A few days ago, Bears president George McCaskey was interviewed by Danny Parkins and Mark Groth on 670 The Score. I’ve already written about a recent interview in which McCaskey was uncomfortable with CEO Ryan Pace and his ability to prepare for the 2017 NFL selection. That hasn’t changed. I went back and listened to the interview a third time, and something else struck me. Another question is whether George McCaskey expects Mitchell Trubisky to return in 2021.

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Quotation in question

Danny Parkins: They were very proud of the culture that existed in this organization. It was something you and Ted and Ryan talked about a lot. I found it interesting because Mitch said after the last game of the season: There are many things that need to be done better, many things that need to be changed, and a big part of that is culture. What we accept and what we do not accept. Do you disagree with the way Mitch characterizes the culture?

George McCaskey: I didn’t see that quote or talk to Mitch until Sunday. Yesterday was my first day in the building in over a month. I will say this about Mitch, he is an exceptional young man. His teammates love him, he works like crazy and he loves football. He is passionate about what he does and I can identify with him more off the field. He was an outstanding representative of the Chicago Bears.

I’m asking you now: Did George answer the question? NO! Why did he blatantly ignore the Parkins issue? Why did George refuse to recognize Mitch even when he said those words? Honestly, as he said, he could have easily heard that. But I don’t think that’s true. I have a theory about his reaction, which I will explain later.

My theory

I think George McCaskey expects Mitchell Trubisky to return in 2021, and here’s why. It is clear that George is an accomplished professional businessman and knows how to communicate well with the media. There was no way to charge his young quarterback on the regular platform. George could not answer that question with the same answer: Mitch has completely blindsided the entire Bears organization with his reaction, and I’m sure a mutual separation is best for both parties here.

Looking at the situation from a logistical perspective, who can the Bears realistically acquire at a quarterback position this season? Matt Ryan? Matthew Stafford? An unlikely mega-commerce for Deshaun Watson? These options are highly unlikely.

A legitimate option to improve the team that they can actually afford is not currently on the table. The Bears may want Trubisky back if they feel he gives them the best chance to run a major offense. It’s entirely possible that the Bears wouldn’t want to say anything that could incriminate Trubisky in order to keep him in good standing with the organization. There’s a chance they’ll try to keep him in the league despite possible offers from other teams.

George is not a football player. That’s sad considering the identity of his grandfather. He doesn’t know what’s best for this football team, and it’s his job to keep everyone happy except the fans right now. Whatever the end product, George McCaskey follows a very straight path. like any good businessman.


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