The 14th. Fantasy Football Week is here, but first we look at the 13th edition. A week ago, when something happened. Stephon Diggs still averages 19 fantasy points in PPR, while Cole Beasley exploded to 28 fantasy points including touchdown. Buffalo is a good team in general and Diggs still gets his points, but Beesley stole a touchdown from him and won that head-to-head comparison. Meanwhile, the Washington football team lost the season’s victory to the Pittsburgh steelworkers. Never before has a Sunday or Monday been as faithful as it is now, and with this theme we return to the beginning and the 14th century.


Lamar Jackson from CLE – Call me superstitious, but I’m not sure Lamar Jackson is back. Last week he fell just over 100 yards and two touchdowns against the Cowboys. He added a 94-meter sprint and a touchdown. In most competitions he scored an average of 25 fantastic points, which is great. However, I don’t think this is the beginning of a trend, and I have the feeling that this is more of an anomaly. The Rooks are taking on the Browns this week, and anyone who saw the Browns-Titans game last week knows the game wasn’t as close as the final score shows.

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The Brownes flew in the air against the Titans, and repelled the attack on Tennessee until they were no longer trying to avoid getting hurt. It is clear that Titans and Crows are two completely different crimes, and it is difficult to compare them. Add to that the recent revival of Cleveland and I don’t think Lamar Jackson will have any more fun with fantastic glasses like he did last week. I’ve already bet on the Brownes and I’m badly burned, but in this case I’ll stick with my gun. Start with Lamar Jackson, but remember if you have another option with a good game.


Devin Singletari versus PIT – After that awful riot against Washington, you know the Stallers are gonna take everything they’ve got against the bills. Buffalo is a good team and a serious opponent in the AFC playoffs. This game can easily catch a glimpse of the AFC Championship, and this Steelers defense is more curious than ever. Last week, Buffalo escaped Comrade Zack Moss was involved in a terrible first quarter change that resulted in the first touchdowns by 49 players.

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After this play Devin Singletari took over the role of Bill’s main point of attack. He grabbed 18 bags at 61 meters and said nothing on the scorecard. The Steelers’ league protection is better than the 49 leagues, and they have to fill the singletary with ease. I’m staying off the bill this week, and so should you. In this game Josh Allen Bills will face a dense defense and the furious Big Ben.

Broadband receivers

Robbie Anderson vs. Dan – Curtis Samuel and DJ Moore were recently on the COWID 19 list. Moore also suffered a grumpy ankle injury. In theory, this should be a great game for Robbie Anderson. However, last week, Denver Tyreek Hill only went 58 yards. If Samuel and Moore aren’t available, Anderson has to start. But if either or both of them are on the 14th week, you’ll see a significant drop in Anderson’s production. Christian McCaffrey has also sustained several injuries lately. In the unlikely event that he returns completely this week, Anderson can be used as bait. Take care of the health of all players before you set your imaginary football to stone.

Good luck for the 14th week of Fantasy Football! Don’t take anything for granted this week, because the playoffs are here. Do not confuse health with happiness and high fantasy value. This is the beginning of the home stretch, and constant change will produce the champion this year or not. Given the state of the country in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic, it’s safe to assume you need backup… just in case.

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