Last week I missed a few things, like Baker Mayfield and the Washington defense. In fantasy football, weekly volatility can destroy anyone. We are on our way to the home stretch to reach the fantastic play-offs and week 11 is crucial for our further success.

Start quarterback

DEN’s Tua Tagovayloa – Alabama’s starting quarterback was not invited for the first three starts. Recently, the defense of the Miami Dolphins has been surprisingly good and Tua has thrown just over 500 yards and five touchdowns into these games, which isn’t even a ton. But given his status as a newcomer and the fact that the Dolphins are better than expected, I’d say that’s a pretty good start.

picture : Allen Eiston/Palm Beach Post

This week I will start comfortably with Tua vs. Broncos. If you were one of the owners who just lost Drew Brees because of the uncertain calendar, Tagovayloa could easily be your starter for the rest of the season.

Jameis Winston vs. ATL – Drew Breeze’s injury is devastating for a saint attack, but there are two reasonable options. If you’ve read our release notes this week, you’ve already thought about playing Jameis Winston. Head Coach Sean Peyton has yet to announce the start, but whether it’s Winston or Tase Hill, each of them deserves a start against this Falcon defense.


Jared Goffe from TB – For the third time this season Goffe scored just over ten fantastic points against the Seahawks in week 10. If Seattle’s defense can keep him that way, I don’t think he’ll have much fun against the pirates. Tampa Bay’s defense averages more than three sacks per game, and although they can admit a few points, they can score any quarterback they want. Look for the backup option here if you can.

Reverse start

Salvon Ahmed in DEN – I try not to stay too much in the same team, but after 4.0 meters average for wearing, a touchdown and 16 fantasy points, how could I not see Salvon Ahmed against the Broncos? The dolphins have recently released Jordan Howard, so Ahmed is back in sight. He looks spectacular, and he must be caught immediately!

Ballage Calendar vs. NYJ – Played two games in a row with 15 or more fancy glasses and this week the Chargers are taking over from the New York Jets.

Photo : Kirby Lee/U.S.A. Sports Today

Price inversion situation

Joe Mixon at WSH – Although we failed to defend Washington last week, it’s not a lie that their defense is good. The Mixon has been gone for some time now and should have no reason to quickly recover from a good defense.

Broadband receiver starts

Sammy Watkins in LV – Like you really need a reason to work for the Kansas City Chiefs, Sammy Watkins is starting this week. Mekol Hardman is still on the reserve list/COVID-19. Sammy Watkins, who has been working injuries all season, has resumed training. Assuming he’s healthy, it’s a mandatory start. The Raiders lost half of their defense in the KOVID-19 reserve list and most of them have already been defeated.

Seated Wideband Receiver

  • Amari works together at MIN
  • Brandin Cook vs NE
  • DJ Chuck Jr. c. PIT.

This week, fantasy football begins and unfolds. Don’t forget to activate the Fantasy Hour On Tap podcast for analysis, updates and tips about your home segment for the 2020 season.

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