leave him.

– Lance Briggs (@LanceBriggs) 10. January 2021

Defense/Chuck Pagano

The defense of the bears allowed the saints to score only 21 points, of which 14 in the second half.

Only twice this season, the Saints have not scored at least 10 points in the first half – in a loss to the Eagles on December 13, where they only scored at halftime, and in a loss to the Chiefs on the 20th. December (9 points).

The Bears go 7-3 in the second half.

– 9. Kevin Fishbain (@kfishbain) 10. Kevin Fishbain January 2021

The defense made a brave attempt to keep the Bears in play as long as possible, but failed due to the inability of the attack to do so. The same story has been an essential part of Bears football for most of the season.

Yet protection has its drawbacks. For example, the treatment of this issue has been unsatisfactory as missed events in 2020 have become a recurring theme. Chuck Pagano, his defensive schedule and his lack of adaptation are all themes that can be found in the story of the battle. Pagano’s defense became quite predictable, just like Naga’s attack.

I have to ask the question… Is Chuck Pagano defending Matt Nagy?

Is his plan so predictable? *Bear

– 10. Aalap Desai (@ADesai410) January 2021

Bearcats fans need to keep their eyes open because Pagano could become the victim of the radical changes in Halas Hall.

Jimmy Graham

While Jimmy Graham only made two grips for 28 meters, his last grip was impressive and led to a pointless touchdown at the end of the time. Still, the point was counted and that led to his season record of nine touchdowns.

Jimmy Graham said it: Okay, I’ll go to TD when the game’s over. Game reporters didn’t see him come out of the tunnel.


– NFL Update (@MySportsUpdate) 11. January 2021

Matt Nagy: Offensive spirit

Overall, it wasn’t Nagy’s best performance. It wasn’t just this game, because the questions reflected his entire oeuvre. Sunday’s performance was just a microcosm of what Nady really is. Suddenly he felt the need to participate in the challenge game, and ran away from the race. Until then David Montgomery performed well, but he only had 12 litters for 31 meters. In an important scenario of the third and second part, Nagy chose a sweetheart and turned to Ryan Nell. We’ve taken the distant depths in vain.

Clearly, Nagy’s plan is flawed and probably doesn’t fit the Chicago Bears. The Bears just left 100 yards in the fourth quarter of the playoff game.

The bears enter the fourth quarter with less than 100 yards net passage, playing the same game they’ve always played.

– Jason Lieser (@JasonLieser) 11 January 2021

But the highlight of Matt Nagy’s day was the fact that he practically threw in the towel.

The Saints lead with 18 points and throw the ball at the first attempt. With 18 points behind, the Bears ran the ball first.

– dan durkin (@djdurkin) 11 January 2021


Go ahead, laugh – or cry – to the next numbers. I’ll catch up with you.

The Bears played 7 quarter finals and scored 18 points in the playoffs under Matt Nagy.

– Sylvie (@WaddleandSilvy) 11 January 2021

# The bears in two playoff games led by Nagy/Trubisky:

24 total points
.595 total yards
.482 net yards
.113 running yards
2 touchdowns (one with elapsed time, one TD thrown)
6 for 26 on 3rd

– Zack Pearson (@Zack_Pearson) 11 January 2021

Hall of Fame head coach Bill Cowher calls on Matt Nagy and the Bears for a conservative game plan at halftime on the CBS show.

– Chris Emma (@CEmma670) 10. January 2021

I know how that’s possible.

But Matt Nagy is a good head coach, but a terrible offensive coordinator.

He should be a moral coach and nothing else. *Bear

– Max Markham (@MaxMarkhamNFL) 11 January 2021

The good thing is that it allows NFL teams to have an extra game where anything can happen. The downside is that it gives teams like the Bears another Sunday to be unmasked.
The bears have been unmasked. Thus ends another disappointing season that is far from over.

– David Howe (@DavidHaugh) 11 January 2021


Chicago Bears season is over. They finished the 8-8 season and went back to the play-offs, but it all came to an end at the hands of the New Orleans Saints.

FINAL: Saints 21, Bear 9

The Bears lose for the second time in three years. They’ve only converted a third of them for the final round.

The attack was blind and pointless. The defense was better, but not good enough.

What’s the next step?

– Kevin Fishbain (@kfishbain) 11 January 2021

The Bears are what indicates their track record – an average football team. An outdated and regressive defense, combined with a broken attack and an outdated head coach, is no recipe for success. Matt Nagy lies to himself all the time. His ego and stubbornness continue to keep him from playing football effectively. Apart from the X’s and O’s, Nagy keeps accusing himself instead of admitting his mistakes. After three seasons in Chicago, he can boast a record 28-20 and two play-off appearances, both of which he missed. At the same time, it recorded its worst results in three consecutive years.

What now?

Nothing. The season is over. Players and coaches will have exit interviews starting Monday. It is quite possible that the Bears will announce important changes this week or in the near future if they choose to follow this path. Otherwise, Ryan Pace and the Bears will hold their press conference at the end of the season. Then it’s officially out of season, when the bears are going to make some difficult decisions.

Cautious prognosis for low season:
▫️Picking 20th in total (first selection round since 2018)
▫️Notable including free agents : WR Allen Robinson, QB Mitch Trubisky, KR/RB Cordarrelle Patterson
▫️~$181M in marginal liabilities for 2021
▫️Main question : What’s the quarterback’s plan?

– Paul Yates (@FieldYates) 11 January 2021

Thanks to their year-end rally against opponents from the lower class, the Bears have dropped to 20th place in the country this year. Was it worth it?

The Bears win 20. Choose from NFL Project 2021, in case anyone wonders.

– JJ Stankevitz (@JStankevitz) 11 January 2021

Hopefully the off-season will bring some much needed changes, because the Bears fans deserve better.

What’s next for the fans? Now everyone can sit back and relax. It takes time to release the tension. Chicago football fans deserve a mental and emotional break after what they’ve seen in the 2020 season. It will take eight months for the Bears to return to football before the start of the 2021 season.

Thank you!

The Bears On Tap team would like to sincerely thank everyone who participated this year!

We want to formally thank everyone who came for the ride this season. It wasn’t easy, it was always ugly, but we got through it together. #BearDown

– Bears at the crane (@BearsOnTap) 11 January 2021

Don’t forget to check out the Bears On Tap podcast for the latest post-game response to the season and stay tuned for updates, analysis and discussions during the off-season.

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