Well, since the 12th Now that the 13th week has finally made history, it’s time to look at 13th generation fantasy football. This week we don’t have a soccer game on Thursday night because of the postponement of KOVID-19. What we get is a double title on Monday night football, and that’s exciting. Let’s take it from the top and sit down for the 13th week.

Right now in the season you’re either in the playoffs or you’re not. They know who’s playing and who doesn’t deserve to be on the list. From now on we follow the races at the beginning and sit down. For the rest of the regular season we do it differently. Below is a list of positional games that are unfavorable or risky during the 13th week of the fantasy football season.

Play all Pittsburgh Steels against Washington’s soccer team on Monday!


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Deshawn Watson vs. IND – One of my current NFL favorites has a tough game against a very good defense of the Indianapolis Ring. He also just lost his best wide receiver, Will Fuller, for the rest of the season due to the PED blockage. Personally, I would have started Watson in this game anyway, but I would have gone a little overboard. If you have another quarterback with a better game, it’s worth the risk. I think Watson is going to get some heavy grades again, but I don’t see him going home with more than 18 fantastic points.


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Ezekiel Elliot and Tony Pollard in the BAL – The Ravens’ defence held the Steelers just 11-0 at less than 20 points with just one touchdown. They played very well in those circumstances and it is fair to say that the next game against the Dallas Cowboys will be a much easier test. On Tuesday night, Dallas faces a big soccer challenge. If the Cowboys have a chance to deal with a disturbance, they’ll score fast. Zeke and Pollard could have done it, but it’s hard to trust one of them. Take them for what they’ve been all year: a wildly incoherent ride. Don’t expect an explosion here.

Cam Akers in SRI – If you see our latest article on disclaimer wire additions, you know that Akers is at the top of the list. I have the same feelings as Cole. It is difficult to trust Hinterfeld-Ramse on a weekly basis, but Akers can pose an interesting threat in this case. Protecting the cardinals on the weaker side. It’s useful, and if it runs like a real committee, Akers could see a generous dose of explosives.

Broadband receivers

picture : Jasen Vinlow/United States today

Stephon Diggs of SF – As expected, Richard Sherman’s return to second place 49 had an immediate effect. He made his first interception of the season and looked how he found his true form. Sherman should follow Stephon Diggs in this game. I wouldn’t be surprised if Diggs scored ten points or less in fantasy football in week 13, given the enormous challenge of putting Sherman’s cover aside. It could be a game where Cole Beasley still has a three-digit yard and Diggs is too well covered to be trusted. I would seriously consider my options before I set it up and forget about it.

Tyric Hill vs. Then – Make yourself known! You can play your imaginary football game of 13. Win a round without leaving Tyric Hill?

Last week he only had two touchdowns and more than 200 practice spots in the first quarter. I’m joking, of course. Who ever put Cheetah on the couch?

Good luck for week 13! Don’t forget to hold your gun and trust your instincts. Playoff victories are largely due to luck, but with the right game you can prepare for success! Have you seen Alvin Camara’s signs since last week? They weren’t pretty, but it shows that every Sunday, every player can have a breakthrough or a malfunction. Happy holidays!

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