It’s no secret that Theo Epstein’s regime is at a crossroads in low season. The competitor’s window is about to close, so the 2020 season is full of questions. Is Kaba planning to do business with Yu Darwish or Kyle Hendricks and recover? Is this the last time they all leave? What basis should Theo have?

With all this uncertainty about the future of the organization, fans began to believe that Theo Epstein had put the Cubs in a sad state for his upcoming departure before 2021. I’m here to tell you that’s a lie. Theo Epstein has already taken many steps that will help the Chicago Cubs succeed in the future.

J. Darwish and Kyle Hendricks Low Cost Contracts

The formation of the other party begins and ends with the first round. Teams not only need depth, but also the hands of Ace caliber, who pick up the ball every five days. It’s a requirement if you want a chance to win your unit. In view of this, I’d like to ask you a question: Which organization within the MLB wouldn’t choose to let Yu Darwish and Kyle Hendricks lead their rotation for the next three years? The answer is zero, and that’s what Theo Epstein gave the Chicago Cubs.

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It’s not just that both Darwish and Hendricks have produced sensational numbers in recent seasons. That’s only part of the equation. The other part is that their contracts are absolute theft. Yuri Darwish finished second in the Sai Yang 2020 race (I personally think he should have won it) and has dominated since July 2019. Guess what his average annual salary is for the next three seasons. $19.7 million. Looking ahead, Gerrit Cole, Jacob DeGrom and Stephen Strasbourg will earn 32.5 to 36 million dollars a year over the term of the remaining contracts. Yu Darvish is just as good, if not better, than all those aces in the last 1.5 season.

Now let’s move on to Kyle Hendricks, the man who does his 3.12-year career in the regular season and after the ERA season. No, I’m not kidding. He was so dominant during his six-year career. He’s the most underestimated MLB player, and he’s not going to be. Because he didn’t give up hard, because he looked like a college professor, and because he wasn’t a physical specimen, baseball believed his early success wouldn’t last. The Cubs made money from this irrational thinking and could sign a contract with Kyle Hendricks worth $14.5 million a year until 2024. Epstein is praised for his assessment of results and output against the misconceptions of baseball.

Mills and Alsoleys under club control until 2025.

Remember how sceptical the Kabsova players were about the possibility of Alec Mills and Adbert Soley becoming starting fighters? Today, with the 2020 season, this concept is completely reversed. Both are under the control of cheap clubs (i.e. in arbitration) until 2025. It is invaluable to have two effective beginners who will be in arbitration for another five years. Theo Epstein had the merit of fleeing the Royal when he took over Alec Mills. And this time the Cubes look like they’ve developed a homemade shell at Adbert Soley.

Soley not only presented a very impressive ERA of 2.95 in 2020, he also showed a new type of slide that he developed on the site of the South Bend Taxi Team. Look how dirty it is:

This is what the MLB start confusion phase looks like, and the results confirm it. Auchlei took out eight battles and fired only one shot at his last start against the rechargeable White Sox pack. He still has some command and control problems that need to be improved, but Alzolai has everything to start with in the middle of a tour. All he needs to develop his stamina to be able to run six to seven runs every five days.

Enough with the lack of respect for Alec Mills

Alec Mills continued to perform very effectively in 2020. Although the EEA is not very impressive on the surface from 4.48 to 62.1 IP, it has set the EEA from 2.94 to 52 IP, excluding the three explosion shifts. That’s damn impressive. Especially for someone who is still regarded as a fringe group by an entire media sector. Honestly, it’s weird that people still think that way. It embodies everything wrong with the way baseball ignores certain perceived flaws.

Alec Mills is only 28 years old, he just threw the ball out against the play-off team and his career is 3.87 ERA in 116.1 IP as a die. If a player with 98 MPH achieved all that in his young career, the MLB would make him look like the future ace. But the baseball fools doubt Mills because, like Kyle Hendricks, he doesn’t hit 90 and he’s not a big number. Theo deserves not to fall into this ridiculous trap.

Objective of Theo Epstein after 2021 Financial flexibility for cubes

I understand that due to Theo Epstein’s inability to expand a core, the future players in the organization are much more opaque than in the first rotation. However, the downside of this uncertainty is positive. The Cubs have very little money in their accounts for 2021. Only two of them are Yuri Darwish, who is a market given his production, and Jason Hayward, who has his best season as Cuba (JHey has signed until 2023).

Why this fact is never revealed is a mystery. Financial flexibility is a prerequisite if the organisation wants a smooth transition from one price window to another. If Cuba were to invest substantial amounts of money in the long term, fans would rightly claim that Theo Epstein would leave this organization in turmoil. But it’s not.

A very impressive calf rearing system

For some reason, the idea that cubs have a low-input farming system is still valid. That’s a lie. Besides Nico Herner, who was among the top 50 candidates only a year ago, the Cubs currently have three candidates in the top 100 (Brailyn Marquez, Brennen Davis, Miguel Amaya). Moreover, nine of the top ten Cubs are expected to make their debut in 2022 or earlier. Do you think it’s a coincidence that the next wave of young talent will reach the first division at the same time as this current core group meets a free agency? No, it’s not.

This was Theo Epstein’s whole plan,.

As a hypothetical example, suppose the Cubs Wilson Contreras, Anthony Rizzo and Javier Baez grow by trading with Chris Bryant and Kyle Schwarber (the link to the article explains why I think this is the best option). That means the Cubs have this:

  1. Three verified long term drawn by all stars.
  2. Two aces caught between two team deals…
  3. Two legal starting pitchers under arbitration until 2025.
  4. A year or two before Shaw…
  5. An enormous amount of money that can be spent after 2021.

What does it look like? An organization with a bright future. It’s like Theo Epstein, the Hall of Fame CEO, had a plan all along.

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