After the devastating injury to outfielder Eloy Jimenez, there are many questions about the Chicago White Sox and their future for the 2021 season.

Jimenez will be out for five to six months after tearing his pectoral tendon in spring training last week. Theoretically, according to the schedule, he could be back in the lineup in late August or early September, leaving the 2021 White Sox with a hole to fill in the lineup and in the clubhouse.

It’s no secret that Jimenez is one of the South Siders’ most valuable, but his value goes far beyond his performance on the field. His upbeat personality and optimistic attitude have played an important role in the team’s chemistry over the past two seasons. These are key reasons why veteran Jose Abreu is trying to keep Eloy as much as possible, despite his absence during the year.

On Sunday during spring training, White Sox announcer Jason Benetti noticed that Abreu was wearing a red baseball glove in his back pocket, the same style as Jimenez’s regular baseball gloves.

When asked about this, Abreu explained the significance of the gesture.

Abreu told me today, through his translator Billy Russo, about the red gloves for Eloi: I’m going to do this all season. It’s the least I can do, it’s a way for me to take it on the field all season long …..

– Scott Merkin (@scottmerkin) 29. March 2021

The reigning American League MVP told’s Scott Merkin that it was a reference to Jimenez in his recovery journey. He said it was a chance for Jimenez to be on the field with him during the season, as his presence will be missed, as well as his impressive play. Abreu added that the red glove is a sign of strength; that he hopes it will give him and Jimenez the strength to continue in this unfortunate situation the White Sox find themselves in.

More from Abreu: It’s a way for me to honor him, support him, give him the strength and courage to become a better person. It is a way to feel his presence among us, to let him feel that he is also with us, even if he is not physically there, but that we are thinking of him.

– Scott Merkin (@scottmerkin) 29. March 2021

Moreover, Abreu explained through interpretation that the symbolic gesture is meant to make Eloy feel that he is still with the whole team. When Rick Hahn met the media, he expressed his belief that Eloy is not only frustrated by his injury, but that he will miss the team in his pursuit of the ultimate goal. It’s a way for Jimenez to remain part of such an exciting White Sox club.

Abreu plans to continue wearing the red gloves until the 2021 season, until Jimenez returns. It just goes to show how close-knit this group is, on the field and in the dressing room. Moreover, it shows not only how spiritual Abreu is, but also what an exemplary leader he is. Although the exclusivity of the red glove now belongs to Abreu, fans shouldn’t be shocked if other players also join the move.

To some, it may just be a red baseball glove in the back pocket of baseball pants, but for the White Sox, it’s Eloy Jimenez.


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*Certainly valid for players 21 years of age and older in Illinois and Iowa.

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