Brooklyn’s star network, Kevin Durant, is preparing for a strong comeback in 2020-21. After missing the entire 2019-20 season with an Achilles tendon injury, the 32-year-old is undoubtedly eager to return to the heat of battle.

This week Detroit Pistons forward Sekou Doombuya posted a photo with him and Durant at a pickup competition for the second year in a row. Although everyone was happy to see Durant on set again, people couldn’t resist noticing something in his hair.

Needless to say, there was some kind of reaction on Twitter.

what is

– Price 22$/100k (@mtplug_grinder) 6. November 2020.

A big year for Paul George.

– Game 7 (@game7__) 7. November 2020

It is NOT ACCEPTED Unauthorized DOX

– 5. From you (@WamiWaynwiedWo) 6. From you (@WamiWaynwiedWo) November 2020.

Tf goes further in this picture.

– dick cam blast (@cuh_ma_ra) 7. november 2020


– Game 7 (@game7__) 6. November 2020

I fixed his shit with black Lilly spray.

– Where (@GlizzySznn) 6. November 2020.

KD man comes on brotf is that her husband

– Death (@PulxDeath) 6. November 2020

Don’t worry about it. Bronnie’s fine.

– 5. Game 7 (@game7__) November 2020

KD at the beginning of the season

– 6. Brisingtijn (@Breez050) November 2020

It’s time @KDTrey5 @KingJames

– (@PeakLuka) 6. November 2020.

So that’s how she motivates Gronck.

– 2. Game 7 (@game7__) 3. Game 7 (@game7__) November 2020

Eventually Dumbuya removed the photo, probably after being told how unflattering it was for Durant. However, nothing is removed once it is put on the Internet.

What a time to live.

– Game 7 (@game7__) 6. November 2020

The overall picture shows that Durant is one of the most successful and respected NBA players in the history of the sport. He’s rich, famous and loved all over the world. Of course it’s a pretty rough picture of him, but in general he does everything quite normal.

As far as the networks are concerned, it will be an interesting off-season for them. There are already rumors circulating about a possible deal with the Los Angeles star cutter Paul George and Indiana Pacers guarding Victor Oladipo. Is all this ever gonna happen? Time will tell.

In the meantime, it will be nice to see how Durant reacts to Twitter jokes about his hair. You know, his former teammate Kendrick Perkins always talks about his sensitivity.

Think about it, he said last month. I’m always cool with all my friends, the whole NBA family I can always call, I always go out to dinner, I always hang out with them, we’re always good people. You know I have a job. With the exception of one person. This is Kevin Durant. Well, guess what? It tells me I’m doing a good job and I’m staying true to my community. Especially the people I know. Only sensitive boys are crazy because they need to be talked about in the media.

Will Durant elaborate on his feelings about the hair jokes and prove that Perkins is right? We’ll know soon enough.

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