Charlotte’s recently acquired Star Horns Gordon Hayward has been given a new brand shoe, which is surprisingly satisfying.

According to ESPN guru Nick DePalma, the new Hayward Anta GH2 boot is inspired by tigers and their desire to be more aggressive this season.

Gordon Hayward’s new Anta GH2 shoes are inspired by the Tigers and his desire to be more aggressive this season.

I’ve always loved the way tigers move. They don’t hunt in packs like lions. Tigers hunt alone. And I feel like I’m moving like this.
– @GordonHayward

– Nick DePaula (@NickDePaula) 8. December 2020.

Gordon Hayward’s GH2 also has a certain motivation:
Go Hard
Every game / every time

My state of mind is a big part of what I’m doing. An individual return to the player I was, the player I should be, and an improvement over last year.
– @GordonHayward

– Nick DePaula (@NickDePaula) 8. December 2020.

The personal touch of the new Ante Gordon Hayward GH2:
His parents’ names are in tiger stripes on his heels, Indiana, his home state, is at the bottom.

We have the best basketball in the country. Many of us [in Indiana] are in the NBA. I’ll wear this with pride.
– @GordonHayward

– Nick DePaula (@NickDePaula) 8. December 2020.

Fans immediately expressed their amazement at their smooth appearance, because Hayward is not exactly a player who would wear sexy designer shoes.

You look cool. I can’t wait to see the color version of @hornets.

– 7. Street sales counters (@tradestreetpost) December 2020.

They’re so spicy.

– Stephen Chiu (@wirelesshooper) 9. December 2020.

It’s actually pretty good.

– (@hit tooth dip) 9. December 2020

I’ll take anything from Steph’s curry or the way she runs

– Cameron Comer (@Jumbo_Cam) 9. December 2020.

is a discreet tuff

– Lord Ked (@ceddybeano) 9. December 2020

Looks like fire! No

– 8. Moe field (@mo_showtime) 9. Moe-field (@mo_showtime) December 2020.

It’s hard

– 8. Miles (@ miles_100) 9. December 2020

The shoe signed by Gordon Hayward is very cool. #Horns

– Jack Duffy (@JackDuffySI) 9. December 2020.

Hayward starts his first year at the Horntes after an eventful low season. In fact, he has persuaded the Boston Celtics to make a deal with Charlotte, and at the same time, he has made a new deal that will bring him about $120 million in four years.

Now he and LaMelo Ball are going to join forces and try to make some noise at the Eastern Conference.


– Game 7 (@game7__) 8. December 2020

With his new shoes and his new team, Hayward wants to make a clear statement in 2021.

Will he be successful? Time will tell.

That’s what it looks like: Doug Pederson explains how to get from Carson Wentz to Jelen Hearts.

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