As a lifelong animal lover, Chicago Blackhawks center Andrew Shaw has always been a big supporter of the North Shore Animal League. When he was growing up, the organization provided care for his dog, Nala, when she was struck by a car. So it’s no surprise that he’s now showing his support by posing as the league’s latest “Mutt of the Month” and sharing stories about his favorite animals, including his own pet.

When most people think of Andrew Shaw, they think of the hard-hitting winger that is willing to drop the gloves, block a shot, and annoy opposing players.

There’s an old saying: It’s not about the size of the dog in the fight, it’s about the size of the fight in the dog. In 2011, the Chicago Blackhawks placed the Knirps in the fifth round of the NHL draft. He was small in stature, but he had more fight in him than the 138 players drafted before him. In the ten years that Andrew Shaw played in the NHL, he wore it on his sleeve.

Growing up, Shaw was always told he was too small. He can’t play in the NHL with his height. He certainly couldn’t keep up with the guys who dominated him. That’s just it. Shaw didn’t just join in, he went to war. The smallest man on the ice made his way to the net. He was knocked down and immediately jumped to his feet. You can’t beat a man who never stops fighting.

Andrew Shaw was in the perfect city. Chicago workers immediately loved their new campaign machine. When Adam Burish left the team after the 2010 Stanley Cup championship, Chicago needed a new pest. The show also irritated opponents and added a new level of skill.

The series became a fan favorite almost immediately. After that, he quickly became an important part of both championship teams. For a franchise that hasn’t had a championship in almost half a century, that makes you a Chicago legend. Andrew Shaw has become one. Let’s take a look at his most legendary moments.

12. Urban madness


The Blackhawks lost 3-1 to the Red Wings in the second round of the 2013 playoffs. To say Jimmy Howard was hot in games two, three and four would be an understatement.

How do you take the goalie out of the game? Make him uncomfortable. That’s where Andrew Shaw came in. He’s always been the best at that. No one gave the opposing goalies more trouble than number 65.

11. Hat trick behind old enemy lines


Even in Montreal. DE-TROIT, IT SUCKS! This is the first and only hat trick of Shaw’s career. And it couldn’t have happened against a better team.

10. Ultimate Showman


You could argue that a fanbase other than Chicago doesn’t deserve Andrew Shaw, but at least Montreal is a great hockey town. The little rabble-rouser here put on quite a show for them.

How many times have you seen a man stop in the middle of a fight to wave to the crowd? This move has really given the Bell Centre a boost. Honestly, disrespecting the man you’re fighting to draw an audience is the best thing Andrew Shaw ever did.

9. Boiler versus boiler


When a hockey fan thinks of a minor league player, they almost always think of Brad Marchand. Nobody outside of Boston likes this guy. Hell, his parents might even be against him.

The second troublemaker you think of is Andrew Shaw. When the two men met, everyone in hockey outside of Chicago and Boston wished they would kill each other. Shaw never backed down. He never accepted stupidity from anyone. It was nonsense.

8. Going Down Swinging


Well, when you lose to your opponent and fall into a hole in the series, you have to take a hit. No one had to repeat Shaw twice.

This footage showed that the redshirt players hated the Blues as much as the 22,000 redshirt fans in the stands at the United Center. Andrew Shaw wanted to see blood that night.

7. Headphones


NBC learned a valuable lesson when the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in 2013. If Andrew Shaw gets the Cup, turn off all microphones on the ice. Ask Doc Emrick to tell you a story or something.

Shaw dropped one f-bomb after another and rolled Lord Stanley onto the ice. She made Crawford’s fashion show speech look like child’s play. Afterwards, he appeared on WGN Radio and Judd Sirott asked him how it felt to be the Stanley Cup champion of all time. Shaw replied: I don’t believe it.

6. Good morning, good night, Rousselle



Antoine Roussel is one of the most difficult clients. He’s troubling in his own right, and if you put him and Shaw on the ice at the same time, you might have a problem.

Shaw came out victorious in both fights, hitting his opponent with some good shots. Years later, at the Blackhawks’ annual meeting, one of the kids asked Shaw about the fights. He replied: Which one? The first or second time I beat him?

5. Hot inlet



Well, that’s certainly one way to start a career. Shaw threw down the gloves in his second NHL shift. Shocking. Moments later, he scored one of the best goals of his career. Shaw needed only an assist to complete a Gordie Howe hat trick in his NHL debut.

4. Back to Anaheim


If you look at the Blackhawks’ three Stanley Cup wins in the 2010s, the strongest team to challenge them was the Anaheim Ducks in 2015. After the win in Game 5 and the 3-2 victory in the series, Ducks center Ryan Kesler said no man can take that many hits.

I think Kesler forgot who the Blackhawks were. They may have taken a lot of hits, but they had more heart. Of course, the man with the biggest heart added a goal to send the game to the seventh by hitting the much taller Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf. No one could stop Blackawks or Shaw.

3. It’s only blood


The heart is the subject of this article, because Andrew Shaw had a big heart. This was fully demonstrated in Game 6 of the 2013 Stanley Cup Final.

Shaw received a puck in his face that required several stitches and gave the attacker a black eye. Shaw obviously missed much of the game, but then came back and continued his debauchery with the cup on the ice. Blood, sweat and tears, because it’s the Cup.

2. The biggest door that ever existed


This is a moment every Blackhawks fan remembers. It was one of the strangest things we’ve ever seen. And when it happened, if everyone is honest, no one knew if a goal would count or not.

It wasn’t ignorance, no one had any idea if it was compliant or not because no one had ever seen it before. Of course, as we learned, it doesn’t count, but it gave everyone a good laugh at a very tense moment. Fortunately, Marcus Kruger won the game in triple overtime, which was and still is the longest game in Blackhawks history.

1. I like shin guards


Game 2 of the 2015 World Championship, in which Shaw directed the puck into the net, was perhaps the longest in Hawks history, but Game 1 of the 2013 Stanley Cup Final was similar. The Blackhawks and Bruins had 110 minutes of chances, with Corey Crawford and Tuukka Rask doing their thing.

Of course, it took a double diversion to finish the game. Michal Rozsival takes a shot from the point, Dave Bolland redirects the puck and the puck hits Andrew Shaw on his shin. Shaw yelled I love shin guards in the rafters of the United Center. Good things happen to those who go online. Shaw made a career out of it.

. Goodbye, 65. (Photo:

That’s quite a career for the 65 Reds. The man in the back became a two-time Stanley Cup champion and a Chicago icon who always gave 120%. Not bad for one that was too small.

Most lists can list the top ten in a player’s career. But ten is not enough for Andrew Shaw because he never gave 100%. He gave more. He always gave Chicago everything he had, and for that, Chicago salutes you for all you did, Andrew.

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