The Instagram model, which is known to have contacted seven Phoenix Suns players at night, recently proposed the release of Video Suns. Until Friday it seems she hasn’t really published any clips about herself and the team members. It is not known whether such frameworks exist, but if they do, they do not see the light of day.

The Instagram model in question became viral in August after its publication in the podcast No Jumper with Adam22. During the show she claimed to have slept with seven members of Team Sun during the night, including the star of the team, Devin Booker.

My birthday is Memorial Day weekend, and I saw them all at Dray as a team, she remembers. I took ****** to my hotel room and they all drove up and I vacuumed ****.

Rajon Rondo’s low season.

– Game 7 (@game7__) 29. October 2020

According to Aiyeja’s account, she was with another guy when seven NBA players were shot. How did Booker end up in the equation? It is likely that he and the other Sun players present had heard about their abilities before their meeting. It made them want to try it for themselves.

To paraphrase Aiyeeje: Booker, like any true leader, joined the board first – and then his teammates followed.

Devin Booker should leave those photos alone ♂️ Shawty to wild

– BLACK SPORT CONCENTRUM (@VersaceBoyEnt) 26. August 2020

– 18. Era Bammy Adebutler (@Bammy_Adebutler) August 2020.

She said it wasn’t a pun, but confirmed he was a dbuk, and said he was the first brother she said was in the gang.

– Josh Q (@__JoshQ) 18. August 2020.


She was then rejected and fired by her parents, while Booker apparently changed her category of women.

So far, none of the actors of the Suns have come to confirm the claims of Aye Jae. Of course they didn’t say that either. The loads are just hanging in the air and constantly waiting to be confirmed.

Fans did not hesitate to share their impressions with us.

– Game 7 (@game7__) 27. October 2020

At the same time Aiyeja put all her fame on the internet in a social network and on a website of OnlyFans. It has 137,000 Instagram subscribers and an indefinite number of OnlyFans subscribers. It is not clear whether it currently relies solely on the latter as a financial guarantee.

Anyway, it probably won’t be the last time she uses Sun’s video as a buzzer. Most people know them for that, so it will always be their livelihood.

Will she ever publish a video? Does it even exist? Everyone decides what he or she wants to do.

That’s what it looks like: A woman leads Antonio Brown, pays the price (pictures)

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