The Sunday version of fantasy football begins and ends, we will see more. As the farewell weeks progressed and the playoff dreams were shattered, we came to what I see as a change in the game. In most fantasy leagues, the playoffs still don’t start in a few weeks. But in some leagues, as in my preference, the playoffs start on the 11th minute. matchday, and each match lasts two weeks.

Now, you’re probably thinking about what this has to do with week eight. Answer the question: If you’re trying to win, sneak in during the off-season. If you’re at a crossroads and you’re stuck, this could be your meal ticket. We will also miss this week’s obvious election. Every owner of Patrick Mahomez should have no doubt whether or not he can compete with the jets.

Start quarterback

Photo : Phelan M. Ebenhak/AP

Tua Tagovayloa against LAR – Tua starts his first career with the Miami Dolphins and has a bad game against the Rams. The oarsman has abandoned the bears, which isn’t much, but the dolphins don’t have the talent to fight hard. Tua Tagovayloa is a bad start here. He only owns about 24% of the ESPN leagues and can play in one of these incredible breakup games. Sean McVeigh is a smart head coach. He will not underestimate Tua’s abilities here. Where Tua can shine is in her ability to use her legs. If the Dolphins can make a shot in which Tua can move freely, and he can, then he has a chance to become a productive and fantastic quarterback. If you need a quarterback this week, play against Tua and hope the rest of your team is strong enough to keep you on the good side of the playoff line.

Additional start-ups :

  • Baker Mayfield v. L.V.
  • Matthew Stafford v. IND.
  • Ryan Tannehill from the CIN


Kirk Cousens from the UK is a bit hypocritical because I personally play in a league and I don’t really have a choice. Believe me, I’m not happy about this. Take my advice and hope you succeed where I hope you don’t fail too much. Kirk Cousins was sweet salsa this season to add something. In today’s NFL, quarterbacks with gravy should be the mole. For the second time this season the Vikings are playing against rivals in the Green Bay division. In the first game, the cousins threw over 250 yards and two touchdowns. On average he scored 21 fantastic points in most competitions with a few meters of speed and a two-point conversion, but otherwise it was a poor performance.

Extra seats:

  • Drew Locke v. IBC
  • Jimmy Garoppolo from the SEA.

Broadband receiver/return pad


Travis Fulgham vs. DAL – This beautiful new target for the Eagles is a new favorite of Carson Wenz. In the four games he’s played this year, Fulham has done the same:

  • Five or more holds over 70 meters.
  • Two traps and a touchdown.
  • Both (ten fall at 152 metres and a touchdown)

Unfortunately, the Eagles are taking on the defense of the Cowboys in Sunday’s soccer game, and there is no reason to believe that Fulham should be on the bench. Major league or not, this man is legitimate.

Additional start-ups :

  • Dionta Johnson of the BAL
  • Darnell Mooney versus NO.
  • Darrell Henderson, missing.
  • JaMycal Hasty in the SEA

Wideband Receiver/Replacement Version

LaMical Perin in the KC – Despite coming back running and the cow rings, LaMical Perin is not allowed to compete with the chiefs, let alone put him in the hot seat. The only Perin product hit the bill last week with an average of 13.5 fancy points. He ran 11 times for 40 yards and scored points, and he also made two moves for 16 yards. The point is, the New York Jets stink. In the near future they will not be insulted, certainly not against the defending champion.

Extra seats:

  • Joshua Kelly/Justin Jackson at DEN.
  • The Veon Bell versus New York.
  • Amari Cooper at PHI
  • T.Y.Y. Hilton from DET.

This is the beginning and the end of this week’s fastpass:

Don’t drop the players during the week for the current beginners just to get points on the board.

I understand very well that laurels make holes, and these holes are empty spots in the points of the imagination. This is not the time to throw players just for the line-up, because we have a lot of time during the season. It’s a time when tweets and small movements can change the world for the better. You never know, with a risky game like Tua you can easily reach the top! Good luck this week and listen to the latest installment of Fantasy Hour On Tap, where we talked about these games in more detail.

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