Jemele Hill is one of the most polarized celebrities on Twitter. As the ESPN analyst is a prominent liberal figure, many were surprised to hear that their mother had voted for President Donald Trump in 2016.

Hill tweeted in July: If you vote for Donald Trump, you’re a racist. There’s no room to wiggle. The message was tweeted almost 55,000 times. Despite its popularity in certain circles, for understandable reasons it also met with disgusting reactions from various people who disagreed with this opinion. It was to be expected. Somewhat surprising is what happened: the revelation that Hill’s mother was a Trump supporter.

It goes without saying that people had some kind of reaction.

Now, wait a minute! !! Apparently the mother @jemelehill is also racist @SPWTalessia

– Angela Stanton King (@theangiestanton) 20. July 2020.


– Nuggetsharambe孔 (@nuggetsharambe) 20. July 2020.

Well matured.

– Brandon Silver (@brandon_silver) 20. July 2020.

It’s hilarious.

– William McCarthy (@WMcCarthy300) 20. July 2020.

Now that the country is in the midst of competing presidential elections, curious minds cannot help wondering: Did Hill’s mother vote for President Trump again in 2020? Still no clear answer.

However, we know that Hill’s mother wasn’t nice to President Trump and his supporters and that she beat her daughter because she called him a white supremacist. Hill mentioned it some time ago in an interview with Stugotz on The Dan Le Batard Show.

Don’t try to steal the greatest UFC fighter of all time. This will not end well.

– 1. Game 7 (@game 7__) 2. Game 8 (@game 7__) November 2020

Clearly I’ve written a lot, she said at the time.

My mom’s really angry about most of the enlightenment. There are some people in general management she doesn’t like either, so I have to tell her to calm down. My mom told me she actually called the White House. I asked: What are you doing?

Is that enough to stop them from voting for President Trump in 2020? It’s a question I hope Hill will answer someday.

At the same time, Hill is, as always, a singer on social networks. On Tuesday she sent another deeply polarizing tweet: If Trump is re-elected, it’s up to the white man to decide, she writes. No one else.

So that’s how she motivates Gronck.

– 2. Game 7 (@game7__) 3. Game 7 (@game7__) November 2020

There have been some side effects because President Trump has done better than expected with minorities, but the author of Atlantic probably has nothing against it. She’s already used to it.

Hill has consistently and effectively used his ability to follow the Conservatives on Twitter, and that is unlikely to change soon, no matter who the next president of the United States is.

That’s what it looks like: Lebron James is not satisfied with the 2020 election video…

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