Fantasy Football Week is finally here! You know what that means, don’t you? The Kansas City Chiefs are in their farewell week, so what are you gonna do? In this week’s issue, The Starts and Sits, I will look specifically at the positional holes created by the bosses of the star players.

Start quarterback

Baker Mayfield vs. HOW – It may seem like an extension given Baker Mayfield’s inconsistency for fantasy football this season, but this week the Brownes are playing for the awful Houston Texas teams. The Texas defense fought hard, averaging only one fantasy point per game and averaging more than 20 points in every game except week 5 against the Jaguars. Mayfield is less than 20% owned by the ESPN Imagination League and should be considered a viable streaming option as long as Patrick Mahomez is at rest.

Quarterback Sid

Kirk Cousens from CHI. – It’s so easy. At Dalvin Cook, the Vikings have one man in front of them. The bears fought to stop the race, despite their success against Derrick Henry last week. This week the Vikings are heavily dependent on the Cook and Game Run, which deprives the cousins of everything they can do. Given the attack of the bears and the inability to score goals, the cousins don’t have to throw too much in this game. He has a very low fantasy lid, if he can even avoid the crazy sprint for passes under Khalil Mak and Akim Hicks.


Cam Akers vs. SEA – If you read our Week 10 newswire supplements, you already know it’s Cam Akers. It is likely that Darrell will suspend Henderson for a while, or at least have his representatives take care of it by opening the doors for Malcolm Brown and Cam Akers. The pair is suitable for the division of representatives in the Rams rearguard, and Akers is widely used in most leagues. Timeshare may seem unattractive, but this week I trust Akers more than Brown.

Return current Seat

Justin Jackson at MIA – Justin Jackson quit the match last week because of an injury and took a big goose egg with fantastic glasses. Head coach Anthony Lynn is already investigating Jackson’s recovery. Even if he doesn’t, you shouldn’t risk playing with him. Too much risk for too little reward in this case against dolphins. If the Justin Kelly Chargers and Rookie Calen have Ballage, Jackson must have a bench in every fantasy league until his health is completely restored.

Wide start of the receiver

Photo : Bill Castrown/AP

Brandon Ayuk at zero – Recently removed from the KOVID-19 reserve list and hopefully rested, Ayuk returns to 49th place at a critical time. They have been stabbed by injuries this season and finally have a positive note to hang when Ayuk returns. It would be the focus of the attack on San Francisco and be launched in all directions.

Wide receiver seat

Chris Godwin in the CAR – Godwin has two touchdowns in five games, and Antonio Brown will only reduce the chances of increasing those numbers. Last week’s buccaneer attack did nothing against the Saints. If they find out how to play a foul this week, I don’t expect hacker Chris Godwin to be involved. His injuries tease him all year round and Bax doesn’t seem to need his skills very much. In fantasy football, some players have a great season, like Godwin last year, and then a huge collapse for next year. It looks like Godwin will be able to master this scenario this season.

Start narrow end

Trey Burton in TEN – Thursday night football is a crazy game as the Titans take on the Colts. The winner of this game will probably win the AFC South, so it is a game of monstrous meaning. Jack Doyle is officially out of the game because of a concussion, so it’s only natural that Trey Burton would play a major role in the attack of the Colts. The last few years it has been difficult to trust him, but the starting point of this league game should be enough to eventually strengthen the 565-1 line.

Strong seat

Robert Tonyan versus J.A. – I hate to say this, because with my luck I’ll put him on the bench and score two touchdowns. However, this is unlikely, because the attack will go through Aaron Jones and Dawante Adams. This season has seen some big breakthroughs for Tonyan, but now that Adams is back in good health, it’s clear he’s the last thought for Aaron Rogers.

Beginning of defense

Photo : Jeff Burke, USA Sports today.

Washington, D.C., DET – I don’t normally talk about defense because a lot of fantasy football leagues have blocked it, but this one fascinated me. Of course you don’t try to completely isolate yourself from the defence in every performance, but you do like the bags. The Washington football team has registered at least one bag at every game this year. They’ve also recorded five or more times. They intercepted eight interceptions in one year and came back once to go with him. Lions can hunt teams in the offensive, but they can also be deceived by mistakes caused by pressure.

Defence session

Miami vs. Los Angeles – You can’t force the Dolphins to go on defense after three points in two weeks. These are significant seasonal deviations from the standard and should be considered as such. This year they have seven interceptions and five rescue attempts, but this should be done with caution. Such production is not viable for a group with such talent. I can’t imagine they’ll score this week in defense against the Chargers.

Good luck this week, while your esteemed leaders say goodbye. Let us know how you did it and don’t forget to follow the Fantasy Hour podcast for a more in-depth discussion.

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