Friday morning, the two men who lead the Chicago Bears’ 53-man roster made their first public appearance in front of the media in a long time when Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy spoke. In a bizarre twist, the press conference was open to the public in real time. The team decided to relay the information through the media staff, who then relayed it to fans via Twitter.

Bears don’t miss this tightening, because they certainly don’t have…

– Matt Eirich (@MattEurich) April 2, 2021

Bears fans aren’t too happy with the arbitrary and vague answers given so far this offseason. But that’s not entirely surprising either. It’s not often that clarity and transparency reign in Halas Hall like they do with the Chicago Bears.

To avoid the effects of cumulative scrutiny and criticism, Pace and Nagy (perhaps) held separate press conferences. No matter how the mysterious person encounter went, we will discuss them in order.

Get up first: Ryan Pace.

Ryan Pace


The seventh GM began attacking the elephant in the room: Mitchell Trubisky.

Ryan Pace said Mitch Trubisky sacrificed and fought for this team. I asked why it wasn’t working; Pace said they were just upgrading.

– Patrick Finley (@patrickfinley) April 2, 2021

Bears may not fully understand what modernization means. Sure, it’s probably time to say goodbye to Trubisky, but settling for a player who is still being talked about at this point in his career doesn’t necessarily mean an upgrade.

The quarterback position was an obvious starting point for the head coach and general manager today. Pace talked about the crucial position by talking about signing Andy Dalton.

He’s one of the most complete quarterbacks we’ve evaluated this year, and we’re happy to have him.

– Andrew Siciliano (@AndrewSiciliano) April 2, 2021

Hopefully those points will be turned into touchdowns and a proper game management will take place in September.

Ryan Pace has been quick to tell everyone that Dalton fits our offensive style, even though the Bears’ offensive identity has been very unclear the past two seasons. But as everyone knows, those Pro Bowl appearances – no matter how many years they have left – mean everything and tell you everything you need to know about the quarterback.

Now we clarify that on the offensive side in terms of Dalton’s adjustment.

Ryan Pace says Andy Dalton fits the style of the #Bears offense – he specifically mentions dropback play, play-action, RPO and movement.

– Adam Hoge (@AdamHoge) April 2, 2021

Where have we heard that before? Maybe a year ago when another experienced quarterback came in?

In fact, Pace seemed pretty light on what was going on in the QB room between Dalton and Nick Foles. But he left the door open for a young QB to come in.

Ryan Pace: It bodes well for the young quarterback coming into [the quarterback room].

– Patrick Finley (@patrickfinley) April 2, 2021

In an odd twist, Pace inadvertently put himself in the shade by defending Foles (bad move) by saying the roster around him is flawed.

Bears GM Ryan Pace on Nick Foles playing so poorly last season – it wasn’t just Nick. We had other problems with our list….. It’s not just about Nick, but we are always looking for reinforcements for every position and we want to improve everywhere. He thinks Andy Dalton is an improvement.

– Jason Lieser (@JasonLieser) April 2, 2021

However, Pace confirmed that Dalton has taken over the role of QB1. In fact, this sentiment remains open to interpretation and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Ryan Pace explains why the Bears made Andy Dalton their starting quarterback: So we see Andy Dalton as the starting quarterback, and we’re happy to have him. …he’s our starting quarterback for the season.

– Chris Emma (@CEmma670) April 2, 2021

If this analysis seems harsh, brace yourself, because we’re only scratching the surface. How many times have fans heard those fantastic speeches from Pace, describing his enthusiasm for the quarterback position despite the lack of personnel?

*Review of grades *

If the person responsible for updating the registry could only update the most important element of the registry… oh, wait.

Kyle Fuller/Cornerback

It wasn’t just about the QB at the press conference. Pace also addressed the departure of Kyle Fuller. The general manager talked about tough decisions in the season. Asked about Fuller, Pace said he had exhausted all possibilities with him. These options included trades, pay cuts, etc. until he was fired.

It’s not illogical to say that such difficult decisions could have been avoided if Pace had done a better job putting the team together while making an honest assessment of the team’s future. Putting money into players like Robert Quinn has only cost him one of his best cornerbacks.

Bears GM Ryan Pace over Kyle Fuller: He says they have explored many options on what to do with it: We wish him nothing but the best.

– Mark Groth (@markgrotesports) April 2, 2021

Bears general managers have expressed confidence in cornerbacks Jaylon Johnson and Kindle Wildor, who will need to take a step forward after the loss of Fuller. But that wasn’t enough of an excuse, as Pace congratulated himself on contracting Desmond Trufant.

Bears GM Ryan Pace at cornerback without Kyle Fuller: We have an experienced corner in Desmond Trufant. We were lucky he was like that.

Pace also mentioned safety Jaylon Johnson on the team, as well as Kindle Wildor.

– Kevin Fishbain (@kfishbain) April 2, 2021

Allen Robinson/Franchise tag

In a moment of truth, Ryan Pace finally brought clarity to the Allen Robinson situation. He said the Bears had a franchise tag in his possession and he used it on Robinson. It happens all over the league. The union gives us this tool for a reason. It’s a source we used.

However, it appears that little has changed in terms of a contract extension with Robinson. But the shining star is the center of the attack. That’s good to hear.

Ryan Pace names Allen Robinson the Bears’ offensive coordinator…. … but still no extension…

– Michael Allardyce (@mikedyce) 2 April 2021

Deon Bush Time?

Deon Bush may finally have a legitimate chance to start at the Eddie Jackson safety position, according to Pace. Bush should have been given that option much earlier, but Pace still hasn’t ruled out adding another safety via free agency or the draft. So it’s a position to keep an eye on.

Ryan Pace said the Bears are still working on their plans at the safety position and hope to work with Eddie Jackson to fill the void. The team signed Deon Bush to a one-year contract, but may still be looking for competition.

– Chris Emma (@CEmma670) April 2, 2021

Status quo

In the playoffs, in two of the last three years, that day has come in the first minute. Get used to hearing that all season.

– Jason Lieser (@JasonLieser) April 2, 2021

The quote and comment in Jason Leeser’s tweet above is the most accurate description of where the Bears stand as an organization right now – they’re just happy to have made the playoffs in two of the last three seasons. That’s the basis for Pace and Nagy’s departure, and they truly believe they are one mediocre Super Bowl QB away. So much so that they’ll be nicking a few minor icons and closing a few gaps in the squad to be competitive again in 2021, which is why they’re counting on their team to grow.

Ryan Pace: The additions we have already made, the growth of our players and the changes in our coaching staff make us excited for 2021. *Beer

– Lauren Screeden (@lscreeden) April 2, 2021

Bearcats GM Ryan Pace pays his respects and support to owner George McCaskey who voted against a 17 game season, but says we agree with him now that the vote is over.

– Jason Lieser (@JasonLieser) April 2, 2021



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*Certainly valid for players 21 years of age and older in Illinois and Iowa.

Matt Nagy

During part of Matt Nagy’s brief press conference, he began with a vote of confidence in Andy Dalton, admitting that he is indeed the starting quarterback. Nagy addressed the communication with Foles and the understanding that Dalton was underway.

Then the Bears head coach made a statement about Mitchell Trubisky. Nagy said Trubisky is behind the Bears and he’s not leaving just because of the quarterback. Not until I make this observation.

Matt Nagy on Mitch Trubisky: I care about him so much. It didn’t work here. The boy has worked so hard. He won a lot of football games for us. For various reasons, this has not worked.

– Mark Groth (@markgrotesports) April 2, 2021

For a coach who cares so much about a particular player, he has a weird way of showing it. It takes a special kind of love to bench your quarterback twice and have your offensive coordinator pass the message to the secondary. And this is all after sending the quarterback away last season.

Nagy continued the press session by saying that the coaching staff was completing its evaluation of the (offensive) scheme.

However, in a not-so-shocking revelation, the Bears’ head coach announced that he will be called up again in 2021. That means a lot to Bears fans.

Bears coach Matt Nagy says he will referee games next season.

– Jason Lieser (@JasonLieser) April 2, 2021

#Bears head coach Matt Nagy said the staff hopes to combine some of Andy Dalton’s strengths with the staff.

Nagy says he will call the games in 2021.

– Sean Hammond (@sean_hammond) April 2, 2021

Nagy will combine some of Dalton’s strengths with those of the team, of course. Right now, Nagy doesn’t know where his strengths lie. Not to mention the strengths of the team or the new QB. He hasn’t proven he can handle the game plan yet. Even if he does, he breaks down as the game progresses.

Final thoughts

The Chicago Bears sent two people to the media that yielded nothing – at least not in terms of new information. This press conference was more of a PR stunt to alleviate some of the organization’s problems, especially since they did not attend the inaugural press conference in Dalton.

Overall, Ryan Pace’s press conference was not very pleasant. In fact, he simply confirmed the decision to switch from Trubisky to Dalton and also vaguely explained why the team fired Fuller and hung the franchise tag on Robinson. Bearcats fans learned nothing new from Pace today, other than that the partnership with Halas Hall is strong, and not necessarily in a good way.

Unofficial account: Bears general manager Ryan Pace answered 17 questions from reporters this morning, 10 of which had to do with the QB situation.

– Dan Wiederer (@danwiederer) April 2, 2021

As for Nagy’s press conference, it was exactly as you’d expect. He followed Pace’s lead on the QB situation, then told everyone they were evaluating their schedule. That and the announcement that he’s calling again obviously plays into it.

In total, the Bears’ press conference today lasted 30 minutes. No one in the media bothered to ask the tough questions or even go after Russell Wilson. Who knows, maybe they would have lost their justification.

Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy spoke for about 30 minutes.

None of them wanted to throw themselves at Mitch. No wonder.

Andy Dalton is the regular. No wonder you saw Nick Falls last year.

Nagy will lead the games next season.

– Brad Biggs (@BradBiggs) April 2, 2021

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