Former Chicago Bulls star Louol Deng will coach his country’s national team in the African Basketball Qualifying Tournament in Rwanda. After the retirement of the NBA in 2019, the double Bull Star became president of the South Sudan Basketball Association. Algeria refused to participate in the tournament this year and South Sudan took their place. Finding a coach in just five days, Deng thought, why not take the reins instead of rushing to hire a coach and a new system.

I don’t mind coaching yet, but I don’t think I will in the future. That’s what I wanted to do for our country and our actors.

– Dick Deng about his future as a coach in South Sudan.

In one of Deng’s first games as a coach, he met his former Caucasian coach Mike Brown, who leads the Nigerian team.

After the game, Brown commented on how much sand the South Sudanese team had shown despite the defeat.

You’re fragments, he says. They kept fighting. Louol Dan is a man who has never given up in his life. He gathered his people. They ran in the second half.

That’s no surprise, because that’s what Dan has always been like in his NBA career.

Since leaving the NBA, Dan has always wanted to contribute to the growth of basketball in his homeland, so he could be part of the country’s great culture. Already during his work for the NBA, Deng worked with various charities and supported the Sudanese population.

Dan was born in what is now South Sudan, the youngest country in the world. After years of struggle, it became independent from Sudan in 2011. Deng’s father, who was a member of the Sudanese parliament, moved with his family to Egypt to escape the second Sudanese civil war. In Egypt the family met Manuet Bol, the former NBA centre, who taught Deng and his brother how to play basketball. The Deng family eventually received political asylum and settled in Brixton (South London) in the United Kingdom.

In his youth Dang was one of the best basketball players in England. At the age of 14, he moved to the United States. He became a five-year-old and is considered the second most promising high school student in America, after Lebron James. Deng played his ball at Duke College before joining the show.

His career from 2004 to 2019 consisted of ten years at the Chicago Bulls, including two star shows, one year at the Cavaliers, two years at the Heat, two years at the Lakes and one year at the Timberwalls. Deng has also gained international experience playing for Great Britain at the London 2012 Olympics.

pictures : Photos by Bruce Bennett/Getty

Dan had his best years in Chicago and was always a fan. During his term of office, he achieved an average of 16.1 BCPs, 6.4 BIPs and 2.5 black and red BCPs. He deserves praise for being one of the strongest defenders in the league and was able to be a defender in his Premiums like Kobe Bryant and Lebron James.

As far as the current case of Deng is concerned, South Sudan is currently playing in the 0-1 group. The next match against Mali will take place this afternoon at 13:00 KNT. You can follow the game on ESPN+.

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