Houston Rockets star James Harden has been very quiet on Twitter for the past six months. On Monday, a 31-year-old broke his silence.

Harden chose an interesting moment to start tweeting again. In recent months, rumours have been circulating in social networks that trade could be concentrated around these networks. Just a week ago, NBA insider Shams Charanya reported that Philadelphia 76 is seriously interested in buying.

I was told that Philadelphia should be interested and will follow James Harden, he said.

Before there were rumours that the Chicago Bulls might make a move for him, but so far there has been no proof of that.

So far the owner of the rockets, Tilman Fertitta, has repeatedly argued that he is not interested in moving Harden.

A big year for Paul George. https://t.co/REbRZuUAOC.

– Game 7 (@game7__) 7. November 2020

We’re not blowing anything up, he said in a recent interview. You’ve got James Harden and Russell Westbrook, and you’ve tied almost 90% of your salary to them and Eric Gordon. But if you have players like Eric, PJ (Tucker), James and Russell, there’s no reason to blow up your list.

This is still our window for years to come, Fertita added. James and Russell are in their 30s. We’re not blowing anything up here. We intend to fight. I’ve always said you want to be in the top four teams in your conference every year, and then you need a little luck to win. We look at her every year, she always needs a little luck.

So we’re going to prepare to become one of the best teams. We’re doing everything we can to win. I can promise that to my fans and fight for this year’s NBA Championship.

Kauha’s peace offering to Snoop. https://t.co/SzdYcXdUBi.

– Game 7 (@game7__) 7. November 2020

If all this is well and good, there is something to be said for the fact that Houston will be fifth in the NBA next year and for the owner, who is known to be thrifty.

Hardening owes $41.3 million in 2020-21, $44.3 million in 2021-22 and has a player option of $47.4 million in 2022-23. Until 2022-23. Houston will only pay Harden, Russell Westbrook and Eric Gordon a total of $114 million. It’s a lot of competition with three players who will have a hard time securing the championship.

After all this, it is easy to understand why there have been so many rumours and speculations about the future of Harden.

It’s gonna be fun. https://t.co/0FojKZcCSx.

– Game 7 (@game7__) 9. November 2020

It is also easy to decipher why Harden chose this as his first tweet after six months. He wants all fans and critics to know that he hears the noise outside, but in the end he doesn’t pay attention.

Former MVPs in the competition cannot control trade. When it happens, it will happen. He can only concentrate on improvement as a player and let his game speak for itself.

For the time being, this is probably the wisest path he can take.

That’s what it looks like: Bulls, donkeys, thunder, think of a La Melo ball?

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