I think we all agree that the White Sox will have certain restrictions on the list in 2021. With Jose Abreu, Eloy Jiménez and Andrew Vaughn, the team has three corner/cove players with better positional prospects. It is also possible that this mix gets complicated when they decide to use Michael Brantley to connect their well in the right field. As I said in my column, my biggest concern when considering options with a free agent in the right area is Brantley’s ability to physically take a position. Buying Brantley would probably require a DH-start, which would make the White Sox’ life even more complicated.

Now, I’m pretty sure Andrew Vaughn won’t camp if he’s never set foot in a baseball club above Winston-Salem’s class A. So how should this team approach CZ at the beginning of the season and who can they call in to close the gap?

I believe that the lack of flexibility in the list of candidates with and without Vaughn Pale Hose forces an unconventional approach to the filling of the position. There are players like Yoenis Cespedes, Shin-Su Chu and Carlos Santana that could be bought, but all of them are aging players with defensive limitations in themselves.

I think the White Sox should use the RT patch like Ozzy Gillen imagined ten years ago. Especially at the beginning of the season, before Vaughn arrived, I think it makes sense to have someone who has the defensive advantage of filling the hole with a diamond. At the Dodgers World Series in Los Angeles we saw that a defensively flexible and versatile setup can be of great value. What are the options in the free market that offer such flexibility?

Brad Miller

Photo : Joe Robbins/Getty Pictures

I missed Brad Miller last season before he signed a one-year contract with the Cardinals of St. Louis. Mike Schildt scored 32 DH-goals last season against 31-year-old Miller and also played 15 games in 3B, two in SS and one in 2B. Miller built a solid campaign by cutting .232/.357/.451, which is good for 121 WRC+ and 0.8 fWAR. In his 48 games, he hit seven homeruns with a batting percentage of 14.6%.

Since Miller stopped flying after the 2018 season, its offensive production has increased significantly, as the following data shows:

2019-2020 341 .247 .343 .510 123

Meanwhile, it also has 11.7% BB, which is still an area where this White Sox team needs improvement. Miller’s production for the left hand would be ideal as a PT/supplier and would help create a balance for a line that is still dominated by the right hand. Miller has a clear momentum and misses the game, the K rate was 26.7% in the last two seasons. That’s one of the biggest drawbacks of his offensive profile, and frankly, Sox has had enough of it in his line-up.

In defense, Miller is a player who has shown that he can play over the entire edge of the field and observe what is happening in the corners of the field. This possibility to serve as a kind of Swiss army knife would be of great value to the registry. He proved himself at worst, defended himself in different places.

2019 4 0 -4 3 0
2020 0 0 -1 0 0

In recent years, Miller has only played a handful of innings in SS and RF, but the fact that he can play positions when the team is in trouble would help relieve players like Lourie Garcia and Danny Mendick while increasing offensive production.

Juriksson Professor

Photography : Denise Sometimes/Getty Images

Juriksson Profar, who will be released in the 2012 season, was the most important perspective of the baseball game. Numerous violations have meant that this high status of perspective has remained unsatisfactory. However, since the 2018 season Profar has proven to be a useful player in the Major League. The 27-year-old spent the year 2020 near San Diego Padres with an average of 0.278/.343/.428, accounting for 111 WRC+, while playing his home games in the sprawling Petco Park.

As I said, Profar has been able to stay on the field continuously since the beginning of the 2018 season and produces the league average in the attack (despite having played at the Auckland Coliseum in 2018). Since the beginning of the season his production looks like this:

1314 .243 .323 .434 101

Again, it’s not the numbers that stole the world. But if you look at the home parks he’s played in the last two seasons, I think those are respectable numbers. In addition, Profar has completed 47 homeruns in the last three seasons and has run with a percentage of 8.9% and only 14.5%, which would have allowed the White Sox to acquire the necessary baseball skills.

Another positive point for Profar is the ability to hit both sides of the plate. Since the beginning of the 2018 season Profar has produced 96 WRC+ on the right side (111 WRC+ in 2020), of which 113 WRC+ against South American smoke. This flexibility would allow Tony La Russa to use Profar against a pitcher independent of the hand.

Defensively, the time when the Prophar was a regular insider is probably over. But like Miller, Profar has the potential to curse different positions in emergency situations. He has a good lead on the field, which gives him extra versatility in the game. This is his defensive action since 2018:

2018 0 0 -6 -4 0
2019 0 -15 0 0 2
2020 0 -2 0 0 4

It’s true, the interiors aren’t very nice. Players like Laurie Garcia and Danny Mendick would probably be inclined to turn to the teacher at this stage, but an inner glove might come in handy. He hasn’t seen much time in RF either, but his ability to manage corner locations in big parks like Auckland and San Diego gives me the confidence that he could manage RF on 35/Shields.

Finally, the recording of a player like Miller or Profar would be very valuable for the White Sox in 2021. Both players can be used on the DH field until Andrew Vaughn is finished, and both have the ability to enchant a diamond. Players with this versatility come into the game when you know that Eloy will end up facing a wall in the PML and Moncada, that after running to first base or slipping, there will probably be a grimace, which will require a few days of rest. The ability to have a competent first division player on the team in the absence of one of them is certainly a better alternative than relying on Blake Rutherford, Louis Gonzalez or the spirit of Yolmer Sanchez.

By 2021, the White Sox should strive to maximize their list of 26 people. The addition of each player will certainly make a big difference in achieving this goal.

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