Tom Brady led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a dominant 31-9 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. In doing so, he won his seventh Super Bowl trophy of his career and his fifth Super Bowl MVP trophy.

Unfortunately, the game was not without controversy.

Security chiefs Tyrann Mathieu and Brady had several confrontations during the game, including a particularly memorable one in which the former stuck his finger to Brady’s face.

A lot of talking between Tom Brady and the bully Matthew. That earned Mathieu a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

– Zack Cox (@ZackCoxNESN) February 8, 2021

Mathieu’s strange display of emotion made many wonder: what made him so angry?

In response, Mathieu seems to have answered the question with this tweet:

The subtext is clear: he seems to be referring to Brady using some sort of insult against him. Interestingly, Mathieu immediately deleted this tweet – but not before people had a chance to give their side of the story.

Honey Badger implied that Tom Brady used a racial slur against him.

Even Tom Brady’s most ardent opponents would doubt that, and this is easy to verify since Tom Brady had the microphone in his hand last night.

And I can guess why he deleted that tweet from

– TRHL™ (@TRHLofficial) February 8, 2021

I’m not the biggest fan of Tom Brady, but the lie he told about racist remarks is disgusting. Why would you do that?

– Ash Hotch (@SenatorAsh_) February 8, 2021

I think Tyrann should be reprimanded for falsely accusing Tom Brady of using a racial slur ….

– Danny Phantom (@DannyPhantom_02) February 8, 2021

So, did Brady use a slushie on Matthew? Well, the answer is easy to verify because the Bucs’ quarterback was a microphone in that game. Here’s what he said:

Brady tells Mathieu that he is chasing him during the game. Chasing him. Then let him know he’s chasing him

– Jomboy (@Jomboy_) February 8, 2021

Brady’s comments seem pretty standard for a soccer game, and certainly nothing like what Mathieu was involved in.

Strangely, after the game, Mathieu insisted that Brady had done something wrong.

“Look, Tom Brady is a great quarterback,” Mathieu said.

“Honestly, I’ve never seen Tom Brady on this side. But it doesn’t matter. No comment. I’m done with it. I’m done.”

The daughter of the Bucks’ owner decided to ring the bell in 2021 by taking off all her clothes.

– Thu 7 (@game7__) January 7, 2021

Based on what appears to be a fact, Matthew will finally have to come out and clarify exactly what happened. Because the suspicion that someone has used an insult against you, when it is clearly false, is a pretty serious matter that should not go away without some legal solution.

It’s already been a rough week for the Chiefs, as Andy Reid’s son and his assistant Britt Reid left a 5-year-old with fatal injuries after a car ride, Patrick Mahomes’ crippled brother has struck a nerve across the country, and Mathieu’s bizarre behavior is anything but helpful.

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Frequently asked questions

What did Matthew say?

After the game, Mathieu had this to say about Brady: “I thought I played as hard as I could today,” Mathieu said. “Look, Tom Brady is a great quarterback. Honestly, I’ve never seen Tom Brady like this.

Tom Brady was in the Super Bowl?

Brady and Gronkowski scored two touchdowns in the Buccaneers’ victory. … NFL Films posted a conversation between Brady and Gronkowski after they won their fourth Super Bowl together. “Good job, buddy,” Brady said to Gronkowski. “That’s what we’re doing.”

How many Super Bowl rings does Tom Brady have?

Brady was not a starter in his first pro campaign and tore his ACL in the first week of the 2008 season, effectively ending 50% of his career. As a member of the Patriots, Brady, 43, won six Super Bowl rings, the most in NFL history.

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