Kevin Durant picked a side in the drama between the Golden State Warriors and Rodney McGruder of the Detroit Pistons last week.

It’s interesting that Durant is going with McGruder.

The Warriors and the Pistons battled each other last Saturday. After the game, McGruder came to the Warriors’ bench and exchanged a few words with Juan Toscano-Anderson.

As the situation unfolded, Clay Thompson was on the air as a guest. When asked what had happened, Thompson went straight to Ethered McGruder.

Rodney McGruder came to the Warriors’ bench after the game, so the broadcast team asked Klay Thompson what was going on:

The man can be out of the game quickly, he can be angry. Who knows.

– Sam Hustis (@SamHustis) January 31, 2021

I don’t know, he says. This guy might be out of the running soon enough. He’s probably upset about it. Who knows? He’s trying to throw something like a good player or something. Brother, get out of here.

Draymond Green then followed Thompson and also finished off McGruder.

First Clay…then Dray who just got rid of Rodney McGruder

– warriorsworld (@warriorsworld) January 31, 2021

Since when did Rodney McGruder become the team’s tough guy? He asked. I know no one is afraid of a Rodney McGruder.

While the internet found it amusing enough that Thompson and Green went after McGruder, his Pistons teammate Wayne Ellington was not happy about it.

First of all, I think it’s very unprofessional and certainly not classy of anyone to attack Rodney’s professional career in the way that it was done, Ellington said.

Rodney,I’ve known him since we played for the heat in miami. He’s one of the hardest working, humble, down-to-earth guys in this league. So when someone tries to attack him like that, I think it’s very unfair.

And then the guys call him, you know, this cool guy who says all these things. Rod never tried to paint a picture or play hardball in this league. Honestly, that guy over there, Juan, he started all this.

Rod is as respectable a person as I am, and I was offended by what the guy said to me in the first half. I just laughed and moved on. But apparently he stayed with Rod and, like my brother, took it upon himself to check the temperature on the spot – and that’s what men do. We talk to each other face to face. So, you know. No man ever came near Rod, he continued.

Now we know what motivates Gronckle to play so hard.

– Game7 (@game7__) 24. January 2021

So when Draymond sits there and says all this crazy stuff behind the microphone, I think it’s honestly fake.

So I’m just going to talk about this situation once and then put it behind me. But I don’t think it’s fair that they just go after my husband, and I like Rod and I love him like a brother for what he did, which I know he wasn’t tough. He probably went there to clear it with the guy.

Durant seems to agree with Ellington. He made that clear, as did his comments about the McGruder situation.


A few weeks ago, Durant was very honest about Shaquille O’Neal going after Donovan Mitchell. He also publicly called Charles Barkley an idiot. He’s clearly not the type to bite his tongue, so his candor in this particular situation won’t be a big surprise.

But given the history that exists between Durant and the Warriors, it’s always interesting to see him take an opposite stance to the franchise.

Karl-Anthony Townes reaction to Jordyn Woods’ boss The video speaks for itself.

– Thu 7 (@game7__) January 26, 2021.

That’s what it looks like: Steve Kerr was honest about the statistics on the collapse of Draymond Green.

frequently asked questions

What did Draymond Green say to Kevin Durant?

Durant scolded Green for not getting the ball to win the game. Green went after Durant, cursing him out and telling him that Durant would let the Warriors go this summer. Green told Durant the team didn’t need him.

What happened to Durant and Draymond Green?

The on-court controversy between Durant and Green arose after last season’s defeat to the Los Angeles Clippers. The All-Stars continued to exchange words in the locker room, and Green was eventually suspended by the Warriors for a game without pay. Draymond knew he was out of line, Durant said.

How high is the KD?

Kevin Durant

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