Turkey’s day has finally arrived, just like the tradition of watching cowboys and lions lose at football! This year’s matches are not easy, especially now that the Crows/Steels are postponing their performances. But because we have to go even further, here are some rooms and places for your imaginary football team. In this issue of Thanksgiving begins and sits, we focus on two games on Thursday.

Houston to Detroit

After the Carolina Panthers stopped Detroit and the Texas surprise defeat of the Patriots in week 11, my feelings about the game changed. At first, I thought the Lions would win this game easily. But now I feel more like a drawing. It’s Thanksgiving fantasy football week, so let’s get to the heart of the matter.


Start Deshawn Watson – If you don’t start Deshawn Watson now, don’t pay attention. He throws 250 yards the whole time. This year he has covered more than 300 meters five times, of which 344 in the air against New England last week. Defending Detroit only this season, the opponent passed in less than 300 yards, 6. week against Jacksonville, so Watson should be with a field day against this team.

Matthew Stafford seated – Since Wednesday 25 Matthew Stafford has shown no signs of injuries and is getting ready to play. The Houston defense has missed more than 280 yards in five of the last six games. They’re not so good this season. But Stafford will be without Kenny Galladay and Danny Amendola because of injuries. I don’t trust his veteran status enough to play with him this week.


Start Duke Johnson – If David Johnson is not yet injured (déjà vu?), Duke is the mandatory start. The association with representatives of Watson and RB1 is an obvious reason to start. It used to be relevant in fantasy football, but today it is more relevant than ever before.

Start by André Swift – He’s still clarifying the NFL concussion protocol, but if he can do it, it’s a must. This year, the Texas defense has only defeated its opponents three times within 100 yards of each other.

Adrian Peterson Launch – Although Swift is a full member of this game, I expect Peterson to connect to enough cars worth launching. If anything happens to Swift in the middle of the game, Peterson will be next for Kerrion Johnson.

Broadband receivers

Start with the Keke Coutee and Brandin Cooks – Whoever has Will Fuller starts with him, of course, so I’m going to avoid any extra effort here. Kenny Stills has been eliminated from the game against Detroit. Randall Cobb has been put in IR and will be out of town for at least three weeks. The only other beneficiaries of the Texans are Fuller, Brandin Cook and Keck Kuti.

Last week against New England, one of Kuti’s two shots was a touchdown. Nothing makes me think he’ll suffer the release of the other beneficiaries. Cooks are incoherent receivers. He’s had three times 17 or more fantastic glasses this year. Again this year he scored four times nine points or less.

Start with Marvin Jones Jr, Marvin Hall and Jamal Agnew – With the arrival of Kenny Galladay and Danny Amendola, all three winners should experience a peak in usage. The only problem here is the health of quarterback Matthew Stafford. If I had other options, I’d look elsewhere. But if you’re skinny for 12 weeks during the NFL season and run out of injuries or problems with KOVID-19, start with these guys with confidence.

Sit down, Mohamed Sanu Sr. – his famous name may be enough to draw you into his stream, but I assure you it’s not worth it. It’s a short week before Thanksgiving fantasy football, and the Lions have just activated their practice team. Sanu hasn’t made a connection to the crime yet. Its use will be based solely on the peace of mind of the other beneficiaries in the middle of the contest, to the exclusion of any damages.

Washington, Dallas

The second set on the Thanksgiving slider is easier to dissect. As quarterback, it’s obvious that Andy Dalton should start if you don’t have a better option. However, Washington’s defense is still able to perform well, which limits my confidence in them.

With Dalton once again taking charge of the Cowboys’ attack, Alex Smith will make a fresh start for the Washington soccer team and will have to deal with the pathetic Dallas defense. He started two games with over 300 yards out of three.


Start with Ezekiel Elliot and Antonio Gibson – both players are RB1 in their team and that shouldn’t change this week. Is it going to be an imaginary football on Thanksgiving that starts and ends without the Dallas Cowboys running backwards? Of course not.

Tony Pollard’s debut – He recorded six straight games with five or more rush attempts and had 30 or more rush yards in five of those games.

picture : Tim Fuller/USA Sport Monday

Do you need a quick start this week or a flexible start? Look no further than Tony Pollard, who has made the most of the opportunities that have arisen.

Broadband receivers

Throw the Dallas Big 3 – Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb are the biggest threats in the Dallas air. You can start with confidence, while Michael Gallup should be used as a bending machine. If you had other options, I’d avoid Gallup altogether, but there’s no denying he could escape at any time.

Start with Terry McLauren and Stephen Sims Jr. – If McLauren is healthy enough to play the way he does, he’ll be Smith’s number one target in the air. Even Stephen Sims’ return to blending will only benefit his production, as the opponent will have to deal with both. Simms should also take advantage of this and start streaming this week.

Sit down, Cedric Wilson. Don’t even lift it, and if you have, sit on the couch. Since the third week, when he flashed at more than 100 meters and two points, he has done little. You shouldn’t even think about him in this game.

Sit down, Isaiah Wright. – Like I said, Stephen Simms is back in Washington. This will limit Wright’s need from the start. He’s not on the list this week.

Good luck in your fantasy soccer competition on Thanksgiving. Stay for the second part of the 12th month. Start the week with us and sit down where we watch the rest of the slate races. Happy Thanksgiving!

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