The last week of the NFL season has come. The first boss fight in the game, which you set up towards the end of the game, looks you right in the eye, and the health counter is full. The enemy is clear and present, but you have a lot of weapons and you know how to use them, don’t you? Week 17 Fantasy Football begins and ends, I’ll give you some options to help you win the championship.

Quarterly Messaging 2.0

It absolutely kills me that early last week I rightly suggested that Kyler Murray would have a hard time against the 49ers. In my own starting line-up he ended up with a meagre 15 fancy points, and the Cardinals lost an important element of their playoff push. In addition, Murray was injured in their last fight last week. They’re in another windy game, and it’s only gonna get worse against the Rams this week. The Rams are without Jared Goff, so backup John Walford will lead the attack on Los Angeles.

What does it all mean?

In fact, most people don’t have a backup quarterback for Kyler Murray right now. I didn’t, but I was lucky to get Drew Brees off the exemption wire. I’m torn here because I want to trust Kyler because he’s been a star all season. The Rams begin their spare quarterback career and their own playoff dreams. This means that their brutal defense, led by Aaron Donald, will shoot all the cylinders to try to make a game to win the game itself. I expect another difficult race for Murray, especially since his mobility will be heavily affected by his leg injury.

Vibe’s quarterbacks?

Cam Newton versus New York – Newton looked absolutely awful in Monday Night Football’s loss to the Buffalo Bills. The Bills are one of the few teams that can really give the Chiefs a run for their money in the AFC playoffs, so take Newton’s performance with a grain of salt. Newton’s mission is to end the season at a high level and prove that he still has it in the rest of the league. Who knows where he’ll play next season? This match against the Jets should give him a lot of room to work his magic and produce large numbers. The Patriots faced the Jets for the first time this year, with a score of 274 passing yards and two hasty touchdowns at the camp. He scored an average of 24.5 fantasy points. Catch him if you can.

Mitchell Trubisky vs GB – The attack of The Bears has been much more effective lately because they have finally solved some of their problems. Of course it all happened against a bad defense, but it’s better than playing against bad teams. The Packers’ defense is good, but they can also be exposed because of their ability to grab the ball. They certainly know how to get to the quarterback, but that all changes when faced with an attack from Matt Nagy that continues to learn and develop.

David Birding/AP Photo

Trubisky threw more than 200 meters in five consecutive games, scoring ten touchdowns. He achieved an average of 18.7 fantasy points during this period and should theoretically maintain this value this week. It’s actually a checkers game for the bears, and they know it.

Direction of travel reversal

Melvin Gordon III vs LV – If you can find comfort in thinking that the Broncos don’t really have anything to lose in this game, but still want to defeat a division opponent, take it. Personally, I disagree. This must be one of the weakest and most lame imaginative football matches of the 17th week of the slate. It’s getting sloppy and flawed, so I don’t think you should start anyone, let alone a treadmill with a history of injuries. I bet he’s playing it safe. Look elsewhere to help the runners.

Sports Wire/Getty Images Icon

Wayne Gallman vs. DAL – Gallman has carried the ball 15 times for less than 60 yards in the last two weeks. With Brown’s solid defensive front and the leap forward from the Ravens, it’s easy to put the numbers together. This week should be different, and the Giants still have a long way to go. The defense of the Cowboys is bad and the attack of the Giants is better than expected. Let him sit down and relax.

Wide receiver

WHAT IF IHP – None of the Eagles receivers are worth starting in this confrontation. Travis Fulham, Jalen Reagor, Alshon Jeffery and Greg Ward have been very limited lately. It wasn’t any better with Jaylen Hurts leading the attack. There’s no reason to think that this week’s changes go against a strong defense of Washington.

On the other hand, Washington has just released Dwayne Haskins and it looks like Alex Smith will start, depending on his condition. If he can’t go, he’s playing Taylor Heinicke, and he hasn’t given us enough money to write about it. However, he made 12 of his 19 passes for 137 yards and a score. Terry McLaurin has been a clean WR1 in Washington all year round and is an absolute starter if he is healthy enough to play. The problem is that this game was part of Sunday Night Football.

Sam Navarro/USA Monday

So be careful, keep an eye on McLaurin’s health until the game and catch Steven Sims Jr. for a late exchange. In case you need to make a trade, it’s also interesting to note that Antonio Gibson, walking back to Washington, seems to have aggravated a toe injury he just had when he came back last week after he was released. Keep an eye on his status and on the soccer team in Washington, if he is in good health he can play in a stronger general attack.

Good luck this week and let us know how you did it! I think that’s the ultimate test. In week 17 real champions are created. Stay tuned for the extensive NFL playoffs, where we’ll be taking a more DFS-oriented approach in week 17 to keep fantasy football alive.

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