Whether you like it or not, sunbathing is an unfortunate and ugly byproduct of professional sports in the United States. While some teams master the art of subtlety, others work freely, without reservations or restrictions.

The Philadelphia 76ers even went so far as to celebrate their intentional failure when they put lipstick on the pig with the adopted motto Trust the Process, a long-term strategy implemented by former CEO Sam Hinkie in 2013 to create sustainable dominance. NBA fans are divided on Hinkie’s plan: Some praise his courage to go all the way, others praise his shamelessness. No matter which side of the fence you sit on, the Hinkies and 76ers have become the face of a growing problem.

For the 7th. In the second week of the 2020 NFL season, Gardner Minshew of the Jacksonville Jaguars had his thumb X-rayed from his throwing hand, revealing multiple fractures and a strained ligament. The team promoted rookie Jake Luton to starter for the first three games after Minshew was diagnosed. Not surprisingly, Luton played poorly, prompting the Jaguars to choose quarterback Mike Glennon when Minshew was already eligible to play.

That lasted until Week 14 when Glennon was shot by Minshew and the Jaguars lost 31-3 to the Titans in the third quarter. Minshew continued his starting job against the Ravens in Week 15, but was then benched for unknown reasons in Week 16 against the Bears and Glennon resumed the starting job. The Bears defeated Jacksonville dominantly, 41-17, with a shot by Glennon for just 211 yards and two interceptions, leaving many wondering why the Jaguars refused to play the quarterback who clearly gave them the best chance to win. The answer is simple: They didn’t want to win.

When Jacksonville saw the Jets produce miraculous results against the Rams and Browns, respectively, in weeks 15 and 16, they knew that if they lost the remaining games, they would get their first pick in 2021 and finally be able to pick their franchise quarterback, presumably Trevor Lawrence. It’s a poorly kept secret that Jaguars, since the days of Mark Brunell, have required a star in the center. It remains to be seen how things will go in Jacksonville next year, but thanks to their float, they immediately became one of the most attractive targets for potential head coaches (the team fired Doug Marrone a week ago).

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Another example of a voluntary defeat is the Philadelphia Eagles, who benched Jaylen Hurts in their Week 17 game against Washington in the second half. This game had serious implications for the playoffs, not only for Washington, but also for the Giants. If Philadelphia could have beaten Washington, the Giants would have made the playoffs as champions of the NFC East by beating Dallas.

It’s not surprising that the move was heavily criticized by New York players, but it’s surprising that the Eagles’ players echoed that sentiment, saying they weren’t wary and didn’t know Sudfeld was part of the game plan. It was curious, to say the least, given that the Eagles were trailing by only three points at that point and that Paine, who was not particularly productive as a passer, had already scored two touchdowns. During those three possessions, Sudfeld made two rotations and was fired twice. Washington won the game and knocked out the postseason Giants, and Philadelphia got the sixth pick in the draft. Eight days later, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson was fired.


Proposal: a combination of the European relegation system in football and the NBA lottery.

For this to work, either a second league would have to be created or a large-scale NFL expansion project would have to be created. So for the purposes of this article, we include the XFL, whose resurrection is scheduled for 2022. This system, like foreign football, will consist of different leagues or, as we have seen in this article, divisions. In the first season, the top 16 NFL teams are from Division 1, the bottom 16 NFL teams are from Division 2 and the HFL teams are from Division 3. Here’s what it would look like, based on the last regular season in each league:

1. Department 2. Department Section 3
1. the leaders of Kansas 1. The Washington football team 1. The Houston Roughnecks.
2. Green Bay Packers 2. The New England Patriots 2. DC Supporters
3. Invoices on buffalo 3. Minnesota Vikings 3rd St. Louis Fighting Hawks.
4. The saints of New Orleans 4. Los Angeles Accusers 4. New York City Guards
5. Pittsburgh Steel Mills 5. San Francisco 49ers 5. The renegades of Dallas
6. Tampa Bay transducers 6. the giants of new york 6. L.A.’s wildcats.
7. The Baltimore crows 7. The Dallas Cowboys 7. Seattle Dragons
8. Cleveland Browns. 8. The Denver Broncos 8. the vipers of Tampa Bay
9. Los Angeles Rams 9. The Carolina Panthers  
10. Seattle Seahawks 10. The Detroit Lions  
11. Tennessee Titans 11. Philadelphia Eagles  
12. Gypsy from Indianapolis 12. Cincinnati Bengal  
13. Miami Dolphins. 13. Atlanta Falcons  
14. Chicago Bears 14. Houston Texans  
15. Las Vegas raiders 15. New York Jets  
16. the cardinals of Arizona 16. Jacksonville Jaguars  

Red = Continuation
Green = Progress

Let’s just say we are preparing for the launch of the 2023-24 campaign, our new model year. Based on the above rankings, Chicago, Las Vegas and Arizona are relegated to Division 2 for next season, where Washington, New England and Minnesota will take their places. In addition, Houston, Texas, New York (Jets) and Jacksonville move to Division 3, and Houston (Roughnecks), D.C. and St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador move to Division 3. Louis is going to Division 2. The top eight teams in Division I then advance to the postseason to determine the champion. The top eight in Division II and the top four in Division III would do the same, because after all, bragging rights are always fun.

But above all, tanning makes little sense because the long-term consequences are no longer beneficial to the company – quite the contrary. Let’s take football as an example: When a team is relegated to the English Premier League, it costs the owner 50 million pounds (equivalent to $68.35 million), according to Deloitte Sports Business Group. Each year the teams participating in the Premier League receive £90 million, a sum that comes from a combination of sources, including television revenue. In contrast, the organisation undergoing decommissioning will only receive £40 million, which is a huge financial hit to the property’s acquisition.

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By the way: The longer a team stays in the field, the lower the annual reward. Since they can lose a lot of money through relegation, the owners will be forced to trade their star players because they can’t pay their salaries. And good luck getting top sponsors if your team plays on the junior circuit. As most owners think with their portfolio, the prospect of losing both their talent (jerseys/ticket sales, etc.) and their annual purse will likely force them to do everything in their power to bring out a winning product each year, rather than emptying their pockets or, in other cases, treating the team like a business. * Chaff, Tom Ricketts *

And if financial hardship isn’t enough to discourage an owner still considering giving up their car, the project now provides for an NBA-style lottery to determine the order of passage, consisting of several draws conducted in stages. We’ll start with Division III and rank the teams from first to eighth based on victory percentage to ensure that, no matter what, a Division III team is never picked below eighth. The team with the worst record has the highest percentage to get the first pick and so on. Following the same format, we find the last eight groups of section 2, then the first eight groups of section 2, and finally entirely of section 1.

When the Bears suffered six straight losses and brought their record to 5-7, many thought it was better to lose and get a high pick in the draft than to sneak into the playoffs as under-achievers. The idea of losing, of not being a loser in the future, has always been foreign to me. Losing, especially on purpose, sets a dangerous precedent and cultivates a culture that is extremely difficult to fix. Have the Bears ever had a playoff affair this year? No. Would they benefit from choosing from the top ten projects? Maybe, but Ryan Pace doesn’t have the best track record with his first round picks anyway. Any victory they would have won by pitching would have been a Pyrrhic victory.

Photography : ChicagoBears.com.

The fact is that in most cases, refueling does not produce the desired results. The 76ers are a great team, but they have not lived up to their reputation as champions. I feel like the Jets and Jaguars have been strong for as long as I can remember. And how did it work? A lot to digest, I understand. Change is scary. But it’s high time to eradicate the victim mentality of today and tomorrow in American sports. Yes, it’s a job, but it’s also passion, fire and pride. To the tank is defined as a complete failure. It’s nothing to be proud of.

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