The 2020 season of the Chicago Bears is similar to the year 2020 itself, but that does not mean that we will find something to celebrate. Yeah, the Bears went from 5-1 to 5-5. The Bears can’t move the ball either and a lot of fans are asking for a new design, but it’s Thanksgiving, so I asked the Bears On Tap team to thank them.

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As a Bears fan, I am grateful to the dominant defense, our GM, and I hope this team moves forward. However, I am very grateful to Jalon Johnson. There’s not always something to look forward to in the second round, but if the talented players from the first round slip over you, you can’t miss it. Johnson has become one of the best corners in football and will only get better. I’m thankful that this design pick is wearing blue and orange, and I can’t wait to see his game against Dawante Adams on Sunday.

Ron Luce

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First of all, Rosan Smith. It’s Pro Bowl season, and we need to talk about the reigning champion of the year.

Second, Jalon Johnson is a legitimate player. I think he has a place where he can grow up, but he certainly has a basis for a successful career and a long life.

Thirdly, the Santos in Cairo is not intended to solve the problems, at least this year.

Pat Boadway

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I’m still grateful to Ryan Pace, even though some people don’t believe in him. I always keep it in the right place because of Mac’s exchange. In fact, it is only this year that I am grateful to the newcomers Darnell Mooney and Ceylon Johnson. It’s two players playing football. The last player I’m still thankful for is Akeem Hicks, this guy is a real monster!

Prime Minister Barely

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I don’t think it’s a very popular opinion, but it is. I’m grateful to Ryan Pace. He’s not as horrible as most of them. Sure, he made mistakes, but which CEO didn’t? In the case of Ryan Pace, on the other hand, he was decent. He brought talent to the building. It is difficult to give him credit when his talent is abused by the head coach and his offensive plan. Tell me where the honor lies… …he set up the defense. There aren’t many offenses, but there are plenty to work with. It is important that coaches maximize and utilize this talent and make the pace less ridiculous. Bear fans, don’t forget… we could have done a lot worse than Ryan’s pace.

Aalap Desai

Looks like they’re all aboard Ceylon Johnson. It’s easy to like a promising young recruit and I have to repeat what the team says. The child is a breeding stallion. Despite the fact that this year he lost his part in the battles, he also showed the elite corner’s elite-like characteristics. He’s not afraid as a novice receiver, and that says a lot.

Of course, many thanks to the defense and, surprisingly, to their creator, Ryan Pace. You could say that his head coach rents all the holes in the attack, but the man has built a defense where Chicagoers can hang their hat on. The truth is that we don’t know what Nagy’s attack rate is and what his rhythm is, but it’s hard to believe that there is such a difference between attacking and defensive skills. Scouts have zones, no specific sides of the ball. Yet the bears are 5-5 years old and are on their way to the Lambo field to take their fate into their own hands. It also looks like Mitchell Trumpet will be the starter. I’m grateful for that.

Our whole family wishes you a pleasant and safe holiday.

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