He doesn’t care about you. He never cared about you. He’ll never take care of you. You all know who I’m talking about, and you’re all just like us. No matter how small a hashtag you use, how many emails you send to members, or which online petition you try to launch, Jerry Rainsdorf doesn’t care. He probably even laughs at it.

Finally, Jerry Rainsdorf will exercise his right as majority shareholder of our White Sox and do whatever he wants. So if he just wants to introduce a degree of nepotism that will make people in Washington blush, he will do so without seeing anyone in his organisation or us as fans. This is our reality until the day he stops controlling our favorite baseball team.

For years I’ve been telling everyone that Jerry Rainsdorf was the biggest obstacle to the success of the White Sox organization. Many of you have chosen to blame Rick Khan, Kenny Williams, Nick Hostetler, Chris Goetz and others. The problem has always been Jerry Rainsdorf and has made it visible to everyone over the past month. So why did it take so long for those of you who finally realized this after all these failures?

So as a fan, you may be frustrated by the process whereby Tony La Russa became manager of the White Sox, or by the fact that he is still manager, despite the public revelations of a second DUI arrest just 24 hours before his job became official. That fear doesn’t matter anymore. This train has left the station and there’s no turning back. It is clear that Jerry wants to correct an imaginary mistake made three decades ago, regardless of the public perception or the aversion of the people in his organization. Nothing but La Russa’s decision to leave this team will change that, so we have to work together on more important things. Let’s make one thing clear: Jerry Rainsdorf won’t fire Tony La Russa a second time.

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What we are talking about now is

So we are dealing with a young and exciting team with serious ambitions to win the World Series in 2021. However, all we hear over and over again are the problems of the director outside the office and the owner, who deliberately ignores these problems in the face of the huge public outcry of fans and media representatives at local and national level. The most important thing to hear is how this owner wants to put his buddy in the best position to win his fourth world championship title with another franchise.

The defenders of Jerry Rainsdorff like to talk about his loyalty and dedication to victory, even if there is a mountain of evidence to the contrary. This is his chance to prove himself once and for all. If he wanted to intercept Rick Renteria’s replacement process by only setting up his buddy, he had to step on the gas and do something he would never have been prepared to do and build a winner at all costs. He must provide his buddy with all the resources available to have a viable candidate for the World Series. That means he has to stop handing out 100 dollar bills to build the inside of the coffin and make the best possible list of 26 people for Tony La Russ.

Guys, this is the most important thing we need to focus on right now. The manager has made a decision, now it’s just a matter of making a better list. For this owner it is now more necessary than ever to prove how eager he is to win the next world series. I recently wrote that I have the feeling that Tony La Russa will not retire without his friend’s guarantee that he can succeed, and I still believe that. It’s time to act.

It’s time to take some money from the Rainsdorf family fund and send it to George Springer. It’s time to take a little more money and get one, or even two, high quality starter boxes. Complete the list by adding other high quality and proven loosers and utilities to the Major League. That’s what’s really important right now. Prices on the free market are likely to come under pressure this winter, which sounds like music to Jerry Rainsdorf’s ears. This is not the time to talk about the loss of fans who will not attend matches in 2020, but to build a candidate for the World Series.

Sound insulation

All the uncertainties that have surrounded this team in recent weeks are irrelevant at this time. Tony La Russa will lead this team in 2021, whether he likes it or not. The quality of this team is the only thing that needs to be taken into account in the future. Despite all the horror that has spread through the fan base on the internet lately, the White Sox still have a team that is about to become a serious contender for the championship.

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Some of you who read this recently stated that you will not go to the games or support this team as long as Tony La Russa is there, and although that is your right, I don’t believe it. We’re too low to return to this point. You can be disappointed, of course. But the vast majority of them will be locked up when the team arrives in Glendale in a few months. Moreover, any significant reduction in income due to reduced attendance (if indeed this has happened) will only give Mr Rainsdorf an excuse to take back his salary.

Tony La Russa was not my choice to lead the White Sox. I find his recent actions selfish and pathetic, but he has a good friend who determines his fate. This friend will eventually decide whether this experiment will be a success or a failure, and he will do it because he is willing to put together a quality baseball team. How we got here is no longer relevant. Now it’s about putting together the best baseball team and winning.

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